How Each Myers-Briggs Type Responds To Nature

There is no denying how beautiful and wonderful that nature can be. Some people feel more at home when immersed in wildlife, while others feel strongly uncomfortable. Here is how we believe each personality type responds to nature.


INFJs often feel a deep connection to nature. They enjoy the purity of wildlife and enjoy immersing themselves in it. An INFJ might enjoy the idea of living in the countryside and being able to experience some peace and quiet. There is something very relaxing and rejuvenating about nature for the INFJ. Being surrounded by nature can truly help the INFJ connect with their intuition on a deeper level. Letting go of all the harsh surroundings and just enjoying what the world has to offer. They enjoy the innocence and whimsical feeling of being surrounded by nature. Something about being encircled by wildlife makes the INFJ feel balanced and at peace.


ENFJs are often too focused on staying busy and taking care of their family to fully be allowed to appreciate nature. They spend so much energy taking care of others and providing for their needs. They also seem to be juggling so many things at once and are constantly keeping busy. When the ENFJ does get time to enjoy nature, it is definitely something that they cherish. They might even take the time to bring their family and loved ones into different outdoor activities. They probably enjoy having a garden at their home, and love tending to it. There is something therapeutic and rejuvenating about nature for the ENFJ.


INFPs often feel extremely connected to nature. They don’t always take the time to experience it, but when they do it is magical for them. They cherish the purity of wildlife and animals, and love that they are so filled with innocence. INFPs are very moral people, and feel pained by cruelty. Being able to see that there are actually innocent and pure creatures in the world is wonderful to them. It feels as though the world is at a standstill and things are completely silent. They feel free to enjoy the simple pleasures of nature, and love taking in all that is has to offer.


ENFPs are very active and enjoy experiences new things. They often enjoy being in nature and may even love taking photos of the beautiful surroundings. They enjoy all the beauty and life that wildlife has to offer and love soaking it all in. Going for hikes or walks with their friends can be an amazing experience for the ENFP. Being able to share their enthusiasm for the gorgeous nature around them, is a great joy. They enjoy experiencing the beauty in the world and nature is definitely something they feel strongly connected to. There is so much to be experienced and the ENFP doesn’t want to miss out on a thing.


INTJs often have a love of nature and do appreciate its joys. They probably have many other activities that they prefer and are not likely to be obsessed with nature. They do appreciate being able to have the quiet and space that nature can provide. When they do get a chance to explore wildlife, they probably love the experience a great deal for short periods of time. They prefer to appreciate nature from a distance though, and enjoy quick access to technology. Some INTJs however, may find nature taxing and prefer to stay inside.


ENTJs often do enjoy experiencing nature and are self-reliant enough to go hiking or exploring alone. They enjoy being able to experience all that nature has to offer. They probably enjoy the more physical aspects of nature, like hiking or biking. Going with a group of friends on a long trip into the woods is probably not something the ENTJ would be against. As long as they don’t take too much time away from work they will be fine. They do prefer to remain focused on their specific tasks, but as long as it doesn’t get in the way of that the ENTJ will enjoy nature.


INTPs often love nature more than most of the other NT types. They often enjoy the alone time that nature can provide. Being able to be away from the noise of other people and just enjoy the silence of nature is a wonderful treat for INTPs. For too long the INTP will become restless, but they enjoy nature in short bursts. INTPs have a surprisingly natural way with animals, and find that most animals really like them. Nature is a good opportunity for the INTP to clear their mind and enjoy themselves. After too long the INTP is going to want to retreat back to their cave, filled with technology and reading materials.


The thing ENTPs enjoy most about nature, is the new experiences that is offers. Being able to try new things, like canoeing or backpacking is great for the ENTP. They want to absorb as much as they can and being in nature is just another thing they can use to learn and understand more. They will probably enjoy exciting activities more than just sitting still and taking it all in. ENTPs enjoy change and being challenged, and they may see nature activities as just that.


ISTJs are probably not huge fans of nature, but that entirely depends on their situation. ISTJs are driven by a desire to be an important member of society. They follow rules and guidelines and have a strong sense of duty. If they live in an environment that is very in touch with nature, than they will attach themselves to that as well. If the people in their community are very adept to wildlife, the ISTJ will find themselves immersed in it. On the other hand if the ISTJ is used to a city surrounding they will have no need for nature explorations. They enjoy being a part of the community and will enjoy whatever that entails.


ESTJs often enjoy the physical aspects of nature. Being able to do physical labor and enjoy being viewed as strong and capable is important to the ESTJ. They have a strong connection to society, much like their introverted counterpart the ISTJ. So, much like them they will enjoy whatever their community is strongly connected to. They will want to be a part of the group and will learn to develop skills that are tied to that desire. If everyone around them loves nature, the ESTJ will take to that with ease.


ISFJs are extremely people focused and are strongly connected to pleasing others. They are definitely likely to appreciate the aesthetic beauty of nature and are naturally animal lovers. They are more likely appreciate nature from a distance and enjoy short bursts of time in nature. If the people that they care about have a love of nature the ISFJ will learn to appreciate that as well. They tend to strive for harmony and enjoy doing what their loved ones enjoy.


ESFJs probably have a love hate relationship with nature. They are often very sensitive because of their strong awareness of others and may struggle with the discomforts that nature can provide. They often love appreciating the beauty and relaxation of nature, but dislike the bugs and unsightly critters. ESFJs are often strong animal lovers and will put up with many things to enjoy the presence of pets. The ESFJ is mostly governed by their desire to please others and their love of nature probably depends strongly on that. If the people they care for love nature, they will develop a love for it as well.


ISTPs have a strong sense of physical awareness and often have an appreciation for nature. ISTPs enjoy the physical aspects of nature and enjoy exercise and thrilling activities. There are so many fun physical activities that being in nature can provide and the ISTP often loves all of them. ISTPs often have a deep connection with animals as well, and may even enjoy the comfort of pets more than they do humans.


ESTPs often enjoy the physical aspects of nature. They enjoy seeking out new and exciting adventures and probably love the intensity of nature. Hiking, biking, backpacking or even white water rafting, all these activities are very physical and probably something the ESTP enjoys. ESTPs are often animal lovers as well, and probably find themselves enjoying the presence of animals as much as they do humans.


ISFPs often love everything to do with nature. They enjoy immersing themselves in their surroundings and often have an extremely powerful connection with nature. They have a very special love for animals and wildlife, and feel strongly sensitive to them. ISFPs often feel most at peace and in their natural state when they are outdoors in the comfort of nature. They cherish and appreciate the beauty and innocence of nature, and love absorbing the aesthetics. Out of all the types ISFPs are probably on the most connected to nature. They enjoy the physical beauty as well as the emotional connection that they feel.


ESFPs are a mixed bag when it comes to appreciation of nature. Some of them are much more connected to the indoor social life. If nature is strongly connected to spending time with friends and having fun, they will definitely enjoy it. Some ESFPs may dislike the discomforts of nature and prefer to have things provided for them easier, but all-in-all they often enjoy it. Being able to enjoy a night with friends at a bonfire party, or going to the beach with a group, are great options for the ESFP. They enjoy physical beauty and will love that aspect of nature.


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