Here’s How Much of a Slacker You Can Be, Based on Your Personality Type

It is certainly okay to slack off once in a while, but there are some people who would never dream of it. While there are others who can be seen as slackers from time to time, sometimes because they would rather focus on living in the moment. Here is how much of a slacker you can be, based on your personality type.



INFJs don’t like to be seen as slackers, since they can actually be perfectionists. They put a lot of pressure on themselves to be seen as someone who cares for others and who works hard at what they do. While INFJs can get caught up inside of their inner minds often, that doesn’t mean they will slack off when it comes to the important tasks they need to take care of. They can certainly become drained by having to do these things, but they won’t slack off and force someone else to pick up the slack. INFJs are more likely to be the ones picking up after the slackers in their lives.


ENFJs are definitely not slackers, and are actually perfectionists. They are often the ones picking up the slack for everyone else, and will even take on their loved ones errands and important tasks. ENFJs work hard to tend to the needs of others, as well as taking care of everything in their personal lives that needs to be tended to. ENFJs definitely aren’t slackers, especially when it comes to the more important things in life that absolutely need to be taken care of. For them being seen as a slacker or being seen as lazy, are honestly some of the worst insults.


INFPs don’t like being seen as slackers, but it can sometimes appear this way. They simply become so caught up in their own inner worlds and imaginations that real life can be a bit boring. INFPs sometimes put off certain tasks and things they should be getting done, and struggle to really motivate themselves to tend to them. INFPs can become bored rather easily and often find that their own inner minds are far more fulfilling than most of the mundane things they are supposed to take care of. INFPs really don’t like having to live by a certain set of rules, and become annoyed by this.


ENFPs can sometimes be viewed as slackers, simply because they become distracted somewhat easily. They don’t like being forced to live their lives the way others expect, and so they don’t like having these expectations to adhere to. ENFPs will sometimes blow off certain chores or activities, because their minds are somewhere totally different. They have such active and rich inner minds, and the ENFP is more satisfied living in this reality. ENFPs might be seen as slackers to those around them, mostly because they live by their own set of rules.



It is rare that anyone would view an INTJ as a slacker, since they are often the exact opposite. They don’t slack off when something important needs to be done, and are actually rather efficient people. They do enjoy spending a lot of time inside of their own inner minds, or just researching information for hours. INTJs are capable of managing their time and getting work done before they take time to do what they enjoy. They are definitely not slackers, instead they are perfectionists who strive to get things done above and beyond expectations.


ENTJs are definitely not slackers and would be truly offended if anyone saw them this way. They are hardworking and very efficient people, who strive to always be improving themselves. They don’t like slacking and are more prone to being perfectionists. They always strive to do better than their previous best, and work hard to achieve their goals. ENTJs actually become frustrated by slackers, and can be a bit short-tempered around people who are completely incapable of focusing and getting things done.


INTPs can sometimes be seen as slackers from an outside point of view, mostly because they have a hard time motivating themselves. INTPs are so caught up inside of their rich inner minds that it can be challenging to really come out of this. INTPs can find things in the real world to be a bit mundane, and they are often bored easily. INTPs enjoy analyzing and really thinking things through in order to come to truly profound conclusions. INTPs are more seen as thinkers than doers, and this can sometimes cause them to look like slackers. Their minds are actively doing so much, but INTPs don’t always find it easy to take care of certain daily tasks.


ENTPs can sometimes be seen as slackers, mostly because they play by their own set of rules. ENTPs don’t like having to adhere to expectations of others, and are often frustrated by this. ENTPs can become distracted easily, and become quickly bored by mundane tasks. They sometimes find themselves not wanting to do things that they are supposed to do, and would much rather focus on something that excites them. ENTPs can be seen as slackers depending on what the task is they are supposed to be performing and if they actually want to do it.



ISTJs are definitely not slackers and often strive to avoid being seen this way. They always take care of their responsibilities and will go above and beyond to make sure they are efficient and focused. ISTJs don’t have much respect for slackers, often become frustrated with their behavior. They try to mind their own business but if someone in their household is constantly slacking off, it can definitely annoy the ISTJ. They strive to do everything as efficient and focused as possible, definitely wanting to be seen as the opposite of a slacker.


ESTJs are definitely not slackers, instead they are often viewed as hardworking people. They strive to be as efficient and focused as possible, not wanting to let anything stand in their way. ESTJs enjoy relaxing when they can, but only after all of their work is finished perfectly. They can actually become really annoyed with slackers, especially if they are people they have to live with. ESTJs believe in always doing their best and in being responsible people who take care of their errands and work.


ISFJs are not slackers, and would likely be very offended if someone saw them this way. They are responsible people who do whatever they must to take care of things. ISFJs simply want to please their loved ones, and this often means being someone they can be proud of. They work hard to get things done, often taking care of everyone around them as well. ISFJs don’t like slacking off, especially when there is work to be done. When everyone else is relaxing they are often the ones still taking care of errands and things that they want finished.


ESFJs would likely be very hurt and offended if someone viewed them as a slacker, since they are often the opposite. ESFJs can actually be perfectionists, striving to take care of everything and everyone. They strive to make their loved ones happy, usually tending to their needs and taking care of their errands for them. ESFJs are not slackers and usually go above and beyond to get things done and to take care of everyone that they care for.



ISTPs can sometimes be viewed as slackers by people who don’t quite understand them. They simply don’t like having to follow the rules and expectations of others. ISTPs might blow off certain chores or responsibilities, because they don’t personally value them. With the things the ISTP is passionate about or views as important, they are very focused and efficient people.


ESTPs can sometimes be seen as slackers, especially since they procrastinate most things. While they can leave things to last minute, they almost always find a way to pull through. ESTPs live in the present and sometimes this can cause them to become distracted from things they “should” be doing. While they do become distracted ESTPs will come through in the end and get things finished if it is important that they do so.


ISFPs can sometimes be viewed as slackers, mostly because they procrastinate things. ISFPs don’t like having to follow the rules all of the time, and can’t really live stagnant lives. ISFPs are happiest following their hearts and enjoy living in the moment instead of getting hung up on responsibilities. They will certainly be focused when something is important to them, but can be forgetful or irresponsible with the things that don’t really matter to them.


ESFPs can sometimes be viewed as slackers, mostly because they can become distracted rather easily. They find themselves wanting to focus on things they are passionate about, and not really finding it easy to focus on certain responsibilities. ESFPs live in the moment and this does cause them to procrastinate and become bored with chores or errands that they need to take care of. ESFPs can be seen as slackers often because they follow their hearts and dance to the beat of their own drum.


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