Best Quarantine Hobbies for Extroverted Men

During this time of being stuck inside and unable to do the normal hobbies we are accustomed to, it is important to find ways to adapt. Whether you are an extrovert or an introvert, this still means a big change to your usual lifestyle. Not being able to go out and do the things which usually bring you a sense of comfort and routine, can really knock you off center and cause most of us to feel a bit stir crazy. Keeping busy while you are in your home can help manage these changes, and help you adjust to the situation much better. Sometimes it can be hard to come up with these things on your own, especially when you are feeling overwhelmed, and so a few ideas from others can really help keep you motivated and inspired

When it comes to being stuck indoors finding fun hobbies can be more of a challenge for most extroverts. Being someone who enjoys going out and socializing with friends, can make a quarantine situation feel a bit stifling. For the extroverted man their mind can become a bit chaotic during this time of social distancing, and so finding the right hobbies can be truly important. It isn’t always easy, since most of their ideal hobbies often include being around friends or doing things which connect them to others. There are still ways to keep their minds busy and keep them distracted so that they don’t feel that cabin fever taking over too much.

Video Drinking Games

A great way for the extroverted male to remain connected with their friends, is to play a few games via video chat. There are plenty of fun drinking games which can easily be played over video chat, and it helps you feel like you are actually rejoining your friend group in some ways. The idea of quarantine and being distanced from the people you ordinary see throughout the week, can be rather draining and even a bit depressing at times. It is best to find ways to keep yourself connected to those friendships, so that you don’t feel those extroverted batteries so depleted that you become stagnant. Playing some video drinking games can be a great way to unwind and is much better than drinking alone. There are a lot of card games which can spice up the conversation and make the experience a really fun and rewarding one. This is definitely something which can help the extroverted personality feel less reclusive during this time of quarantine.

For times when you don’t feel like having drinks, these video chats can turn into something like a book club, or even just time to chat about a documentary or your favorite movies you’ve watched recently. Whatever you normally like to do with your friend group or chat about, it can be helpful to turn it into a weekly thing and take time to discuss those subjects. While you might not do this in such an organized way normally, it can be a good way to ensure that you keep this up more frequently so you don’t lose that sense of connection during such a distant time.


Exercising is truly important for your physical and mental health, and even more so when you are stuck inside. Not being able to get to the gym or your normal workout locations can be difficult and can make it easy to become a bit too stagnant. This is something which can cause a lot of stress, especially for people who normally find time to exercise. Your body can become stuck in this sedentary lifestyle, and this can definitely become bad for your mental well-being too. It is important to remain focused on your physical health, even if this means just finding little ways to workout at home. Whether it means looking up some indoor workout methods on youtube, or going for a run around your block. Making sure to keep your body moving is really important and something we should all be focusing on during this time.

Cooking & Grilling

If you are someone who enjoys cooking or grilling, it can be great to explore some different recipes or methods. This can be a perfect time to expand your cooking skills and even focus on some healthier meal plans.


While you may not always have the time for podcasts, this can be a really entertaining way to keep your mind busy. There are so many different options which can fit your own personal interests and passions, which makes exploring new podcasts exciting and rewarding. For the extrovert who needs something to keep them busy and distracted, listening to a few podcasts while working out or doing your chores can really help you from going stir crazy. This can also be something that you do with your friends, maybe pick out a podcast to listen to and discuss your thoughts with them. You can even consider starting your own podcast with someone, as this can be a great hobby to jump into.

Reading & Audiobooks

If you don’t have the time during the day to sit down and read a physical book, audiobooks can be a great alternative. It is another thing which can keep your mind busy and keep you from feeling a bit stir crazy while you are stuck inside. If you are doing chores or exercising you can keep your mind busy as well, listening to a good book. It can be a great chance to catch up reading, since so many of us feel like we don’t have the time for this during our busy work week.


While social distancing means avoiding crowds and interaction with other people, it doesn’t mean you cannot explore nature on your own. Photography can be an amazing hobby to take up during this time, as it can be relaxing and gives you an excuse to reconnect with nature on your own. 


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