Here Are a Few Things That Make the ISFP Female So Special

Here Are a Few Things That Make the ISFP Female So Special

ISFP women are loving and fun people, with a wide range of emotions. They feel things very deeply, and want to connect with their loved ones. Here are just a few things that make the ISFP female so very special.

They Are Free-Spirits

ISFPs woman are free-spirits, who dislike being held back by anyone. They want to follow their own path in life, and let their heart drive them forward. This sense of independence actually makes them rather unique women, who do not want to depend on their lovers to make choices for them. They enjoy being able to explore new things, and have very open minds. ISFPs want to be able to truly experience life, without feeling regretful. While some people remain stuck in one place, ISFPs want to break free from their metaphorical chains.

ISFPs free-spirited personalities make them fun and exciting people to be around. They enjoy being able to search out new adventures, and always want to make the most out of the present moment. They might not be the most outgoing people, but when it comes to their close friends they are unbelievable fun. They can be a bit goofy and playful when they are around the people they trust. This side of the ISFP female is truly exciting, and helps their loved ones live in the moment as well. They know how to bring people out of a slump, with their enthusiastic and sometimes silly personalities.

They Have Strong Morals

ISFPs might enjoy having fun, but at the same time they have very strong internal morals. It is very important for the ISFP to stand strong with their own internal beliefs. They don’t want to let anything interfere with their personal beliefs, and will be very defensive of them to others. ISFPs have an internal compass that tells them what is right and wrong, and this means very much to them. If people attempt to change their opinions, or argue that they are incorrect, the ISFP woman can become very angry. Although she is normally fun loving and sweet, the ISFP can become a bit aggressive. They are surprisingly capable and stern when it comes to their values.

The fact that the ISFP has strong internal morals, makes them people who strive to do good. They want to make the world a better place, and believe in doing whatever they can to accomplish this. They might not spend every moment openly expressing their internal desires, but deep down the ISFP truly cares. They want their actions to truly mean something, especially when it comes to their careers. They don’t want to do something that lacks meaning and sincerity, and might feel like it cheapens who they are.

They Prioritize Emotions

It can be a bit of a struggle for the ISFP woman when they are deemed overly emotional. They simply value emotions over logical thinking, and believe in following their heart. They don’t want to focus on obsessing over the facts, and instead would rather go with that feels right. ISFP women can sometimes be considered emotional because of this, even though it is not entirely accurate. The fact that ISFP value feelings, causes people to assume they have no control of them. The truth is that ISFPs natural awareness of their emotions makes them more in control of them. They have spent their entire lives feelings things so deeply, and they have learned how to process and understand those feelings. While others might bury their emotions, the ISFP takes the appropriate times to process them in a healthy way. They might value emotions over logic, but they know how to take control of them more than someone who neglects their feelings.

They Are Internal People

While the ISFP woman is affectionate and free-spirited, she also enjoys having a sense of independence. They are willing to express themselves to their loved ones, but also enjoy keeping certain parts of themselves private. Their inner worlds are rich and magical places to be, which leaves the ISFP spending a good amount of time alone. They don’t feel the need to share every part of themselves with the world, and save those special parts for their loved ones. ISFPs enjoy being in the moment, but at the same time they don’t mind being in their own internal mind space.

They Appreciate Love

ISFPs appreciate the value of love, in all of its many forms. For the ISFP it is important to prioritize love in their lives, above everything else. When it comes to their loved ones the ISFP takes their relationships and their connections very seriously. They won’t allow anything to get in the middle of love, and will work hard to make things work. ISFPs believe in the importance of their connections, and want to find people they can share their entire lives with.

ISFPs women love with every part of their souls, and will not let that love go to waste. They want to be sure to express themselves, and won’t hold anything back. This makes the ISFP woman affectionate and warm, especially towards the people she loves the most. While other people might prioritize work or personal needs, the ISFP puts love first. They realize that when they look back on their lives nothing matters more than how much they gave and received love.

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