INFP Depression & Struggles: How the INFP Handles Depressed Feelings

Any personality type or individual person can experience feelings of depression, but this doesn’t always drive them into a deeper state of being depressed. There are certain struggles which we all face as humans, ones which can make the world seem like a sometimes dark and challenging place to live in. It is important not to lose sight of ourselves, and to find ways to keep moving forward in the directions which bring us comfort and peace. For the INFP feeling sad or even depressed can be something which they struggle with like anyone else, but the fact that they feel things so deeply can sometimes take this to another level.

Heightened Emotions

INFPs feel things very deeply, and these heightened emotions can make a state of depression very difficult for them. Most people won’t even notice or recognize when the INFP is depressed, since they will likely put on a smiling face for others. While they want to find someone to open up to, this only happens with their close loved ones and people they trust. It is vital for the INFP to share their emotions with others, without this they can easily start to feel depressed. They need this type of connection and openness in order to let out these inner emotions.

INFPs have a hard time forgiving themselves, and often will take on the blame when they are depressed, making the situation even worse for them. Turning inward can be something natural for the INFP, but it can also cause them to feel withdrawn and alienated. While INFPs to enjoy being alone, when they are depressed they need to find a balance. They need to seek out people who they trust, who can bring them a sense of connection and comfort. Someone who can simply listen to the INFP express their feelings and why they are struggling. If the INFP can let it all out and have someone they trust not to judge them, it can really help them feel a sense of connection. Bottling things up can actually be a source of depression for the INFP, and so they need an outlet or someone to share things with.

Sometimes the INFP can struggle with feeling disconnected from the world around them. This comes from feeling so different from others and from having a set of inner morals which often don’t match up with the rest of the world. This doesn’t necessarily cause them to seep into a depression, but it can cause them to feel alienated from the rest of the world. For the INFP it is important to find connections around them and ways of keeping themselves from losing sight of what truly matters to them.

Learning Self-Care

INFPs are introverts and they also enjoy plenty of time inside their own minds. Because of this inner connection they sometimes struggle to pay attention to their physical selves. This can cause the INFP to lack when it comes to self-care and taking the time to nurture their bodies. When this happens depression can become a very serious issue, especially if their physical health starts to decline. It is important for the INFP to make the time to tend to their own needs, especially the physical ones they can often neglect.

Learning proper self-care can be more of a process for some people, but it is something which is truly important for the INFP. They need to learn to take this time to tend to their physical and emotional needs, and really prioritize those things in their lives. When they become exhausted from not caring for themselves properly, the INFP can find themselves retreating even more. This self-care is really an important step in healing and escaping those depressed feelings which can sometimes be overwhelming for INFPs, even the ones who are not clinically depressed. Since INFPs experience emotions so deeply, they do need to take time to understand these feelings and process them in healthy ways. 

Connection with Animals/Nature

Sometimes connecting with animals and nature can actually be a wonderful tool for the INFP who is feeling a bit depressed. Being around animals can help them feel a sense of connection, without the exhaustion they can receive from most people. While interacting with other humans is draining for the INFP most of the time, being around animals is quite the opposite. They feel a sense of love and comfort from them, without the stress and obligation of social interaction. Animal companions are often a wonderful thing for the INFP, especially having something they have to care for. Having this pet they need to tend to gives them a sense of purpose, and also helps to remind them of their own physical needs from time-to-time. For the INFP animals really can be a great comfort, since they feel a sense of love and innocence from them that they cannot find so easily in people.

Continue to Dream

INFPs need to remember who they are and not lose sight of their own inner strengths. Their dreamy nature is part of what can help them escape feelings of sadness and disconnect. Being able to connect with the world around them and the beauty they find, is a strength for the INFP. They are dreamers, which is exactly what brings them a sense of hope for the future. This hope is something which makes the INFP capable of making the world a much better place, and that sense of purpose is unbelievably valuable. For the INFP connecting with who they are and not allowing others to force them to forget that, is part of what keeps them going. 

When the INFP starts to lose sight of their strengths and who they are, this is when they are can struggle with depression. It is important that they don’t become so focused on their weaker functions, that they forget what matters most to them. They are certainly sensitive people, and their sense of caring and their dreamy nature are things which make them strong and not at all weak. 

Disclaimer: It is important to remember that depression can be a clinically serious issue and that you should always seek professional help when you are struggling with it. While it is nothing to be ashamed of, depression is very real and it is important to seek help in a professional sense rather than just doing your own research. These bits of advice are intended for people going through minor depression, and have likely already sought professional help. They are meant as small tools and ways of helping to improve your mental state.

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