How Each Personality Type Would Behave as a Ghost

Boo! As Halloween for our inspiration, we decided to do something a little silly. So just for your enjoyment (and ours) here is how each personality type would behave if they were ghosts! Spooooky…


Watches over the world, but eventually becomes too upset by people’s poor choices. Finally they come to cope with their situation and find themselves immersed in the world around them. They know how to adapt well and find ways to enjoy themselves.


Watches over their loved ones constantly and attempts to intervene with their lives. They are probably one of the few ghosts who have used their emotions to make contact.


They like people-watching and exploring without being seen. They end up enjoying the time alone to explore and reach a deeper understanding of the world around them.


They are excited to explore the world and see how this new reality works. They probably roam around meeting exciting and influential ghosts that they have spent years admiring.


They see this as just another opportunity to soak up as much knowledge as they can. Roaming around unseen and unchained by limitations, the INTJ will observe their surroundings.


Tries to organize all of the others ghosts in an effort to take over the world of the living once again. Ghosts of the world unite!


Does pretty much exactly what they have always done, finds themselves sitting around pondering the thoughts inside their head. They may take some time to find the ghost of an intellectual genius, whose brain they can pick.


Argues the meaning of the ghost world with all of the others ghosts around them. Attempts to figure out how to interact with the world of the living so they can play tricks on them. They actually end up having a lot of fun as a ghost.


Immediately attempts to find their proper place in this new reality. They are sure there are important ghostly duties that need to be taken care of.


Attempts to boss around the other ghosts and appoints themselves leader of their local haunt.


Watches their loves ones and worries constantly that they won’t be able to handle life without them. They eventually find others ghosts to emotionally support.


They make other ghost friends right away, and attempt to fit in. They still find themselves following around their loved ones and try to send them messages from time to time.


They probably enjoy the time alone and instantly search for exciting new things to do in this new reality.


Makes friends immediately and attempts to figure out if ghosts can still enjoy naked fun.


Feels sad at first, but they soon find someone amazing to connect with. They roam around with their new ghost friend exploring the beautiful sites of the world, somewhat happy that no one alive can actually see them.


Even in the ghost world they are still the life of the party. They attempt to liven things up, since it probably seems a little dead around there.