What it Means to be an ESTP Female Personality

ESTP women are surprisingly unique people with intriguing personalities. They have a way of surprising people in their lives and are rather unpredictable with their lives. They have passionate souls and sometimes have drastic reactions to things in life. Here are a few bits of information about the ESTP female personality.

They Are Driven

ESTPs are naturally driven people who strive to progress in life. They want to be considered impressive, especially when it comes to the workplace. ESTPs are fun people, but they also have a natural drive to move forward. They don’t want to simply sit in one place and want their lives to mean something. They are driven to become successful and will often do whatever it takes to get there. They enjoy being good at something and want to be able to impress their loved ones with their success. ESTPs are hardworking people and are often very intelligent as well.

ESTPs know how to have fun in life, but they also know how to take things seriously when they must. When it comes to advancing, ESTPs want to be able to perform. They also do this because they want their loved ones to be truly proud of them. They don’t like disappointing people, so the ESTP will often take their work efforts very seriously. They also want to be able to have things in life, which they realize means they have to work hard to get there. This sense of drive can be difficult for the ESTP female, especially if their career is surrounded by men. They are often very skilled at overcoming this, though, and will likely ignore any of the sexism around them. ESTP women prefer to focus on what they can control and don’t become bothered by other people. They realize who they are and are comfortable with their strengths. They don’t want to play the victim at work and would instead rather push forward.

They Remember Everything

ESTPs have incredible memories, which are tied to their fact-based minds. Their memories can cause the ESTP to have a bit of trouble with their loved ones, especially when they want to be informative. The ESTP woman is logical and enjoys diving into information. People might expect a more emotionally driven reaction, but the ESTP enjoys informing people and helping them understand things. They dislike seeing ignorance and want to do what they can to remove it. This can sometimes make the ESTP look argumentative when they simply believe that informing is a sign of caring. They don’t want to leave people in the dark and believe they are being respectful by teaching people.

They Are Actually Nurturing

While the ESTP woman is driven by logic, she is also someone who is nurturing to others. It is an unusual combination that can cause them to be rather misunderstood. While the ESTP prefers to take the logical road, she also wants to ensure that her loved ones are cared for. This causes the ESTP to compartmentalize certain parts of her life in order to be herself completely. When it comes to the people the ESTP truly loves, she will often do whatever she can to make them happy. This means things like buying gifts, cooking for them, or even things like giving massages. The ESTP woman has a nurturing side which sometimes takes over, especially since she wants to impress her loved ones. This can confuse people, though, since the ESTP will bounce back and forth between logic and emotions. Making them extremely unpredictable people.

They Can Be Reckless

ESTPs women despise boredom, which can actually make them a bit reckless at times. If things become too stagnant in their lives, the ESTP will find a way to shake things up. They go through phases when they are younger of making a complete mess of their lives just so that they can put it back together again. They sometimes crave recklessness, simply as a means of creating change and escaping boredom. This reckless behavior can cause the ESTP a bit of trouble in their lives, but they somehow find a way to make things right again. They merely appreciate living in the present moment and want to make their lives exciting and fun. Stagnancy means misery for the ESTP, so they will often search for ways to escape this. They sometimes need their loved ones to keep them grounded and to stop them from getting into too much trouble. This is why it is helpful that ESTPs enjoy taking their friends on their little adventures with them.

They Sometimes Contradict Themselves

ESTPs women are driven, but they also know how to have fun. They enjoy taking on new adventures and often want to bring their loved ones along with them. The ESTP craves excitement and can become a bit anxious if they are stuck in one place for too long. They often have to juggle different parts of their life in order to get what they truly want. While the ESTP wants to be responsible, they also want to seek out adventure and live in the moment. This makes the ESTP woman a bit confusing for most people and even for herself. She can be a constant contradiction, which makes her appear a bit wild and even chaotic. They will likely spend most of their lives trying to find a balance between their responsible side and their reckless side.

ESTP women love very deeply, but they also want to be logical people. They are fun, but they also want to be responsible. They enjoy affection, but they don’t want to be smothered. All of these qualities make them rather exciting contradictions who will never settle for a boring lifestyle. While ESTP women might confuse others, they are extremely important to the people closest to them. The people who love the ESTP woman realize how vibrant and deeply caring she truly is. That spark that the ESTP woman possesses is something that cannot be faked and is actually rather rare.

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