Read This If You Are Having a Bad Day, Catered to Your Personality Type

We all have bad days, ones where it seems like everything continues to go wrong until you feel like you are simply going to fall apart. When these days happen all you want to do is curl into a ball and give up on the tasks you need to accomplish for the day. Sometimes you just need a pick me up when you are struggling, something to remind you that it will all be okay. While it might not solve your horrible mood, I hope this gives you a small piece of comfort during the dark days. So please, remember these words when you are having a bad day.



When you are struggling just remember how beautiful your soul is. Remember that you make a difference in the people around you, even if they aren’t smart enough to say it to you. You have the capacity to change lives, and even change the world. You possess a strength and unique heart which should be cherished, and it is important that you remember this as well. We all have darkness in us, but your light is also very powerful and sincerely seeks to help others. You might question your purpose and value, but you mean so much to the people you love you, and we are thankful for you spirit and warmth.


Sometimes it is hard being everything to everyone, but you continue to persevere even when you feel overwhelmed. If you are having a bad day it is probably because you feel like you are failing, or the world is letting you down in some way. You always push so hard to care for others, and the fact is, you are doing an amazing job at it. Don’t doubt yourself and don’t doubt just how much you help those around you. Without you the world would be a darker place, and it wouldn’t be filled with such compassion and kindness. You might be struggling today, but just remember that there are better days ahead and remember how important you truly are.


You have a gentle and unique spirit and this can sometimes be why you struggle to get through the harder days. You might want to retreat and be on your own, but life won’t allow you this today. When you are struggle just remember that this is just one day, and that tomorrow you have a chance to make it all better. You are a such a special soul and you always strive to do the right thing in a world filled with immoral people. This spirit is something we all need around us, and this makes you such a valuable and important person. Try to remember what you mean to those around you, and just take a deep breath.


Some days might be difficult because you have such a deep and complex soul, and sometimes this world can be draining. You always try to remain positive and keep pushing through, but people don’t realize how hard this can be sometimes. Always being the person who keeps your chin up when life strikes its blows, can be sometimes that leads to feeling a bit emotionally exhausted sometimes. Just remember that you are truly special, and kind, and unbelievably valuable to this world. The people you have impacted truly cannot forget how you have made a difference in their otherwise boring lives.



You often work so hard to be perfect at the things you do, pushing yourself towards constant growth and improvement. Even the strongest person has bad days, and this is perfectly acceptable. While you might not want to accept sentiment, you’re going to get it regardless, so be prepared. You are not only intelligent but deeply interesting people, and while you might seem hard on the outside, you are capable of so much kindness and love. You have a way of helping people figure out how to solve their problems and provide this sense of perspective, and all you want in return is for them to actually hear you and respond by absorbing the knowledge you give. Don’t forget that to the people you let int, you are someone deeply important.


As an ENTJ you strive to always do things perfectly, never wanting to fail or let anyone down. This constant desire to be perfect is certainly something that can weigh on anyone. You might want to appear strong and impervious to those around you, but in truth your heart is just as easily wounded, maybe even moreso. While you might be struggling today just remember that tomorrow will be another opportunity to overcome these struggles and make your situation better. And the truth is, you will make your situation better because you are strong and incredibly capable. We are all deeply impressed with the way you navigate the world around you, don’t forget how proud your loved ones are of you, even if they don’t always say it.


You might not realize how special you are, because you have a way of isolating yourself from others and keeping that unique light hidden. The truth is you have a truly unique and awe-inspiring spirit, one that anyone would be lucky to get a glimpse at. I have not met an INTP I did not find truly special and wonderfully kind. While you might not show this warm and loving part of yourself easy, when you do it is unbelievably beautiful. You might be having a bad day, but try not to lose sight of the kind of person you really are, and remember that even when you feel misunderstood, there is someone out there who will appreciate what you have to offer.


You may be struggling today but as someone who is capable of always moving forward, just try to focus on the fact that this is temporary. As an ENTP you are someone who brings a light into the world around you, and a sense of humor which cannot be matched. You know how to really affect others and are never happy just settling with the mundane. You inspire us to go after our dreams in life, and your way of fearlessly going after what you want is something that we are often in complete awe of. You don’t feel a need to follow the rules, and this is something that the rest of us might be frightened of, but at the same time it brings something so unique to our lives.



You are sometimes overlooked, especially when it comes to the world of personality types, but I want you to know that I see you. I see how much effort you put into each single day, and how hard to work to provide for those around you. You don’t believe in doing anything with minimum effort, instead you put your heart and soul into everything. People may only see your stern and practical side, but I see how much heart you actually possess. You care about helping your loved ones, and you work so hard to keep everything going in the right direction.


There is something so unbelievably admirable about the way you push through even the hardest of struggles. You persevere and continue to strive for efficiency in every step you take in life. While you might always find a way to overcome, that doesn’t you don’t have hard days. You need to know how important you are to those around you, and how much you have changed their lives. While they might not always say this to you, these people need you and your strengths. You are a pillar for your loved ones and your family, and this makes you a wonderful and deeply important person.


Sometimes life is hard for you, simply because you work so hard to take care of everyone else. You need to know just how special you are, and just how important you are to the world around you. Without people who care for others, the world would be filled with the wicked and the cruel. You always strive to be kind and to ease the suffering of others, and this makes you an incredibly wonderful and warm person. Just remember how important you are, and how much light you bring to the people around you.


You are constantly thinking about your loved ones, and spend so much time trying to take care of them. This is something you do willingly, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be emotionally exhausting. You take on a heavy burden, believing that the people around you and their happiness is your responsibility alone. This can be a strangely lonely feeling sometimes, and so it is important for you to remember to take time for yourself. It is more than okay to have bad days, stop blaming yourself for everything that goes wrong. You are filled with so much love and compassion for others, maybe you need to turn that love inward from time to time, because you deserve it completely.



You are someone who isolates yourself from others, but at the same time you are also someone we all want to be around. You have this incredible charm and mysterious way about you, and an ability to remain cool in the face of struggles. Even the calmest person with the most resolve can have bad days, and on those days I want you to remember that it is okay to let it out once in a while. Don’t be afraid to turn to someone you love for comfort, because you deserve to feel that sense of warmth from someone who cares for you. You don’t have to be the cool one all of the time, don’t worry it won’t ruin your street cred. 😉


You have a tendency to try and seem strong and cool all of the time, but I know how much your loved ones mean to you. You are constantly trying so hard to live up to expectations, and I see how much you are working. You are an adventurous and truly exciting person, and you have a way of pulling people out of the darkest places. This is something which makes you unbelievably special, and certainly deserving of love and appreciation.


It is hard not to love you, since you are a perfect mix of adventurous and warm. You are the free-spirits of the world, always wanting to experience everything without fear of what might happen tomorrow. Your kindness and desire to find beauty in everything is something that the world needs. This is an especially unique trait, and without the people who see beauty in even the darkness, we are left without an appreciation for things which truly deserve it. You might be tender hearted but you are also fierce, and each part of your personality is something deserving of love and appreciation.


You are often overlooked in the personality world, and simply seen as the flighty party animals. Trust me, as someone who has loved ESFPs, I know just how untrue this is. You possess warm and loving hearts, and you are so unbelievably vibrant and full of life. Without you in this world, we would be dark and remiss. We would lack all of the most valuable things in the world, and to be honest, those who lack appreciate for you simply do not deserve you. Remember just how special your warmth and sense of joy truly is, and don’t ever change. Please, don’t ever change.


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