Here’s What Type of Hero You Would Be, Based on Your Personality Type

Every story needs a hero and villain, often because in real life heroes definitely do exist. If you were to be the center of an epic story, here is what kind of hero you would be, based on your personality type.



INFJs are often the heroes in many stories, simply because of their morals and compassion. The INFJ hero is the one who will stand up when no one else will, even when the journey ahead is frightening. They are the ones who will defend the weak, and will not be afraid to be the only one standing there. The INFJ hero is strong and empathetic, and always willing to do the right thing no matter how difficult it might be. As heroes they are often stubborn, steadfast and caring.


The ENFJ hero is strong-willed and proud, and always strives to do the right thing. They believe in caring for others, and often are motivated by love. They want to protect their loved ones, and will often do whatever it takes to defend them, even if it means sacrificing themselves. The ENFJ hero wants to be someone that others can look up to, and works hard to maintain this image. They are caring though, and want to make sure to defend the weak and stand up for what is right and true.


The INFP hero is completely honest and strives for a sense of sincerity. They have integrity and deep morals, which they refuse to let go of. They can be stubborn at times, and might have a hard time around those who do not share their strong ideals and morals. The INFP hero simply strives to do the right thing, no matter how difficult or frightening that can be. They fight for love and honesty, and will strive to protect those that are weak and in need.


The ENFP hero is often charming and unbelievably likable by those around them. They are someone others look up to and want to be like, and they often enjoy that sense of pride. The ENFP hero is the one who goes after love and romance, and has a truly caring heart. They are often on the hunt to protect or rescue someone they love, and this is the most important thing to them. They believe in romance and often have this feeling that love can truly conquer all.



The INTJ hero is definitely moral, and strives to make a difference in their world. While they are always working to make things better, they do this in a more focused and intense manner. They aren’t always seen as the typical charming hero, but they are the ones who will stand up without being afraid of the result. They will challenge the authorities around them if it clearly the right thing to do. The INTJ hero is strong and intense, and isn’t afraid to be the only one fighting for the truth.


The ENTJ hero is the brave and strong person, who fights for the truth. They are always working towards some serious goal that seems more important and powerful than themselves. They aren’t afraid of standing up for their beliefs and will do whatever it takes to accomplish their goal. The ENTJ hero often has a noble goal in mind, something they are pushing towards in order to help others or make a real difference. They also have goals for themselves which are often rooted in self-discovery and understanding what they want in life.


The INTP hero is often seen as quirky at first, and is misunderstood by others. They are the ones who always consider so many different things, where others often miss what is truly going on. The INTP hero sees underneath the facade of the bad guys, and this ultimately leads to their main quest. They aren’t always the eager hero, but they are called to serve this greater purpose because only they can truly make a difference in the fight.


The ENTP hero is often charismatic and intelligent, and is often the one others look up to. They might not be the hero who searches out this title, but they end up becoming one nonetheless. The ENTP hero strives to spread the truth, and is willing to fight to uncover what is right. Even when others stand against them they will push through those struggles and take on the challenges with pride and a sense of humor.



The ISTJ hero is the noble and driven person, who will always do what is right. They work hard and are diligent, without allowing anything to stand in their way. ISTJs definitely have strong inner morals, and believe in focusing on the truth. They always strive to accomplish their goals and are not afraid of a challenge in their lives. This helps the ISTJ hero overcome many obstacles with a sense of pride and inner strength.


The ESTJ hero is guided by their sense of morals and this feeling of duty. They want to do what is right and strive to complete their missions and their goals. The ESTJ hero is strong-willed and is driven towards making a difference and uncovering the truth around them. They don’t back down when things get tough, which helps them make it through the many difficulties that a hero must face in their journey.


The ISFJ hero is moral and kind, always wanting to help others. They are the gentle hero, who doesn’t really see themselves fitting into this title. They seriously want to make a difference and care deeply for those around them. The ISFJ hero is a sensitive soul, who is kind to everyone around them. They have this natural ability to help others and inspire them to do the right thing even when it is challenging.


The ESFJ hero is often going after a goal with their loved ones in mind. They become the hero because they are trying to take care of someone close to them, and end up on a much more serious mission. The ESFJ hero isn’t likely to consider themselves the hero at first, and often takes a while before they accept this. They are more interested in helping the people they love, and in doing their best to help others along the way.



The ISTP hero is often the unwilling hero, often trying to get their own space. They don’t really strive to be the hero of the story, but end up this way anyways. The ISTP hero fights for truth, and can be a bit snarky at times. They don’t often seem like the noble one, until it comes to actually standing up for what is right. They will do what they must in order to make a difference and save the day, even if it is difficult.


The ESTP hero is charming and friendly, and is often seen as a bit reckless. They aren’t often looking to become the hero, and often just get caught up in something unexpected. They care for those around them, but they aren’t great at actually expressing this. The ESTP hero often gets dragged into their storyline, and ends up having to fight to save the day.


The ISFP hero is sensitive and truly kind, always wanting to help those around them. They strive to do the right thing, no matter how challenging it can be. They have strong inner morals, and can sometimes be stubborn about this. The ISFP hero is often after love, trying to rescue or connect with that person they see as the one for them.


The ESFP hero is charismatic and outgoing, and is often on a mission for love. They want to connect with someone who they are drawn to, and will do anything to make something happen between them. The ESFP hero is proud and strong, and ready to take on the world. They are brave in the face of danger, even if this makes them seem a bit reckless.

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