Here’s How You Handle a Corporate Setting, Based on Your Personality Type

Here’s How You Handle a Corporate Setting, Based on Your Personality Type

While some people can handle the corporate work setting rather well, others struggle with it. Here is how you handle a corporate setting, based on your personality type.


INFJs are often rather intelligent people who are capable of comprehending a great deal. While they enjoy learning and pushing themselves to improve, there are certain careers that they just won’t do well in. When it comes to working in a corporate setting the INFJ can feel stifled and a bit bored. If the INFJ is required to climb the corporate ladder in order to better themselves, it might feel a bit distasteful to them. These types of jobs often require too much interacting with others, and too many unreasonable expectations. INFJs do better in a job that utilizes their skills and allows them room to breathe at the same time.


ENFJs can often do well in a corporate setting, especially if they have plenty of room for advancement. They work hard to get things done and simply want to be able to provide for their loved ones. ENFJs care about the people in their lives and will do anything to make their lives better. If this requires working in a corporate career the ENFJ can certainly withstand this setting. While they can do it, most ENFJs won’t enjoy the corporate life, since they prefer a more creative career. They also do well as their own bosses and find that the freedom helps them feel more at ease.


INFPs are really not made for the corporate setting, and do better in a more creative career. The corporate world can feel a bit too stifling for them, and will likely be rather stressful. While INFPs might end up stuck in this sort of career, they will rarely thrive there. They prefer a more creative and free space to grow and improve. INFPs hate feeling stuck in a job that stifles who they are and forces them to climb the ladder in a way that doesn’t feel entirely moral. INFPs want to make a difference in the world around them, and rarely feel like they can do this in a corporate setting.


ENFPs really don’t thrive in a corporate setting, even if it is something they are good at. ENFPs need enough creative freedoms in their work environment to feel like they have plenty of room to do their own thing. When they are constantly being ordered around it leaves the ENFP feeling frustrated and stifled. They do best when they can explore new things and constantly continue moving forward. ENFPs rarely enjoy a corporate setting, because it causes them to feel like they are in an environment that is far too strict for what they need.


INTJs can often handle a corporate setting as long as it challenges them enough. If they have plenty of room for growth and different opportunities to learn, then it is something they can thrive in. INTJs have many different interests and they aren’t stuck to simply one career path. They do well in any situation that gives them a chance to constantly learn and improve, and simply hate feeling stagnant. INTJs can do well in corporate settings if they have plenty of opportunities.


ENTJs often do well in a corporate setting and enjoy having the chance to improve. They often want to climb the ladder and ultimately do best as the boss. They enjoy being leaders and are naturally skilled in this position. ENTJs will be good in an environment that challenges them and continues to give them opportunities to learn and grow. They simply dislike anything that doesn’t challenge their mind and inspire them to continue pushing forward and creating new goals.


INTPs don’t usually enjoy a corporate setting but they might try it out for a short time. They enjoy being able to challenge themselves and can certainly offer a lot in these situations. INTPs simply do better when they have plenty of freedom and need an environment that gives them space to learn. INTPs hate feeling stagnant or like they are being micromanaged and really need room to get creative and challenge themselves. They often do better in careers that give them plenty of freedoms and room to experience new things.


ENTPs can certainly handle working in a corporate setting, but it isn’t often something they enjoy. ENTPs do best when they have plenty of freedom and room to experience new things. They hate feeling stagnant and sometimes a corporate job will leave them feeling micromanaged. ENTPs need to have creative freedoms and space to really explore new avenues. They often find themselves bouncing around to different careers before they find something that sincerely challenges them enough to keep their full attention.


ISTJs often do excellent in a corporate setting and enjoy the ability to advance. They like having clear deadlines and regulations, since they help them set proper goals for themselves. ISTJs simply want to feel capable of growth and believe that it is important to build their future. Corporate settings often give the ISTJ a chance to showcase their skills and compete with others in order to continue advancing in their positions.


ESTJs often do rather well in a corporate setting, especially if they see clear chances to advance. For ESTJs it is important to build a future that they can be proud of, and can provide for their loved ones. They enjoy being able to have clear deadlines and goals in their work environment, and dislike not having the chance to grow. Corporate settings often give the ESTJ plenty of chances to impress others and use their work ethic to advance.


ISFJs can handle a corporate setting if they have clear deadlines and instructions. They don’t mind working in a job that can sometimes be stifling, as long as it helps them provide for their loved ones. For ISFJs it is important to stick with their careers and continue to do their best. They have strong work ethic and simply want to provide for the people in their lives as best they can. ISFJs might not choose a corporate setting as their ideal career, but it is something they can often succeed at.


ESFJs usually don’t enjoy being in a corporate setting, since it can cause them to feel a bit stifled. At the same time they can succeed in these jobs if they have clear goals and instructions. ESFJs dislike when they have to work for people who are vague and don’t give clear instructions. They do best when they know exactly what they need to do and can work towards ensuring that they carry out these goals efficiently. ESFJs value their loved ones more than anything else, and simply want to do their best to provide for them.


ISTPs really don’t do best in a corporate setting, since it often leaves them feeling stifled. While they can often succeed in these careers, they can be frustrating for them. ISTPs need plenty of space and room to do their own thing without constantly feeling micromanaged. While ISTPs are good at careers that requires them to convince others of things and manipulate a situation, they don’t always enjoy being in these settings.


While ESTPs prefer to have space to make their own choices, that doesn’t mean they don’t do well in a corporate setting. As long as they have some room to expand the ESTP will definitely be efficient in a corporate setting. They enjoy being able to advance and can often use their charisma to help them succeed in these sort of jobs. They don’t enjoy feeling stuck though and need to be able to continue growing and challenging themselves.


Corporate settings really aren’t the best for the ISFP, since they enjoy careers that are more creative in nature. ISFPs need to have plenty of space to do their own thing and dislike feeling stifled. They also do better in careers that they feel are making a difference for the world around them. They have such strong inner morals that sometimes corporate careers can feel a bit immoral for them. ISFPs really aren’t made for anything that keeps them cooped up inside of an office all day.


ESFPs aren’t naturally corporate people, unless they are working in a more advanced position. They make surprisingly good leaders, and can use their charisma to sell pretty much anything. While ESFPs might do decent in a corporate setting, they need plenty of benefits in order to make it worthwhile for them. ESFPs simply don’t like feeling cooped up in an office all day, and need to feel like they are expanding and really living in the moment.

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