The Reasons Why ENTPs Are Absolutely Extraordinary

ENTPs are creative, charismatic and energetic individuals. Their minds are constantly pondering new ideas, thriving on the chance to explore different possibilities. They are often intelligent and quick-thinkers, who are admired by many. There are reasons why being close to an ENTP can have it’s difficulties, but there are also many reasons why it is an extremely special experience. ENTPs provide growth and challenges, making us believe that they are truly capable of being extraordinary individuals.

They Enjoy Being Challenged

ENTPs hate being stagnant for too long, enjoying the excitement of new challenges. They want to be pushed to their limits, just to see how far they can go. ENTPs love being able to push their own boundaries and learn new things about themselves and the world around them. They want to be able to challenge themselves, they also enjoy being around people who challenge them. If you are capable of challenging the ENTP in a healthy way, they will adore you for it. Helping them to grow in new and fun ways, is what the ENTP is all about. They love exploration, whether that be an exploration of knowledge, of the world around them, or even an exploration of themselves. Anything that pushes the ENTP to learn something new and expand their mind, is going to excite them and fulfill them deeply.

They Will Push Your Buttons

An ENTP is not content to just stay still, wanting to learn as much as they can from the world around them. In a relationship the ENTP will often push your buttons in ways that frustrate you. The intent of this is not malicious at all, the ENTP purely wants to learn more about you. Pushing and poking at you is a way of discovering how you react to certain situations. They want to learn about you, just as much as they want to learn about the world. They enjoy being able to dive into your mind and figure out exactly how you tick. Pushing your boundaries to see how you will respond, is just the ENTPs way of understanding you better.

It is important to be clear about what bothers you to the ENTP. This is especially important if you are in a relationship with an ENTP. Telling them where your serious boundaries are is extremely important. They may not even realize just how much they are pushing, because this comes naturally to them. Explaining what buttons you are not comfortable with being pushed, is a helpful way of communicating your needs to your ENTP. Coming at this from a logical stand-point is a good way to help them understand when they are going too far.

They Enjoy Their Space

The ENTP loves to explore new things on a constant basis. The world is ripe with new possibilities and the ENTP enjoys exploring them all. Holding them back or forcing them to feel stifled would be a big mistake. The ENTP needs to feel free to do their own thing, they certainly don’t want to be held back. It is important to give your ENTP the room to spread their wings, or else they may resent it. They are happiest when they are allowed to explore new ideas and let their minds wander. They often spend their time thinking up new things or just pondering the many millions of thoughts that are inside their minds. They have very rich inner minds, collecting exciting new information and processing it through their logical thinking. They crave being able to explore these thoughts, feeling drained if they are not allowed to.

Even though the ENTP is extroverted, they enjoy their space to process all of their thoughts. They also enjoy being able to discuss these thoughts with others and would love nothing more than to debate their ideas with you. Having someone to go back and forth with, is exciting and enriching for the ENTP. Being able to let go of all of these ideas and debate them with someone who will challenge them, is very rewarding for them. If you allow them room to themselves, the ENTP will love being able to come back to you with their new thoughts. Having you there as someone they can open up to without feeling stifled, is a wonderful way to make the ENTP feel understood.

They Want to Grow With You

ENTPs love being around someone who is willing to grow with them. If you enjoy staying stagnant than being with an ENTP may not be for you. They want to grow as a person and are constantly finding new ways to improve themselves. This excites the ENTP, making them feel accomplished and pleased. If you do not want to work on growing with your ENTP this may become a struggle over time. They want you to be able to find new ways to grow together and learn more about each other. If you are happy to grow and learn with the ENTP, it will definitely be a rewarding experience. They will constantly be searching for new ways to strengthen your relationship, wanting to better the bond that you have together.

The ENTP prefers growth and excitement, over comfort and ease of situation. They want to be able to keep constantly moving and thinking, developing new ways to grow their minds. Being with an ENTP means being challenged and often uncomfortable. For the sake of growth and development, the ENTP is going to want to push you and your relationship to new levels. If you are willing to go down this road with an ENTP, it can be exciting and enriching for you both. You will certainly never find yourself bored when you are in the presence of an ENTP.

They Can Be Blunt, But They Can Also Be Kind

ENTPs can often appear harsh at times because of their often blunt delivery. When they care about someone the ENTP often favors honesty over sugar coating their statements. They want to be able to tell you things directly, which can sometimes come across as harsh. This is not meant to upset you, but rather to enlighten you. They want to be able to discuss things without being held back by trying to dance around the truth. If you are capable of seeing their statements for what they are- and do not take them personally- you will enjoy their candor and ability to be honest with you.

ENTPs may not appear it but they are actually rather caring individuals, especially towards someone they are close to. If you are in their life the ENTP sees you as someone to be valued. They don’t always show their affection in the most obvious ways, but they do appreciate you. ENTPs enjoy having someone who will stand by them and allow them to be themselves. Their honesty with you is often a sign that they truly care and that they trust you fully. ENTPs often only push the people that they care for, making them prone to teasing and poking at the people they love.

They Are Original

ENTPs hate nothing more than staying stagnant and bored in life, making them constantly searching for exciting new activities. They are extremely original, always finding ways to keep things fresh and interesting. You will rarely find yourself stuck in a schedule when you are with the ENTP, often not experiencing the same day twice. They want to live life to the fullest, enjoying the ability to explore new things. ENTPs may become bored quickly and want to move on to something fresh and different. This can be somewhat jarring, but it also makes for a very exciting lifestyle. They will constantly be finding new ways to keep you intrigued and on your toes. A life spent with an ENTP is certainly anything but boring.


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