What Brings You Peace of Mind, Based on Your Personality Type

While many people enjoy the things that bring them a sense of comfort and peace, this isn’t the same for everyone person. What might bring one person peace of mind, could be stressful or simply useless to the next person. So here is what brings you peace of mind, based on your personality type.



Finding a sense of peace really is not easy feet for the INFJ, since they struggle to really feel completely at ease in life. The most peaceful place for the INFJ is often within their own minds, rather than out in the chaotic world. They do find a peace of mind in the love of someone they are deeply connected to, especially when this person accepts them completely. This is where they can find a peace of mind and even a sense of hope for the future. INFJs do have sometimes chaotic thoughts, but they can find peace inside their own minds sometimes.


The greatest peace ENFJs often feel is within their accomplishments and in the joy of their loved ones. If they can observe their surroundings and see that the people around them are happy and provided for, it makes them feel peace and comfort. They spend most of their time and energy caring for others and so they want to do whatever they can to make them happy. They feel peace when they can see that they have been able to bring joy to those around them, and that they are perceived as being accomplished.


INFPs experience peace when they feel a sense of connection, and a deeper reason for hope. They can become disconnected to the world around them because of the pain and hatred they witness. INFPs only feel peace in the moments when they witness goodness, and can feel a sincere bond with someone special. They are deep and complex people, who follow their sense of inner morals. These morals can make it harder to find peace in a world where they witness so much immoral action, but INFP find this in the people they connect with who give them a sense of hope.


ENFPs can struggle to really find peace of mind, especially since they have such overactive inner minds. They find themselves analyzing everything and constantly exploring so many different potential outcomes. This imagination can make it harder to find a sense of peace, and makes them constantly looking to explore and shake things up. ENFPs often find peace of mind in love, especially if they find someone who understands and appreciates them. This connection is often the most peaceful and rewarding thing for the ENFP.



The greatest peace of mind for INTJs is in learning and removing ignorance. When they witness people absorbing information and doing their best to really find the truth, it brings them true comfort. INTJs are bothered by the sight of ignorant, especially people who fall into this willingly. They want to do their best to spread the knowledge and constantly keep themselves learning everything they can. For the INTJ knowledge brings them the greatest peace of mind, above most things they experience in life.


For the ENTJ the greatest peace of mind they can feel is often when they feel a sense of control over their lives. This helps the ENTJ provide for their loved ones and keep them safe, and so it does bring them peace. ENTJs want this control so that they feel like they can actually take care of others and accomplish their important goals in life. So feeling a sense of empowerment in this way, certainly brings the ENTJ peace of mind and a sense of comfort.


INTPs feel peace of mind when they learn to understand themselves more, and can feel comfort in this type of internal understanding. INTPs also feel peace of mind when someone they love appreciates them and understands them on a deeper level. This is something that helps them feel less alone and much more connected. INTPs can sometimes alienate themselves and so this type of love and compassion is certainly something which brings them more peace than even they might realize.


Peace of mind for the ENTP comes from not having to deal with the smaller and more mundane details of life. Having someone who can help take care of those things, and give them the freedom to explore the many ideas inside of their minds. For the ENTP life being simplified is not rewarding or comforting, in fact it is the opposite. They experience a peace of mind when they are free to explore their ideas and the many paths around them, especially if they have someone by their side who can challenge them along the way.



ISTJs experience peace of mind when everything is planned out beautifully. They feel comfort when their plans are so well designed that everything works out efficiently. ISTJs don’t like the unknown and so they want things to be perfectly put together so that they do not see failure happening at all. For them life is most peaceful when they know what lies ahead and are comforted by the fact that everything will work out according to plan.


ESTJs value security, and so this is the thing which will bring them the greatest peace of mind. They want to know that their loved ones future is secure and that everything will work out as planned. ESTJs sometimes seek out control but what most do not realize, is that this comes from a desire to protect the ones they love. They experience peace of mind when they know that there is stability in their life, and that their futures are working out as planned.


ISFJs experience a peace of mind when their environment and their loved ones are in harmony. Seeing comfort and happiness around them, is the most rewarding thing for the ISFJ. They work to remove stress from their loved and the lives of those they love. Having their family together and happy, is the most peaceful thing the ISFJ can experience. They work hard to be able to keep everyone together and to rid their lives of the negative things in life. When the achieve this even for a moment, it bring them peace of mind.


ESFJs experience peace of mind when their loved ones are cared for and happy. When they don’t have to constantly worry about being able to provide for them because everything is taken care of, the ESFJ experiences a strong sense of joy. They work hard to take care of their loved ones and make them happy, and when they feel they have achieved this they certainly experience great peace of mind. It can be hard for them to juggle the needs of everyone around them, and so seeing this come to fruition is rewarding for them.



For the ISTP peace of mind comes from a sense of freedom, from the ability to follow their own path. They need to feel like they can explore whatever choices they want without having someone hovering over them or judging them. ISTPs experience peace of mind when they can seek out thrills in whatever hobby they are currently most enthralled by. For them peace of mind comes in many forms, but it has to be something which speaks to them personally.


ESTPs experience peace of mind when they have accomplished their goals and feel a strong sense of pride. They also feel this from their loved ones, and want to know that the people who they care for are truly proud of them and how hard they have worked. ESTPs experience peace of mind in both connection and freedom, and in finding the balance between the two. Having someone who is eager to experience adventure with them, is the most rewarding and peaceful thing for the ESTP.


ISFPs find peace of mind in love and in being connected to someone who appreciated them fully. ISFPs want to feel understood but they need to know that someone believes in them and who they are. Feeling deeply connected to someone they care for, and sharing this bond which enriches them and excites them, is something which brings the ISFP the most inner peace they can truly find.


For the ESFP peace of mind comes from being connected to their loved ones, and feeling this love in return. Being able to share in the joys of the moment with someone special, and really feeling their love wash over them. ESFPs just want to feel close to people, and dislike feeling lonely or alienated. Knowing that they matter to someone else on a deep and sincere level, is one of the most rewarding things for them. Peace of mind comes from enjoying the present, and of experiencing something which makes them laugh and smile.



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