ENTP Guide to Happiness: How to Find Joy as an ENTP

Most people seem to be searching for happiness, whether it is on a larger scale or in small meaningful ways. Finding a sense of joy in life can be challenging for most people, especially when they don’t necessarily feel understood by the outside world. While the majority of people are often searching for ways to make themselves happy and find a sense of joy in their lives, this can be something which they struggle with if they don’t figure out the keys to what makes them feel fulfilled. Sometimes knowing one’s personality type can aid in this search for joy, and knowing the specific needs and desires which will make someone feel like they are being valued and rewarded in their daily lives.

The idea of searching for happiness can be a difficult thing for the ENTP personality. They can struggle to really see the idea of happiness the same as others do, and often have their own personal belief on what it is. For the ENTP searching for contentment and understanding are often better than trying to find happiness, as happiness feels a bit too fleeting for them. Regardless of how they view the idea of happiness, ENTPs can certainly find joy in their lives by understanding themselves better and figuring out what they want. There are certain things they need to uncover in order to figure out how they will be at their best, and feel happiest with their lives.

Independence and Creativity

Independence is something which is truly important for the ENTP, especially for them to feel comfortable with themselves. They need freedom to make their own choices and not constantly have to answer to others. This is why they often enjoy careers where they have plenty of space and independence, even if that still means working for someone else. If the ENTP feels like they are trusted and able to make decisions without having to answer to someone else constantly, then they will be much happier with their jobs. When they feel as if they are trusted to tend to things themselves and have plenty of creative liberties, it brings them a sense of joy and comfort in their position. They are unhappy when they are stifled or feel like they are not free to take care of things themselves. Being micromanaged is a sure way for the ENTP to be miserable in their jobs, as they won’t feel like they get a chance to really utilize their own skills and abilities. They don’t mind certain guidelines or expectations, but prefer to have the opportunity and space to get things done in their own way.

ENTPs also need creativity in their lives in different ways, as they can start to feel stagnant without it. Their minds are constantly running through so many different things and ideas, and they need an outlet for these thoughts. ENTPs might be logical people but they also thrive on imagination and creativity, and this is something which needs to be allowed to blossom. When they have people who try to smother this in them, it causes them to feel unhappy and even a bit trapped in their own lives.

Freedom to Be Passionate

ENTPs need the freedom to allow their passionate side to be expressed, rather than have people deem this as weird or strange. They have so many ideas and things they can get excited about, and when this is shut down it can take a toll on the ENTP. They need their surroundings to give them a sense of freedom to be themselves, without judgment or misunderstanding. They can get used to this from outsiders, but really need to feel like they can open up and be passionate around people they are connected to. It can be hard for the ENTP to handle having loved ones who shut down their passionate rants or explorations, and they will certainly feel happy around those who are open to it.

People Who Appreciate Them

ENTPs really do need loved ones to appreciate them for who they are, even if this isn’t something they express outwardly. They might put on an appearance that these types of connections don’t mean a lot to them, when in reality they are very important. ENTPs are happiest when they have special people who they feel close to, people who see them for who they truly are. They need to feel understood on a deeper level, as this can be something they might have felt challenged by when they were younger. Having just a few companions who they can totally be themselves around without judgment, will certainly be a step towards creating a content and joyful life for the ENTP.

Making Big Moves

Stagnancy is something which leaves the ENTP feeling unhappy and even anxious, and so making moves and changes can be a great thing for them. They need to be constantly moving forward in some way, without feeling like they are becoming complacent. Having the ability to make changes or experience new things is going to make the ENTP feel more like themselves. They need the ability to make these moves and continue on a path towards the future they want, in order to really feel like they are doing the right things for themselves. ENTPs do want to feel like they can make a difference somehow, and seek out ways to change the world even if this is on a small scale. Sometimes this is more about affecting their loved ones or their community, but it does make them feel as if they have done something of value.