The Biggest Inspiration for Each Myers-Briggs Type

The Biggest Inspiration For Each Myers-Briggs Type

We each have our own experiences that inspire us most in life. Sometimes it is the simplest things that make use feel excited and passionate, once again. Here is something that we believe would be very inspiring for each personality type.

INFJ- Hope

INFJs are inspired by the things that bring them the most hope for the future. They feel moved by others showing compassion and true kindness in selfless ways. They want to see a change in the world, and want to make a difference. If they feel a strong sense of hope and see things that prove to them life will get better, the will feel inspired. They want to be able to have hope for humanity and hope for themselves. And then there’s the joys that music can bring. INFJs often find that diving into music can help bring them out of a slump and inspire them.

ENFJ- Being Valued

ENFJs feel inspired most when their loved ones express to them how much they value the ENFJ. They spend most of their energy trying to care for others and are acutely aware of how their actions affect people. Because of this constant desire to please others, they can become drained and feel unappreciated. Something that makes them feel inspired and happy to achieve more, is when they feel valued by the people closest to them. If they express that they need the ENFJ and that they appreciate everything that they do, this will make the ENFJ extremely happy. Appreciation helps the ENFJ feel inspired to continue their amazing goals.

INFP- Meaning and Authenticity

INFPs are inspired by the things in life that have true meaning and value. They strive to make meaningful and moral choices, and search for deep connections with others. They dislike the shallow aspects of the world, and seeing these things can sometimes bring the INFP down. They struggle with others lack of compassion and their often superficial desires. When the INFP experiences something in life with sincere meaning, they feel inspired and passionate. Whether that be a long conversation, a good book, amazing music or even just seeing someone in need and doing something to help them, the INFP will be happiest when they are in the deep end of the pool of life.

ENFP- When Someone Believes the Best in Them

ENFPs feel the most inspiration when others express that they believe in them. Sometimes even the most positive ENFP can become very hard on themselves and feel insecure. When they are in this state of mind, having others believe in them, can help the ENFP to rise back to their normal selves. ENFPs can be one of the most inspirational types, and are very good at finding ways to be other peoples own personal cheerleaders. Sometimes they just need to feel that inspiration returned to them. Sincerely bringing to light some of their wonderful qualities can make the ENFP have faith in themselves once again.

INTJ- Knowledge

INTJs are most inspired by the pursuit of knowledge. This isn’t in some flat or statistical data kind of way, INTJs are actually very passionate. They feel fueled by learning new things and expanding their minds in wonderful ways. They want to be able to constantly be improving and reaching new levels of understanding. They feel most inspired when they receive an opportunity to learn something truly valuable and exciting. Something that will take them on a journey of knowledge and deeper understanding.

ENTJ- Besting Others

ENTJs are strong-willed and gregarious individuals. They are strongly driven towards achieving their goals, and have an unbelievable sense of cunning. They are often inspired by the opportunity to showcase their skills and intelligence, when faced against others. They enjoy the ability to compete with others and figure out the most excellent strategy to best their opponent. Almost unstoppable when they set their mind to something, ENTJs are nearly impossible to beat. They are inspired by the chance to best someone in a competitive circumstance, and feel passionate to exhibit their strengths.

INTP- Problem Solving

INTPs are intelligent and internal thinkers. They feel uninterested in things that have no challenges or anything that brings them to a better understanding. The way to inspire an INTP is by bringing a problem to them that is in desperate need of solving. An opportunity to out-think others and compete to figure out a better path, is something that bring the INTP great joy. They will become enthused and passionate when they feel like their task will bring them new knowledge that they did not have before. Diving into something new that is also challenging, is the best way for an INTP to learn.

ENTP- A Good Challenge

ENTPs are outgoing and independent individuals. They enjoy exploring as many possibilities as they can, and dislike staying stagnant for too long. When an ENTP is feeling disinterested the best way to inspire them is to challenge them to something exciting. If they are told they cannot do something, it makes them even more willing to prove everyone wrong. They will become eager to be the best at their task, proving to everyone just how skilled they are.

ISTJ- Fulfilling Their Duty and Honor

ISTJs are very moral and loyal individuals. They desire to achieve their goals and do what they believe is their duty. If they feel as though they have responsibilities to accomplish, they will feel inspired and do their best to get it done. They are inspired most by the feeling of honor, believing that they are doing what is right. They have a strong internal motivation to be good and moral people.

ESTJ- Societal Norms

ESTJs have a strong moral obligation to provide for others. They want to be able to do what is right and fit into societies. The best way to inspire an ESTJ is to show them that society wants them to accomplish this goal. They enjoy being a part of a family and a community, and dislike being shunned. They will do what is socially acceptable in the hopes of being seen as accomplished.

ISFJ- Being Needed

ISFJs are most inspired by feeling needed by others. When they feel like people are not depending on them or no longer need them in their lives, they will often feel unhappy. They want to provide for their loved ones and strive to make them happy. To make an ISFJ feel inspired, you must make them understand that you need them in your life. Express to them that they provide a lot of help for you and that you appreciate them.

ESFJ- Their Loved Ones

ESFJs are most strongly inspired by the people that they love. If they believe that the people around them are in need, they will do whatever it takes to get the job done. They are deeply inspired by the people that they care about, and do not want to disappoint them. They fear being unable to provide others with what they need, and feel very passionately about making their loves ones happy. If they lack motivation, the best move is for their loved ones to inspire them with their own personal need for the ESFJ to get something done. Making them realize that it would make the people they care for happy, is the biggest inspiration possible.

ISTP- Working with Their Hands

ISTPs are laid back and relaxed individuals. They have a natural problem solving ability and enjoy being conscious of their physical surroundings. They enjoy experiencing exciting new things and will be greatly inspired by an opportunity to use their hands in the process. They are great at putting things together, it is just something they are naturally skilled at. The chance to explore the excitement of this skill, will inspire the ISTP to get something done.

ESTP- Excitement

ESTPs are mostly inspired by the chance to experience something new and exciting. They are brought down by uneventful and uninteresting events, and dislike standing still too long. ESTPs enjoy being able to seek thrills and explore their passions. If they are promised something thrilling and fun, the ESTP will definitely feel inspired.

ISFP- Nature

ISFPs are fun and introspective individuals. They are most inspired by the chance to connect with nature on a deeper level. Going outside for a walk and breathing in the air around them, will help the ISFP reconnect with what matters most to them. The beauty of the world is something that thrills and inspires the ISFP. They also often feel a deep connection to music and may be strongly inspired by their favorite songs.

ESFP- Affection

ESFPs are fun-loving and enthusiastic individuals. They enjoy being the center of attention and are very good at putting on an entertaining show for people. ESFPs feel most inspired when others express affection towards them. They want to feel loved and admired, so when people fulfill this desire, the ESFP is very pleased.

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