The Ways in Which Each Myers-Briggs Type Can Truly Make Magic

Everyone has their good and bad qualities. The key is to working on accepting your flaws, while cherishing your strengths. Here are the ways in which we believe each personality type can truly become magical individuals (even more so than they already are of course).


INFJs are very caring and intuitive individuals. They subconsciously collect data and from this catalog of information they are often able to predict future outcomes. The INFJ often doesn’t even fully understand where this strength comes from, and can be thrown off by it. It is hard to explain to others your predictions when they have no data to back up where it comes from. INFJs predictions are often correct and do come from factual information, but since it is subconsciously processed they may struggle with understanding why they are so aware. The best option for the INFJ is to embrace their intuition instead of attempting to stifle it for others. Being around people who understand them, and can maybe help develop an understanding of how to help them guide their intuition, is wonderful. If the INFJ is willing to accept themselves for their incredible intuitive nature, they will be capable of doing a lot of good for others.

INFJs are also very hard on themselves and often strive to constantly be better. This is of course a wonderful trait, as long as they don’t begin to judge themselves too harshly. Having people who appreciate the INFJ for who they are can help them regain some perspective. Realizing that they are good and are striving to help others, and allowing themselves praise for this, is something that the INFJ definitely needs.


ENFJs have a strong need to serve others and are constantly trying to make sure everyone’s needs are met. They are very affectionate and loving individuals who strive to take on juggling many different things. This can become overwhelming for the ENFJ and they will often not ask others for help when things become too hard. For the ENFJ to be capable of taking care of others they need to also take care of their own needs. Being on top of everything all of the time is a very challenging task, and sometimes it requires help. Learning to ask for help when they need it is a skill that the ENFJ would do well to develop. ENFJs can be very hard on themselves and strive to push beyond normal capabilities. Juggling a million tasks at once the way that they do, is truly incredible. But it is perfectly okay for the ENFJ to take some time for themselves and allow others to take care of things once in a while. Realizing that the world will not crumble if they are not holding it together, would help the ENFJ immensely.

ENFJs just need to relax and realize that they aren’t perfect (pretty close but not quite). Accepting that you cannot do everything and that everyone will still be okay if you relax sometimes is important. The ENFJ just needs to realize that they matter just as much as everyone else does.


INFPs are very caring individuals who strive to make morally sound decisions in life. They are very conscious of their actions and want to be able to consider themselves good. They witness a lot of cruelty in the world and this hurts the INFP. They want to see the goodness in others but these efforts are sometimes thwarted by the pain that people endure. They can become saddened and disappointed by this. It is important for the INFP to stop being so hard on themselves and others. They need to learn to accept their own imperfections and realize that their warm and caring heart is a wonderful thing. The simple fact that they are always striving to be good, ultimately makes them very good people. Realizing that it is okay to make mistakes once in a while and accepting that others do as well is important. Just because someone is messing up in life and making poor decisions does not mean they are bad people.

Finding people that the INFP can connect with who understand them is important, but drawing close to people who are very different from the INFP is important as well. Allowing themselves to learn from people who see the world differently from them, can truly help open the INFPs mind to many new possibilities. Ultimately learning to accept their own flaws, as well as the flaws of others will make for amazing results. When the INFP accepts their own uniqueness and allows the world to see that light, they will make something wonderful.


ENFPs are enthusiastic and adventurous individuals. They strive to explore new possibilities and enjoy new experiences. They often fear being tied down to anything and may struggle with staying focused. These aren’t negative qualities by any means, and are part of what makes the ENFP so wonderful. Learning to accept that they aren’t the best at focusing on one simple task and learning to embrace their unique way of thinking, will help the ENFP thrive. Allowing themselves the opportunity to explore without harsh deadlines is good for the ENFP. But it is also good to have people in their life who can keep them grounded. If these people accept the ENFP, they can help them come back to earth when they are finished with their travels. Planting some roots is not a bad thing, and it is in the ENFPs best interests to accept that being tied to things doesn’t mean you are stuck. Not staying committed to a choice is limiting in its own way.  Learning to figure out which roots you want in your life are important, or else you will miss out on some wonderful things.

ENFPs often have a way of seeing the good in others and it is a wonderful quality. Seeing the good is important but seeing the bad is vital as well. Learning to accept that the people they admire aren’t perfect and being aware of their flaws will help the ENFP from being overly disappointed when they discover these flaws. ENFPs are inspiring and caring individuals, and have a way of bringing light to the darkest of hours.


INTJs are often very intelligent and strategic individuals. They have a strong sense of identity and strive to feed their hunger for knowledge. Their way of reaching understanding and helping others to do so as well, is a wonderful trait. As long as the INTJ can learn to accept that other people may not have their natural skill for understanding, they can truly make a difference for others. It is challenging sometimes for the INTJ to deal with people who appear stupid or inefficient. Learning to accept that not everyone’s mind works quite as well as the INTJs, will help them to deal with these occasional hiccups. They have a way of pointing out new conclusions that many people would not come to on their own. This knowledge and understanding is something that could make a huge difference in people’s lives and in the world as a whole. Learning to better deal with people’s ignorance can cause a great result.

It is also important for the INTJ to put less pressure on themselves and others. They often strive to achieve the best and are very self-motivated. Learning to allow themselves a chance to cope with their emotions is important. They are highly logical and often attempt to apply logical answers to everything. Unfortunately emotions are not always logical, and everyone feels them. The INTJ may often choose to ignore their own emotions, which can have negative results. Learning to accept these emotions and learning to accept others is important in fulfilling their greatest goals.


ENTJs are very driven and strong-willed individuals. They have a way of seeing their goals, and willing them into being. They are very strategic and can very clearly see the best path to reaching their desired outcome. Because of this the ENTJ can sometimes appear harsh to others, since they have little patience with inefficiencies. They want others to be capable of accomplishing tasks as well as they can, which can be challenging. If the ENTJ can come to the realization that most people aren’t quite as competent as they are, they will be more capable of understanding where people are coming from. Demanding excellence is something that makes the ENTJ who they are, and it is also a great way to push others to accomplish their goals. As long as they can step back and learn to gain some patience, they can reach a better understanding.

Learning to separate their business and tactical life, from their personal life is important. It is important for the ENTJ to realize that they can’t always demand such high standards for the people who are emotionally connected to them. If the ENTJ can learn to accept other people’s emotions and realize that these feelings are not a weakness, they can truly learn to be well-rounded individuals. They already have a deep sense of caring, they just need to tap into that.


INTPS are often intelligent and internal individuals. They are very skilled at understanding concepts, and exploring new possibilities. They have a natural way of soaking up information like a sponge, which is rather impressive. It is important for the INTP to learn to accept that emotion is often tied to their logic. They do not use it in a foolish way, but rather make connections that improves their logic greatly. Occasionally their desire for precision can cause them to be harsh towards others. This is not intentional but the INTP may need to learn that people are hurt by this harsh delivery. Learning to pay attention to how they word things would be good for the INTP. If they struggle with rewording things, the INTP can at-least learn to understand that others may be harmed by this and to not become upset with those people for it.

Sometimes INTPs attempt to logic away their deep emotions, which doesn’t always have the best outcomes. INTPs will do best if they are around people who accept their emotions without judgment. If they have people in their lives who accept them fully for who they are, they will thrive.

INTPs also have a way of living inside their own mind that can sometimes pull them away from the present moment. They often need people who can keep them grounded and force them to experience the joys of the present moment. If the INTP can do this they can truly accomplish wonderful things in life.


ENTPs thrive on learning new things and debating them with others. They are very open-minded and want to be able to experience as many possibilities as they can. This makes them very intelligent and open individuals, who can bring understanding to people’s lives. It is important the ENTP to realize that not everyone is searching for their advice. Some people prefer not to debate everything in life and can be easily offended by the ENTPs desire to argue. It is important for the ENTP to allow some people the space to live their lives how they want. Not everyone wants to be opened up to the ENTPs way of thinking, and their intensity may push others away.

It is also important for the ENTP to realize that putting down roots is not always going to hold you back from things. Constantly avoiding being tethered has its own limitations. Give yourself a chance to hold connections to things, and explore what those possibilities have to offer. The fact that ENTPs enjoy exploring new possibilities, is something they should hold on to, but if they can combine that with staying grounded sometimes, it will make something magical.


ISTJs have a strong sense of duty and an internal understanding of right and wrong. They strive to be dependable and loyal individuals, and have a deep caring for doing the right thing. They are hard-working and this can make them hard on themselves sometimes. ISTJs often avoid stepping outside of their comfort zone and enjoy making sure everything is planned and scheduled. If the ISTJ can allow themselves a chance to let go once in a while it could be very good for them. Allowing others to pull them out of their comfort zone to experience new things could change their perception.

ISTJs strong sense of loyalty is a wonderful quality, and they often have a way of getting the work done that others are incapable of doing. If they allow themselves the chance to experience new things and realize that not everything in life can be planned, they will truly have wonderful results. Simply accepting that other people cannot live the ISTJs scheduled life, and realizing that this will sometimes coincide with their own lives will help them relax more.


ESTJs are strong and outgoing individuals. They strive to do what is best for their family and community, and want to provide for other’s needs. They have a way of getting things done and are very loyal individuals. Their strength of character is an admirable and amazing quality. Because ESTJs enjoy efficiency they can sometimes struggle with letting go of control. If the ESTJ can learn to cease control in some areas of their lives they can learn to relax more. Sometimes their desire to make everything perfect can cause them high levels of stress. Being able to accept that not everything is going to be done to their high standards, can help the ESTJ let go of some of this stress.

Allowing themselves to relax and enjoy life as it comes can help the ESTJ become well-rounded individuals. They definitely know how to get the job done, but sometimes it is okay to let go of the worry that is tied to that. Accepting failure as a learning experience and not a weakness is vital.


ISFJs are extremely caring and warm individuals. They enjoy tending to their loved ones needs and sometimes this can cause them immense stress. ISFJs desire to make sure that their environment is harmonious and comfortable for everyone. Sometimes when things become hectic or discord begins to arise, the ISFJ can become stressed. They may attempt to frantically fix the situation, and become frustrated if these attempts fail. They put a lot of pressure on themselves to make everyone happy. If the ISFJ can learn to understand that the pressure is not all on them, they can cope much better with the stress.

ISFJs truly want to make others happy and sometimes this is to their own detriment. Once the ISFJ learns to relax and realize that things cannot always be perfect they can be much more at ease. Continuing with their warm and affectionate ways, while at the same time accepting occasional discord, is a great way for the ISFJ to become wonderfully well-rounded.


ESFJs are very warm and conscientious individuals. They work very hard to make others happy and are extremely aware of how their actions affect others. ESFJs can become overly sensitive towards the people that they hold dear. It is best if the ESFJ can learn to understand that not every critique is an insult or an attack against them. They need to accept their own imperfections as much as they accept others. ESFJs are willing to accept that their loved ones are flawed, but often cannot accept their own flaws. Learning to realize that people will still love them, even if they are not perfect, is very important for the ESFJ. Letting go of these ridiculously high standards can help them to become a more relaxed individual.

It is also important that the ESFJ learns to take care of themselves. ESFJs are often so focused on making others happy that they can neglect their own needs. Once they learn that by taking care of themselves, they can better take care of their loved ones, the ESFJ will be capable of making their environment much better.


ISTPs are very internal thinkers, and often live inside the inner workings of their own mind. They have a strong sense of how things work and can often fix what others cannot. ISTPs can be very introverted individuals, and enjoy being left to their own devices. It is good for the ISTP to learn to venture outside of their own adventurous world, and allow others to step inside. If they can pay attention to the people around them and accept what they have to offer, they can bring a lot to the table themselves. People often want to be close to the ISTP, and if the ISTP can avoid alienating these people it can be a wonderful experience.

Learning to accept that people want to be close to them, is important. ISTPs do need their space and will do best around people who are willing to give that to them. It is important for the ISTP to find people who are capable of connecting with them, while also allowing them to be themselves.


ESTPs are driven and outgoing individuals. They enjoy new experiences and love going on adventures. They have a strong drive to achieve what they want in life and often do what it takes to get there. They are very good at convincing others of pretty much anything, and have a charismatic nature. As long as the ESTP can learn to stay focused and make stronger plans for the future they will do very well. Occasionally ESTPs may live too much in the present moment and make choices that they will regret later on. If they can be aware of this, they can combine their charisma with awareness and make for something very special.

The ESTP will also take heed to recognize when they are being too critical of others. They are often capable of understanding things that other people will miss, and will do best if they accept other people are flawed. If the ESTP can recognize their occasionally harsh words than they will make for wonderful people to have around.


ISFPs are sensitive and introspective individuals. They have a strong connection to people and have a deep appreciation for beauty. Because of their ability to appreciate and care for others, the ISFP can often become very sensitive to criticism. They want people to be able to get along and dislike cruelty in the world. ISFPs can take other people’s harshness to heart, and sometimes this will affect them greatly. If the ISFP can learn to accept that not everyone is as capable of sensitivity as they are, they can learn to stop taking it so personally. Just because someone disagrees with the ISFP does not mean they are challenging who they are as a person.

ISFPs will do best if they have a confidant to rely on. Someone in their life who appreciates their sensitivity and their warm heart. The ISFP has a lot to offer and can open people up to new experiences and a sense of spirituality. If they can learn to stand strong against harsh people, they can truly make a difference in other’s lives.


ESFPs are outgoing and fun-loving people. They often enjoy being the center of attention and are very good at keeping others entertained. This is a wonderful skill that makes them exciting and fun people to have around. They can help others relax who may be too high strung and are good at bringing everyone into the present moment. It is best if the ESFP can learn to understand that not everyone is as outgoing as they are. If they can learn to accept others for their differences they can make for a wonderful presence in their lives.

It is also good for the ESFP to allow others to shine as well. They have a very captivating presence and can sometimes overshadow others. If the ESFP is capable of sharing the spotlight with their loved ones, they can truly make magical results.


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