Here’s What Each Personality Type Wants Everyone to Know About Them

Here’s What Each Personality Type Wants Everyone to Know About Them

It can be challenging when people only see you one way, especially since humans are much more complex than that. It isn’t always easy expressing yourself, which can make it hard to feel properly understood by others. Here is what each personality type truly wants other types to know about them.


INFJs most likely want people to know that just because they are focused on emotions, does not mean they are not also practical and intelligent people. INFJs are often very smart, and enjoy researching and understanding many topics. They care about the emotions of others, and because of this many people miss the fact that the INFJ is extremely intelligent. They enjoy having in depth conversations about intellectual topics, and love hearing different opinions. INFJs also try very hard to be strong for their loved ones, but they likely want people to know that they too, need a break.


ENFJs are extremely caring people, and because of this they always try to remain strong. The ENFJ wants people to understand that they have emotions and needs as well. They will never ask for help, but they truly need help once in a while. Having someone by their side who will relieve some of their stress, and just show that they appreciate the ENFJ, this means the absolute world to them. ENFJs also want people to understand that they are not trying to be pushy or meddling, they simply do this because they care. They often can see the best way to fix a problem, and truly want to make their loved ones happy.


INFPs are often seen as emotional and unstable, but this simply is not the case. Just because INFPs are connected to their emotions, does not make them weak or incapable. They are often some of the strongest types, because they have been through so much and yet they still keep moving forward. Just because the INFP can become emotional over something, does not mean they cannot come around to the more logical side of things eventually. They simply need time to figure out their feelings, and find reasoning behind it. INFPs need space to be themselves, and simply want someone in their lives who will not judge them for being who they are.


ENFPs are caring and loving people, but they do crave a lot of attention. They can be rather needy and demanding when it comes to their special person, and simply want to feel loved by them. The ENFP wants people to understand that they enjoy their space most of the time, but they are different with their one special person. They often need attention from that individual because they care so deeply, they want to know that they are valuable and important to them. ENFPs can sometimes be seen as flighty and indecisive because they jump from one idea to the next rather quickly. This is a misconception and is entirely untrue of the ENFP personality. They are actually rather sure of their decisions, they just enjoy approaching them from different angles.


INTJs are extremely logical individuals, and they love pursuing knowledge. Because of their logical and rich inner minds, they can often be viewed as rude or judgmental. This is entirely untrue, and when they appear stern or angry, most INTJs are simply deep in thought. INTJs simply want people to know that they are not emotionless, and actually feel things very deeply, they just do not show this externally. There is so much more going on inside of the INTJ, that most people will never truly understand or realize the depth that they possess. INTJs want people to understand that they despise ignorance, but are more than willing to help people learn if they are receptive to it. The greatest give an INTJ can give someone is knowledge, and they would not waste their time on someone they felt was stupid.


ENTJs are intelligent and driven people and because of this they are natural leaders. ENTJs want people to know that they might be logic minded, but they also care very deeply about their loved ones. The thing they want more than anything else, is loyalty from the people close to them. ENTJs also want people to understand, that even though they are hardworking they also know how to let loose and have a great time. ENTJs enjoy playing just as hard as they work, and want people in their lives they can share the good times with.


INTPs are logical people, and are constantly thinking through a million different thoughts inside of their minds. They often want people to understand that their silence does not mean they are judging others, they are simply lost in thought. People can sometimes view the INTP as cold or rude, but this is not the case at all. They simply have such rich inner minds, and it becomes difficult to be present in the physical world around them. INTPs are very moral people, who sincerely want to be good and honest with others. Their intentions are rarely to harm, and their criticism is actually intended to be helpful.


ENTPs are adventurous and intelligent people, who love pursuing new possibilities. They enjoy being able to keep moving and truly hate being stagnant, and this sometimes causes people to believe negative things about them. ENTPs likely want people to know that they do not lack loyalty, but are actually fiercely loyal to the people they love. Although ENTPs are not always open with their emotions, and often prefer to make jokes about their feelings- they are actually quite caring. When it comes to their loved ones, the ENTP feels things very deeply and can actually be hurt rather easily.


ISTJs want people to understand that they are not just worker drones, with stoic personalities. They actually have a rather amusing sense of humor, they just don’t share this side of themselves with everyone. It takes time for the ISTJ to feel comfortable opening up, but when they do it is actually quite fun and enjoyable. ISTJs have a goofy side to their personality, and are perfectly capable of having fun. Just because the ISTJ knows how to work hard, doesn’t mean they aren’t playful as well. They are also very caring people, they just don’t openly show their emotions most of the time.


ESTJs want people to understand that they actually feel things very deeply, they just don’t announce this to world. They are often guarded because they have been hurt in the past, and simply do not want to relive these negative emotions. ESTJs want to be sure they can trust someone before letting them in, because they actually can be hurt very deeply by their loved ones. ESTJs want people to understand that they aren’t just aggressive and strong, they are also sensitive and caring.


ISFJs want people to know that they are not simply housemaids with no logical thoughts. They are intelligent people, and often enjoy having conversations about interesting topics. They are simply so focused on their loved ones, that sometimes their needs become pushed aside. ISFJs want people to understand that they have their own desires, and are actually capable of rather intelligent and well thought out conversations. They simply dislike disturbing the peace, because they work so hard to ensure that their loved ones are happy.


ESFJs are very caring and giving people, but they also need to be given space. ESFJs are so in touch with the emotions of others, and because of this they sometimes need to be away from people in order to feel like themselves again. This is hard for them, because they hate feeling like they have hurt their loved ones in anyway. It is important for the people close to the ESFJ to give them proper space, but to also help them when it is needed. They are always doing things for everyone else, and because of this it can become easy to forget that the ESFJ actually has needs. They want their loved ones to know that they do have feelings and desires, and that sometimes they need to be helped.


ISTPs want other people to understand that just because they don’t show their emotions, doesn’t mean they do not feel them. ISTPs are actually very caring people, with strong morals of their own. They might not align their beliefs with the average beliefs of other people, but they do have them. ISTPs care very deeply for their loved ones, they just don’t show this in the same way as most people. ISTPs are not rude or aloof, they simply do not take interest in pointless drama around them. They would rather spend time inside of their own thoughts, than dwell on the outside world.


ESTPs are hardworking people who are constantly trying to push themselves forward. They do not often show their emotions, but they want their loved ones to understand that they feel them. ESTPs likely want people to know that sometimes they need appreciation for all of their efforts. They just want someone to notice how hard they are trying, and feel truly loved by others. ESTPs do not expect much, but a little appreciation truly goes a long way for them.


ISFPs are caring and sensitive people, but that doesn’t mean they are emotional wrecks. They want people to understand that they are stronger than they seem, and simply are comfortable with their own emotions. ISFPs also want people to understand that they are not flighty people, and that this is an incorrect representation of them. They simply enjoy living in the moment, and do not want to dwell on all of the negative things in the world. ISFPs want to feel connected with their loved ones, and enjoy having in depth conversations with the people closest to them.


ESFPs want other people to understand that even though they enjoy having fun, they are also capable of intelligent thought. They understand more than people realize, they simply do not want to focus on the negatives. They enjoy being able to enjoy the present moment with the ones that they love. Instead of focusing on intensely serious things, ESFPs prefer to enjoy life as much as they possibly can. They realize that there are bad things going on around them, but dwelling on it only makes life harder. ESFPs are capable of being serious, they simply don’t see a reason for it.

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