ESTP Intelligence: How ESTPs Are Smart

When measuring intelligence it is important to remember that each person has their own unique type of intelligence. Just because someone might not be adept when it comes to sciences, doesn’t mean they don’t have an incredible grasp on languages. One person might be book smart, while the other is amazing at solving just about any problem which comes their way. There are so many ways in which people can be intelligent, and recognizing these different ways of using your mind can be an important step towards understanding people better. Just assuming someone isn’t smart because they respond to things differently than you, would be an ignorant thing to believe.

ESTPs are often very outgoing people who enjoy living and the moment and want to have a good time. Their desire to focus on the present does sometimes cause them to appear like they aren’t as intellectual, when in fact ESTPs are very driven by information and accuracy. They care more about facts than they do emotions, and focus their energy on being practical when they find it important. They simply care a lot about enjoying the present and don’t like becoming hung up on the past or having to constantly plan out every detail of the future. This is because ESTPs look at what is in front of them, but they do have their own unique type of intelligence and can also be rather book smart individuals. 

Problem Solving 

ESTPs have minds which are drawn to problem solving, and they actually enjoy working out different puzzles. They have rather active minds and really crave being able to absorb different information and facts. While ESTPs might also be physical people who focus on the present, that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy learning. They like being someone who has all of the facts and can spread accurate information. It feels good to them to remove ignorance from others, which is why they actually spend a lot of time researching and learning about certain subjects. For the ESTP solving problems can actually be a fun and rewarding challenge, which is why they like jobs which allow them to work this part of their brains. They don’t enjoy problem solving which is connected to people or emotions, as these things can be draining for them. Where the ESTP thrives is in solving more tangible or practical problems, as they can really think things through and not feel emotionally pressured. Their minds are good at seeing what is right in front of them and can logically find the best solution to their problem. They might not always see things the way some other types do, but they focus on the facts and what they can tangibly process and see. ESTPs don’t like imagining too many potential scenarios, instead they stick with what they know will get the job done. They focus on what they can see and touch and prove, wanting things to be accurate and precise. They care about solving those problems, especially when it comes to a work scenario. For the ESTP being someone who can figure out ways to make things more efficient and solve whatever issues might arise, gives them a sense of pride. While they can seem like they are reckless and spontaneous people, ESTPs often enjoy being good at their job and can certainly get things done when it is important to them. 

Practical Intelligence

ESTPs are actually practical people, especially when it comes to getting things done. They value what is tangible and right in front of them, rather than things which they cannot understand or see. They don’t like venturing off and imagining things which likely won’t ever happen, instead they want to experience things which are real. This helps ESTP when it comes to having a lot of common sense, especially about day-to-day chores and life tasks. This is a type of intelligence which helps the ESTP stand on their own two feet, and helps them become more independent. They don’t constantly need to lean on others for help, because they know how to take care of the important daily things. While they might not be perfectly organized and can certainly leave things until the last minute, ESTPs still find a way to get the job done. They can certainly procrastinate things, but are much more practical and realistic than people realize. ESTPs enjoy having fun and want to live in the present moment, but when it comes to time to get things done they will make themselves finish those important tasks. They rarely like depending on others for these things and are highly independent and practical thinkers.

Physical Awareness

ESTPs are very conscious of the physical world around them, and are good at picking up on certain details. They are visual people who can remember little details and pieces of information which others will likely forget. When the ESTP is retelling a story they can often recall the smallest of facts, things like certain colors around them and the way a room is set up. Noticing these details can actually make the ESTP highly perceptive. They recognize when there is the slightest change in their environment and won’t miss out on important things which others can easily miss. For the ESTP noticing these details helps them to understand people better as well. They can tell when something is wrong or when something has changed with a loved one based on their physical appearance and smallest of gestures. When something is wrong the ESTP often notices and can do their best to help and solve their loved ones problems. They aren’t always great at deeply emotional situations but they do their best to be understanding and supportive of the people they love. When the ESTP can see something has changed in their environment it helps them to recognize how to solve whatever problems will arise from these changes and differences.