The Things That Drain Each Personality Type Most

Certain situations drain each personality type differently. Here are the people and situations that will cause each personality type the most emotional exhaustion.



Because they are introverted, the INFJ will become quickly drained after too much social interaction. The hardest and most draining thing for an INFJ is being around too many chatty people. If someone is just talking to fill the void of silence, rather than someone who is having a relaxed and meaningful conversation- it will be tiresome. INFJs are very personal and often guarded individuals, and if they are forced to be around people that they do not trust for long periods of time, it will quickly exhaust them. They feel much more comfortable in an environment of people they trust and who understand them. If people are attempting to constantly force the INFJ into social situations, or are asking the INFJ to express themselves it will be difficult.  It is also very draining for the INFJ if they are constantly being shut down by others. When they get a strong sense of intuition, but are forced by others to ignore it, it becomes exhausting for them as well. They need to be allowed to explore their powerful intuition so that they can better understand it.

Even though INFJs are very caring individuals with excellent listening skills, they can become drained by needy people. If others are constantly seeking the INFJ out for their own personal therapist, it is overwhelming and upsetting. They enjoy helping others but do not want to feel obligated to do so. They put enough pressure on themselves and do not need it from others.


ENFJs are very social individuals and can become drained if they are not allowed to be around others for too long. Being forced into seclusion, or not being allowed to go out with friends will be hard for the ENFJ. They want to be capable of helping people that they care for, and become very frustrated if they cannot do this. If the ENFJ feels like a close personal relationship is in jeopardy, they will quickly become drained of all of their emotional energy. They will feel unmotivated to do anything else besides attempt to mend that bond. Having their personal relationships out of order is one of the worst things an ENFJ can endure. They will scramble to keep things working and will quickly become overwhelmed.

It is bad for an ENFJ to be around people who constantly demand a lot of them. If those people are constantly bringing them down and begging for more help, it will be extremely draining. They have a strong sense of other people’s emotions and constant negativity will make them feel bogged down very easily.


INFPs will feel themselves becoming drained very fast, if they are forced into large social gatherings. They enjoy being around people but if they are made to make small talk they will tire. The INFP wants something meaningful, and are capable of having deep conversations for very long periods of time. It is the shallow end of the pool that will cause the INFP rather quick exhaustion. Experiencing conversation that doesn’t hold emotional intelligence or introspective thought, is one of the worst things for an INFP. They will probably find themselves zoning out and daydreaming during superficial conversations.

Observing people with terrible morals who are constantly making decisions that harms others, will upset the INFP. They hate to see cruelty in the world and will become easily drained from seeing this. They will quickly want to avoid being around others who fit these descriptions, withdrawing to their room or quiet places. Any kind of sadness or injustice is a sure fire way to cause the INFP exhaustion.


ENFPs will become quickly drained if they are forced to follow a strict schedule. Being made to follow a day-to-day schedule that has been planned out for them, is almost soul crushing to an ENFP. They enjoy their freedom and want to be able to explore new things on their own terms. If they are attending social engagements, they want to option to get distracted and move on to something more interesting. If what they are doing isn’t fun or stimulating the ENFP will feel like they need to escape. They dislike being bored and want to be able to take time to socialize when they want, or stay at home and read a book if they so please.

Being with people who they do not feel emotionally connected to, is also draining for the ENFP. Too much constant negativity is a terrible thing for ENFPs as well. They want to be around people who are capable of seeing the positive side of things, and don’t just complain constantly. Like anyone the ENFP needs to vent and can completely understand if others do as well, but when that person is just constantly miserable the ENFP will become drained. ENFPs also dislike feeling like they are being lied to or manipulated and that can cause them fast exhaustion. ENFPs enjoy the company of others and require time with friends to recharge. Being alone for too long is actually draining for an ENFP, they need a nice combination of alone time and people time.



Obnoxious or willfully ignorant people are very draining for an INTJ. If they are forced to be around people for extended periods of time they become drained. INTJs need their space and alone time and do not like this to be invaded. Some people just have a natural rudeness and disrespect for others space, and those people are like a plague for INTJs. INTJs dislike stupidity, but more than anything they become frustrated with people who are intentionally being ignorant. They love knowledge and are very passionate about learning, so seeing others who refuse to understand important things is frustrating. People like this often discuss shallow or meaningless junk, which is definitely not of interest to an INTJ. If they are forced to be cordial with these types of people, they will definitely require long amounts of alone time afterwards.

They also can become frustrated with people who are constantly expressing nonstop emotion. INTJs are not emotionless, but do not have a high capacity for dealing with other people’s breakdowns. They see no practical reasoning behind why someone should constantly be complaining.


ENTJs will become quickly drained by long emotional discussions. They are capable of enjoying the company of others and are adept to many different styles of conversation. When it comes to people having emotional breakdowns or forcing the ENTJ to express their feelings, they might become drained. Even though they have a way of entertaining themselves and enjoying the company of most people, outright whiny individuals are not their favorite company. Someone who is constantly messy or incapable of taking care of themselves is also draining for an ENTJ, especially if it someone very close to them. They are very social but enjoy their own space and dislike if it is invaded for foolish reasons.

Being around people is actually how ENTJs recharge, being that they are extroverts. But being around whiny and impractical people is draining. They understand having a problem, but do not understand when people seem to prefer complaining about the problem rather than seeking to fix it.


When an INTP is forced to explore their emotions for a long period of time they will become drained. They do not have a strong awareness of their own emotions, and often struggle with expressing them. If someone is continuously trying to force emotional expression out of the INTP before they are ready it will drain them very quickly. They need space to come to terms with their emotions and cannot deal with the pressure. INTPs will also become drained if they are constantly being shot down by others close to them. They do not appreciate judgement and dislike if the things they are sharing are being dismissed. They thrive on new ideas and understanding, so people who deny them this exploration become exhausting for an INTP.

INTPs need to have a certain amount of alone time to think and process things. If they are forced to socialize for extended periods of time they will become drained, and require time to withdraw and think. The worst for INTPs are people who are in complete denial about their own behavior. People who are ignorant and attempt to teach others make the INTP very drained.


ENTPs often become drained by strict schedules or plans. They enjoy being able to openly explore new things and dislike being bogged down. Being forced to follow the rules and guidelines set out for them is one of the most energy draining things for an ENTP. They also become exhausted around people who cannot understand things logically, or continuously shoot down their ideas. The ENTP needs to be able to voice their opinions openly so that they can explore new possibilities and avenues. People who shut down these qualities are extremely draining for the ENTP. They enjoy being able to debate their opinions and will become drained by people who cannot keep up with these debates, or who misunderstand where they are coming from.

Being around emotionally manipulative people is also draining and upsetting for an ENTP. People who are constantly messing with their feelings and forcing them to express themselves are a struggle. ENTPs aren’t very open about their emotions and often struggle with expressing them. Being forced to do so is challenging for them. They also become drained by people who are emotionally whiny or needy.



ISTJs will become quickly drained if they are forced to entertain for too long. They enjoy being around people and want to be able to keep up with their social group, but ISTJs are still introverts and need alone time to recharge. Being around others for too long will cause them to become quickly frustrated. ISTJs are also not the most emotionally expressive people, and do not do well with others who are constantly whining or complaining. ISTJs work very hard to get their job done, so if they are surrounded by people who chronically complain about working or what is going on in their lives, the ISTJ will become truly exhausted.

Too many questions or demands without prior planning will cause the ISTJ to become quickly drained. They enjoy plans and schedules and will become exhausted if they are thrown into new situations constantly without any prior knowledge or planning. People who have a complete disregard or respect for time or plans are draining for the ISTJ.


Being around incompetent people is extremely energy draining for an ESTJ. If they feel like noting is getting done properly around them, they will become very emotionally exhausted. They need to be around people with strong drives and abilities to succeed. When they are around messy or needy people it weighs on the ESTJ. They need to be able to go out and enjoy being a member of society or else they become unhappy. They are extroverts and gain their energy by being around others, so being alone for too long is draining.

ESTJs also struggle if they are around people who are continuously critical of them emotionally. They do not easily express emotion and have a hard time sympathizing with others. They care very much about their loved ones, but do not know how to always show emotional affection comfortably. They especially struggle if the people around them are whiny or needy. They have a hard time listening to constant complainers or people who are emotionally clingy. Eventually this sort of person becomes like an emotional vampire for the ESTJ.


ISFJs become quickly drained by too many emotionally needy or demanding people. They often will push themselves to spend more social time with others than they should. They do not ever want to upset people or make them feel unloved, so the ISFJ will force themselves to stay social even when they need alone time. Being that they are introverts the ISFJ does need to be alone sometimes to recharge. They are one of the most likely types to suck it up and remain in the social setting well beyond their means. But it is very draining for the ISFJ and might make them retreat to their rooms for a while to recharge.

ISFJs become drained by family members who cannot seem to get their lives together. They worry about others and do their best to make their loved ones happy. If the people they care for are constantly making messes of their lives, the ISFJ will become quickly drained. Feeling like they have to constantly look out for someone is draining to the ISFJ, because it will make the them feel hopeless.


ESFJs become drained if they are in an environment where their efforts are ignored. They do a lot for their loved ones and try very hard to make sure that they are happy. The ESFJ probably spends most of their time thinking about how to better their loved ones lives, and will become drained if that is not appreciated. They need to be sure they are making a difference in people’s lives, and will probably take criticism very harshly. If they do not receive any positive feedback, and are constantly receiving criticism, the ESFJ will feel very strongly like retreating from others. Even though they are extroverts they often become drained by other people’s constant emotional needs. If they feel like they aren’t valued and like other people are only demanding more and more from the ESFJ, they will want to escape.

If they are constantly around negative people who do not appreciate anything, the ESFJ will become drained. They need a positive environment to feel happy and energized. If they are around people who enjoy their presence and are thankful for what the ESFJ does, they will be very happy to continue giving.



Emotional neediness is one of the most exhausting things for an ISTP. If the ISTP is forced to express their emotions they will become easily frustrated. They do not easily express their feelings and have a hard time understanding them. Being around people who constantly demand an emotional expression will exhaust the ISTP. They need plenty of space to do their own thing, and do not do well being pressured. If the ISTP is forced to be around others for too long, they will become drained. They need to be alone to think and explore their inner minds.

Although they need space and alone time, that does not mean they need a lot of down time. ISTPs enjoy excitement and thrills in their lives and enjoy being constantly challenged. Whether it be reading about something new, or enjoying a physical activity that is challenging to them. ISTPs prefer to be entertained and challenged and if they lack this they will become drained.


ESTPs become very drained if they are forced to be alone for too long. They enjoy socializing and thrive on excitement. Being in a situation where the ESTP is bored or feels like they have to perform monotonous tasks, will cause the ESTP to feel very unhappy. They become drained if their lives lack excitement and become energized by thrills and intensity.

If ESTPs have people placing many demands on them they also become drained. They do not do well with strict schedules and prefer the freedom to make their own choices. ESTPs do care about their loved ones, so that pressure will weigh on them greatly and cause them to feel overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted.


ISFPs become quickly drained if they are forced to be around a large group of people. They enjoy being around those that they are close to, but being that they are introverts they need their space to recharge. If the ISFP is cooped up inside for too long they will become drained and unhappy. They need to be able to explore new things and enjoy a little adventure in their lives.

Being around cruel people will drain the ISFP. When people are insensitive and aggressive it is very displeasing to the ISFP. If they are in an environment with constant criticism it will be extremely draining. They need positivity and compliments, and will feel emotionally exhausted if they are being constantly criticized.


Being alone for long periods of time is terribly draining for the ESFP. They need to be around people to energize, and will feel very shut in if they cannot socialize. They want to be able to have fun and entertain others, if that is prevented it is not good for the ESFP.

Being around very critical people is hard for the ESFP. If someone has a strict schedule that they want to commit the ESFP to, they will be very unhappy. They need to be able to make plans their own way, and want to be capable of changing their minds if need be. Being forced to follow a schedule and being told what to do is very hard on them.


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