5 Traits That Make ENFPs Unforgettable

ENFPs are often known to be very enthusiastic individuals, bouncing quickly from one idea to another. They have many great qualities, but there are a few that really stand out. Everyone is special in their own right, but here are 5 reasons why we believe ENFPs are completely unforgettable.

They Are Creative

ENFPs are extremely creative individuals, with a knack for making even the most mundane things into something brand new. They enjoy finding new ways to do something, instead of sticking with the same boring routine. ENFPs are often very fun individuals to be around, and have a rather silly side to them. You might find them making up funny stories, ones that truly showcase their creative talents. They have an uncanny ability to come up with enticing new ideas, and their stream of thoughts sometimes appears to be never ending. When their minds are actively rumbling with ideas, it can be truly intriguing to watch and even be apart of.

Whether you are dating one, or simply close friends with an ENFP, never attempt to stifle this creativity. It is a huge part of who they are and it is a wonderful and magical quality. They become bored with people who try to hold back their creativity and will often bounce from one situation to another. If you are capable of keeping up with their zany personalities, it can be a sincerely enjoyable ride. They love when people can add something new to their lives, so don’t be afraid to jump right in and express your own sense of creativity as well. They really do love people and enjoy being able to share things with their favorite individuals.

They Are Affectionate

ENFPs might be fun and exciting, but they are also rather affectionate. When they care about someone they have no problem showing this, and might even enlist creative ways to express themselves. They are not against grand gestures and will often do whatever it takes to win someone special over. When it comes to romance ENFPs like to jump in head first, without really taking a step back to consider the risks. They want to make the most out of life and enjoy living with passion and their love lives are a big part of this. The have a natural ability for making people feel special, and are very comfortable showering their loved ones with affection. Whether this comes from physical signs of affection, sweet words, or imaginative surprises- ENFPs certainly know how to make people feel loved and appreciated.

They will show affection towards romantic partners, family and even friends. They often would much prefer to be open, than to hold everything inside. ENFPs would often regret keeping their feelings inside much more than taking the risk and having those feelings rejected. ENFPs love to love and will give every part of themselves when it comes to being affectionate. Their warmth and sensitivity is certainly a gift that only the luckiest people get to feel showered upon them.

They Are Exciting

You will never find yourself bored when you are around an ENFP. They want to make life fun and exciting and truly hate staying stagnant for too long. If you are someone who gets whiplash easily from too much activity, definitely don’t spend your time with an ENFP. If you are someone who enjoys thrills and excitement, then ENFPs are a great partner to have in life. You will never really know what to expect, which is a truly exhilarating experience. The heart of who they are remains the same, but each day with an ENFP is like getting to know an entirely new person.

They will constantly challenge the people they love, but in the best way possible. They are always striving to grow as people, and they enjoy pushing their loved ones to grow as well. They don’t spend much time inside of their comfort zone and they will certain find ways to shove you our of your own comfortable space. They enjoy being around people who have strong opinions and are always excited and eager to hear what others have to say. ENFPs will talk for hours, as long as the conversation is sincere and deep. They don’t want to waste time conversing about shallow meaningless things, and will treasure someone who truly digs deep.

Being close to an ENFP means being woken up in the middle of the night to stand outside in the first snow of the year. It means spur of the moment road trips for absolutely no reason. They will bring excitement and newness into your life, but that doesn’t mean they want to be around people who are constantly expecting them to come up with new ideas. ENFPs love when other people can keep them excited as well, which means providing them with spontaneous new activities. Whether it comes from going on a skydiving date, or simply playing trivia for hours on end- ENFPs love anything new. It might not be something they want to repeat again, but they enjoy the thrill of experiencing something fresh.

They Love to Laugh

ENFPs certainly do have a serious side to them, but they also have a silly side. They enjoy making life fun, which often means they love to laugh. Humor is an important part of an ENFPs life, and they often have a rather goofy way of making people smile. They have a sense of playfulness which makes them constantly strive to find people who can keep up with them. They usually enjoy teasing the people they like the most, which can sometimes backfire with those who don’t understand this. They are simply being affectionate when they find ways to tease or jest with someone. They might even enjoy playing pranks on people in a lighthearted way. Their creativity definitely comes into play as far as their sense of humor goes, which makes them so much fun to be around.

ENFPs sometimes possess a dark side to their humor, which can bother some people. They definitely know how to tone it down around certain company, and will often save parts of their personality for only the most special people. ENFPs might see a line that other people would be too afraid to cross, and they will certainly be eager to tiptoe over it. They enjoy taking risks in every part of their lives and this often spills over into their humor.

They have a skill for making people feel comfortable being themselves, which makes sharing your goofy side with them even more enjoyable. There is nothing more wonderful than knowing that you can be yourself entirely with someone, and ENFPs are great at providing that safe space for people. They dislike when people are being insincere with them and they can often sense it rather quickly. They would much prefer you to be open and comfortable, than to constantly hide parts of yourself from them. Their ability to put others at ease is truly one of the most amazing qualities they possess.

They Are Considerate

ENFPs are actually extremely considerate individuals, and dislike feeling like they have hurt someone in any way. If someone they care about shares something personal with them, they will patiently hear them out and be very compassionate. They do enjoy being playful, but are more than capable of being serious when the moment calls for it. ENFPs are the type of people who will take the time to share things with someone, simply because it reminded them of that person. They might have a tendency to forget smaller, less important things, but will be sure to recall every detail about someone they love. When they truly care for someone they know just how to make them feel very special. They will take time out of their busy day just to let their loved ones know they were thinking of them. This level of consideration is truly one of the most amazing attributes of ENFPs. They are not lacking as far as the heart goes, truly possessing a depth of emotion that many people will never fully understand.

With warm hearts, passionate souls and extremely active minds- ENFPs are completely lovable and unforgettable individuals. Because of these amazing qualities, we simply want to take this time to celebrate everything that ENFPs represent.


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