How Each Myers-Briggs Type Falls Out Of Love

Falling in love can be a truly magical experience, but there are times when those feelings fade and fall away. Every person has their breaking point, but some people take much longer to reach that moment than others do. Here is how you fall out of love based on your Myers-Briggs type.


When an INFJ makes a true and deep connection with someone, falling out of love can be a long and painful process. It will take the INFJ a rather long time before they begin to let go of a romance that touched their soul. They might pine and remember that person many years after their separation. It is often easier for the INFJ to let go when the other person is spiteful and cruel, then the INFJ may enlist their door slam reaction. There will often be a part of the INFJ that will always hold onto that love in some way or another.


ENFJs can often be practical when it comes to love and will fall out of love when the other person fails to appreciate them. They will continue to make a conscious effort to hold onto the relationship and will do their best to make things work. When it becomes clear to the ENFJ that their partner is mistreating them and simply will not change, the feeling of being in love will begin to fade for them. It may take some time and it may not be easy for the ENFJ to let go, but eventually they will be able to move on.


INFPs are often extremely devoted to the person they are in love with. They are rather loyal and do not fall out of love easily. It might take them years before they fall out of love with someone who isn’t giving them what they need. It will also take discovering little untruths about the person that they love, before the INFP realizes that they simply are not compatible. It is a slow and painful process and one that does not happen easily for an INFP. That person will often leave a mark on their soul that might even last forever, but of course it will fade eventually.


When the ENFP enters into a relationship it may seem like they fall in love fast, but that is simply because they know rather quickly how they feel about someone. Once the ENFP is in love, falling out can be a long process. They often see the best in people and want to hold onto those good things about someone that they love. The ENFP may not quickly commit to actually being “in love” and they wouldn’t consider themselves in love with every person that they date or become infatuated with. When they do fall it is for real and is something they will struggle to let go of.


INTJs take commitments very seriously and do not enter into a relationship easily. When they love someone, it is often because they know the important parts of that person which make them compatible. An INTJ will fall out of love with someone if the person becomes lazy and incapable of putting forth any effort in their lives. Someone who begins to grow selfish and constantly insecure, will often push the INTJ to their breaking point. The INTJ will fall out of love as soon as they realize that things are simply not going to work out. They won’t stay in a stagnant relationship when they know it is best to leave.


It is rather difficult for an ENTJ to leave a relationship that they have made a serious commitment to. When they fall in love with someone or declared they have intense feelings for them, it is not something they take lightly. They want to be able to make things work and may consider it a failure if the relationship ends. It will take a long time before the ENTJ comes to the conclusion that things just aren’t working, they may even stay in the relationship when they no longer have those feelings of love or affection towards the person. The process of falling out of love is often slow and difficult for an ENTJ.


INTPs struggle with falling in love and might be quick to avoid the subject. When they finally do find someone they connect with, they often take a while before they fall completely in love with them. INTPs have rather intense inner emotions, they just do not openly express them very easily. When they love someone it can be rather challenging for them to fall out of love with them. They may actually hold onto those feelings for a long time after the relationship has ended. The INTP is capable of ending a relationship that seems like it will not work, even if they still have feelings for that person.


ENTPs are actually rather quick to fall out of love with someone when they discover things about them that just don’t fit. They will fall in love with the good things they see in someone and with the excitement they feel at first. Once the ENTP begins to realize things will not work, they can fall out of love rather quickly. They are not ones to hold onto a bad relationship and pine over someone when things simply are not working. The realize that there are plenty of other people out there to connect with.


ISTJs take their commitments very seriously and do not fall in love quickly. The ISTJ will often take the time to learn about someone before they allow themselves to develop feelings for them. When the ISTJ realizes they are in love with someone, they are highly unlikely to fall out of love. The ISTJ will fall out of love rather slowly and will take a long time to end a relationship if the other person simply is not living up to their expectations.


ESTJs do not consider themselves to be in love very easily, and will not commit to someone unless they are rather serious about them. Once an ESTJ considers themselves to be in love with someone, it is rather difficult for them to fall out of love. They would consider giving up on the relationship to be a rather big failure, and probably would take a firm push before they would end things. ESTJs do not fall out of love easily at all, and will hold onto something for a rather long time.


ISFJs might struggle to fall out of love with someone if the feelings they possess for them are very strong. They care very deeply about the people close to them and might continue to care for their needs even after they have lost those feelings of love for them. ISFJs will only fall out of love when the other person simply is not pulling their weight and continues to make them and everyone around them miserable. ISFJs do take their commitments seriously, which can make letting go of someone difficult for them.


ESFJs do not fall out of love easily and often take their commitments extremely seriously. When they love someone it is something they struggle to let go of. When they develop deep feelings for a person they simply do not want to give up on them. The ESFJ will often continue to love someone even after the relationship is over, and may have a hard time letting go of that person. They are likely to stay friends with someone they were once in love with and might even still possess those feelings for them. It often takes a lot of emotional abuse for the ESFJ to fall out of love.


ISTPs do not fall in love easily, but will fall out rather quickly if things are not working. When the ISTP begins to see things about their partner that simply do not fit well, they will begin to lose those feelings of affection. They are very logical about their decisions, which often means they will not enter into a relationship quickly. ISTPs will fall out of love with someone who gives them good reasons to do so.


ESTPs do not fall in love easily, but actually struggle to fall out of love with someone. When they feel strongly about a person, it can be rather challenging for them to let go of those emotions. They might even consider themselves still in love with someone who isn’t treating them as good as they should. ESTPs have a tendency to bounce from relationship to relationship, but when they fall in love it is often a very powerful thing for them.


ISFPs may fall out of love quickly when they realize that the person they are with cannot give them what they need. They will often be very upset about ending the relationship and will feel the sadness very deeply. Once they allow themselves to feel upset about it though, they can often move on rather quickly. They know when someone is not right for them and because of that they might fall out of love rather quickly.


ESFPs enjoy making life fun and enjoyable, and will often give a lot to people they are in love with. When the ESFP feels like someone is not treating them well or giving them the love that they deserve, they will begin to fall out of love with them. ESFPs can sometimes put high demand on their romantic relationships and will lose love for someone who does not meet their standards. ESFPs will reach a breaking point in a relationship and will be more than willing to walk away when this happens.

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