The Honest Reasons Why ISFPs Make for Perfect Companions 

ISFPs are known to be sensitive and introspective individuals. There is something very special about sharing a deep connection with an ISFP, that people may miss out on. It can take a lot for the ISFP to open up completely to others, but when they do it is a magical experience.

They Are Warm

ISFPs are extremely sensitive and warm souls, with a passion for life. They are often very affectionate towards those who are lucky enough to be close to them. They have an infectious way of making people feel loved and appreciated. The ISFP often makes people feel welcome and free of judgement. They aren’t harsh individuals, especially when it comes to the people they love. Being close to an ISFP means being appreciated and often feeling completely at ease. They have a way of making people smile without even saying much at all. Their warm and comforting spirits are something that people can sense when they are close to the ISFP.

ISFPs hate seeing other people in pain, being that they are very connected to their surroundings. If the ISFP cares about someone they are often acutely aware of how they are feeling. They are good at figuring out what is wrong with their loves ones and are willing to be their support system when something is bothering them. The ISFPs sensitivities don’t make them weak, but rather make them warm and compassionate individuals.

They Are Fun

ISFPs have intense fun side to them, often being very adventurous and curious people. They enjoy sucking the juices out of life, wanting to make the best of their surroundings. They know exactly how to have fun and often enjoy taking their closest confidant along for the ride. If you are close to an ISFP expect life to be spontaneous and always new. They often dislike being stuck in one place, wanting to find new ways to enrich their lives. The ISFP has a fun and sometimes silly sense of humor with the people that they trust. They do not open up easily, but when they do it is somewhat like a flower coming into bloom. It can be a beautiful and rewarding site, something that only a few lucky people get to experience.

ISFPs are complex and deep, but also fresh and fun to be around. There is something very intriguing about the complexities of the ISFP and how they hold themselves. Making an ISFP feel safe and loved, is something you will certainly not regret. When the ISFP is at their happiest they are some of the most passionate people, who are impossibly easy to adore.

They Are Authentic

ISFPs are extremely real and authentic individuals, with a strong sense of morality. They want to do what they believe is right, never wanting to truly hurt anyone. They are defensive of the people closest to them and often do not attempt to hide their faults. They want to be themselves without having to hold back who they are. The ISFP is often incapable of pretending to be anything other than themselves. They are authentic and true to their nature, hating the feeling of being held down by others. The ISFP wants to feel free of constraints, feeling uneasy and misunderstood around people who attempt to change them.

There is nothing worse for the ISFP than people who refuse to accept them for who they are. They are sensitive and caring people, who often refrain from truly judging others. When they feel like people close to them are judging who they are, the ISFP will feel confused and deeply hurt by this. They accept others for their flaws and simply want people to share that same feeling towards them. ISFPs are loving people who just want to share themselves with others.

They Can Be Very Artistic

ISFPs have a strong attraction to the beauty of the world around them. Because of this many ISFPs have a flare for art in its many forms. Some ISFPs find that they enjoy painting, drawing, writing or even creating their own music. ISFPs that are not artistic themselves, are often still very capable of appreciating art. They enjoy creativity and beauty, wanting to enjoy all of the joy it can bring to the world. ISFPs are in touch with their emotions, making them prone to being very talented artists. The fact that the ISFP is so soulful and passionate, makes them capable of expressing themselves through different forms of art.

ISFPs are often very in touch with nature as well. Enjoying the chance to absorb their surroundings and take in what they have to offer. They thrive when they are free to enjoy the different beauties of the world. This often makes them very adventurous and gutsy people, which also makes them very fun to be around. They are often very spiritual and intense individuals but others rarely get to see this side of them.

They Will Be Your Biggest Fan

ISFPs are the type of people who are intensely supportive of the ones that they love. They have a way of making the people close to them feel completely valued. They are always there to listen to others with a warm and welcoming demeanor. They have incredibly large hearts and simply want to be loved in return. For the ISFP, being able to help their loved ones and make them feel good about themselves, is an amazing gift. They will never judge you or make you feel like you are less of a person for being different. ISFPs celebrate differences and love seeing the quirky or unique side to their loved ones.

When you are close to an ISFP, you often feel like you can achieve anything. They often only see the most beautiful parts of you, deeming your flaws as wonderful too. A relationship with an ISFP is both rewarding and affectionate. They know how to make the people close to them feel comfortable and at east. They will be your biggest supporter and your biggest defender. To them you are perfect even in your flaws, and they simply want you to love them in return. The ISFP does not ask for much, just your loyalty (and maybe your undivided attention). No matter what they ask of you, it will be well worth it on your end. The ISFP is warm and loving, standing by your no matter how much you screw up. They are kind and sensitive souls, with a deep and passionate sense of emotion.

ISFPs are known to be sensitive and introspective individuals. There is something very special about sharing a deep connection with an ISFP, that people may miss out on. It can take a lot for the ISFP to open up completely to others, but when they do it is a magical experience.


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