The Unique Energy of Each Myers-Briggs Type

Some people have a more intense energy, while others are very calm and warm. Here is the type of energy we think each personality type possesses.

INFJ- Absorbing

INFJs have a very intense energy that often draws people in. They are caring and internal individuals. Because INFJs have such an active inner world, it causes them to have a very intriguing energy about them. People are often drawn towards the INFJs kindness and uniqueness. They are very good at understanding others and often absorb their surroundings like a sponge. They can read others emotions very well and are good at subconsciously putting information together.

ENFJ- Compassionate

ENFJs are often very compassionate and giving individuals. They strive to make others happy and will do anything it takes to accomplish this goal. There is something very welcoming and relaxing about the ENFJs nature. Their strong sense of compassion and empathy makes people feel extremely welcomed by the ENFJ. They often do their best to make others feel as comfortable and loved as possible.

INFP- Genuine

INFPs have a strong sense of internal morals and strive to be good people. They work very hard to be genuine and have a strong distaste for anything that is not. They want to reach deep meaning and understanding in life and strive to do so. INFPs are drawn to anything that is real and honest, and because of this they have a very genuine energy. People feel comforted and at ease by the energy of the INFP.

ENFP- Passionate

ENFPs have a very unique energy to them that draws people in. They are passionate and enthusiastic individuals and it shows. They have a way of staying positive in situations and always try to see the best in others. They have a way of making others feel inspired and enthused. The passionate nature of the ENFP makes them great people to have around. They want to make others feel just as inspired as them to achieve their goals.

INTJ- Sharp

INTJs have a sharp and focused energy about them. They are engrossed in knowledge and strive to reach deeper understanding in life. Their ability to stay focused towards their goals and interests makes their natural energy very intense. Their directness can sometimes be seen as harsh, but for people who know them there is something very intriguing about it. Their intelligence is often very ahead of others, making their energy extremely sharp and clever.

ENTJ- Dynamic

ENTJs have a very intense and dynamic energy. They have a way of achieving their goals and often are not thwarted by others. They are powerful and driven individuals who crave knowledge and success. They work very hard and are extremely efficient individuals. They dislike others peoples disloyalty and inefficiency and may come down harsh on people who exhibit such behavior. They have an intensity about them that is very hard to miss.

INTP- Fluid

INTPs have a very fluid energy to them. They have a way of adapting to new situations and searching for ways to reach a stronger understanding. They enjoy being challenged and experiencing new ideas, moving from one thought to another. INTPs are intelligent and internal thinkers who enjoy spending a lot of time inside their own minds. They have an often intense and intriguing energy about them, that leaves people interested.

ENTP- Fiery

ENTPs have an extremely intense and fiery nature. They enjoy debating with others, sometimes just for the fun of it. They want to argue about new ideas in hopes of reaching a deeper understanding. Because of this natural desire to debate the ENTPs are often seen as fiery and strong personalities. They are very likable and outgoing individuals.

ISTJ- Grounded

ISTJs have a strong sense of duty and responsibility. Because of this they have a very grounded and realistic energy. They want to get things done and are very present mentally in the real world. They enjoy things that can be implemented realistically and do not enjoy theoretical ideas. They strive to get things done and are very rationale individuals.

ESTJ- Pragmatic

ESTJs are realistic and structured individuals. Their energy is pragmatic and dutiful. They are strong and sometimes overwhelming characters, but always have a way of getting the job done. They have a strong sense of loyalty and live very much in the real world.

ISFJ- Welcoming

ISFJs are very caring and affectionate individuals. They strive to make others happy and because of this, there is something very sincere about their energy. They have a warmth and kindness that is hard to miss. It is hard not to believe that the ISFJ wants what is best for you and this makes their energy very welcoming.

ESFJ- Warm

ESFJs care very deeply about their loved ones and strive to make them happy. They do their best to comfort others in need and are often seen as a shoulder to cry on. They do their best to help others with their problems and are always willing to sit and listen to people. They have a natural warmth to them and try very hard to make others feel loved.

ISTP- Cool

ISTPs have a very relaxed and cool energy. They have a way of remaining calm in situations where most people would be uneasy. They enjoy spending time alone and enjoy having their own freedoms. They are very much a part of the physical world and have a knack for figuring things out with ease. Their cool energy is something that often draws people to them.

ESTP- Electrifying

ESTPs have a very electrifying energy about them. They thrive on excitement and enjoy experiencing new and exciting things. Because of this desire to keep moving the ESTP are exciting and intense individuals. They want to be liked by others and are often good at achieving that.

ISFP- Pure

ISFPs have a very pure energy about them. There is something about the ISFP that makes them feel very innocent and pure. Even if they aren’t the most pure individuals and even while they are making inappropriate jokes, they still have a naturally pure energy. Their caring and introspective nature has a way of drawing people towards them.

ESFP- Compelling

ESFPs are natural entertainers and because of this they have a very compelling energy about them. They know how to keep others interested and have a way of entertaining people. They know just how to draw a crowd and enjoy doing so very much.