Here’s How Naturally Fidelity Comes for You, Based on Your Personality Type

Here’s How Naturally Fidelity Comes for You, Based on Your Personality Type

While any personality type can be faithful in a relationship, it can be more of a challenge for some types. It is important to remember that any type can be unfaithful, just like any type can remain loyal to one person. This isn’t about who is capable of these things, but rather what comes naturally for them. Here is how easy fidelity is for you, based on your personality type.


For INFJs being faithful is often an easy thing, since they find themselves believing strongly in commitment. For the INFJ it is important to always be honest with their loved ones, so they will be upfront if they feel like they want to stray. When they realize they are feeling this way the INFJ likely will take a step back and reevaluate their relationship. INFJs often believe that being faithful is extremely important once they have made this commitment, and honestly have a lot of self-control when it comes to physical interactions.


ENFJs do believe in fidelity, and believe it is important to remain faithful to someone they are committed too. While they believe in being loyal, ENFJs can sometimes struggle when the person they are with isn’t fulfilling their needs. If this person doesn’t seem to make them happy, the ENFJ might feel themselves becoming lonely and during this time it can become difficult for them. While ENFJs do believe in commitment, they also struggle with idealizing their relationship and expecting things to fit into their idea of perfection.


INFPs often find it easy to be faithful when they have committed to someone they love. Once INFPs make a commitment to someone they don’t believe in breaking that. When they care for someone deeply it really isn’t difficult for the INFP to remain faithful to that one person. For them it isn’t easy to be intimate with someone unless they feel a truly special bond with that person. This is why remaining faithful is actually something that comes naturally for the INFP.


ENFPs might have a hard time settling down and committing to one person at first, but this is simply when they are still searching. ENFPs don’t want to settle for someone who doesn’t make them feel passionate and inspired. They won’t make a commitment with someone they aren’t ready to be faithful with, since ENFPs really aren’t insincere people. Once they have found the right person it is extremely different for the ENFP, and it won’t be difficult for them to remain faithful. It is mostly about knowing they have found the right person, and are completely ready to settle down with them.


INTJs believe that it is important to be honest and hold strong to their commitments. When they find someone they care deeply the INTJ does not find it difficult to be faithful. INTJs actually have strong inner morals and believe in not backing out once they have made a promise to someone. If they don’t feel like they can be faithful to someone then the INTJ will likely analyze this and realize that it likely means something is missing from that relationship. They want to be with someone they feel strongly about and know they can build a future with. Once the INTJ finds someone they can trust, they won’t find it difficult to remain faithful.


ENTJs believe that loyalty is extremely important and value someone who can remain faithful. While ENTJs find it easy to remain faithful to someone they care for and are committed to, it is much different until they’ve reach this point. ENTJs want to feel free to explore their options, and won’t simply settle for someone that doesn’t really fit them. They will likely be honest with these people when they are dating on more casual terms, and don’t want to be insincere. When the ENTJ does find the right person and makes a real commitment, being faithful comes very naturally for them.


For INTPs being faithful is about making the commitment and finding someone they can truly connect with. They might struggle with fidelity when they are younger, especially if they find themselves wanting to explore new things. Once the INTP does find someone they trust and care for, they can certainly remain faithful to them. They might have a hard time remaining faithful to someone if they feel like the relationship is not going to last, and can find themselves feeling hesitant. When the INTP does commit to someone completely, they will find it much easy to remain loyal to them.


ENTPs enjoy being able to explore new things, which is why they often jump from one person to the next rather quickly. They don’t want to feel held back and will want to explore their options for a while. When the ENTP is younger remaining faithful might be challenging for them, but this is more about getting to know new people and exploring their options. For ENTPs it is more about finding the right person who they can truly connect with. When they find someone who holds their attention and keeps them feeling challenged, remaining faithful becomes much easier for them. ENTPs aren’t about to be dishonest, and will express their true feelings towards the people they are dating.


For ISTJs it is extremely easy to remain faithful, especially once they have made a commitment. ISTJs believe in being loyal and not backing out once they have committed to someone. They have strong inner morals and can become extremely upset with people who cannot remain loyal to their loved ones. ISTJs don’t often find themselves interested in others once they have made a firm commitment to someone. For them it is important to remain loyal and keep that connection strong forever.


ESTJs don’t find themselves struggling to remain faithful once they have made this commitment. It might take a while for the ESTJ to find the right person, but once they do being loyal comes easily. They don’t find it worthwhile to cheat one someone they care for, and risk losing their relationship. They often find this in the moment thinking to be completely foolish. ESTJs believe it is important to think things through and be responsible, especially when it comes to their commitments.


ISFJs definitely find it easy to remain faithful to someone, and believe it is important to be loyal. For them staying strong and avoiding doing anything that might hurt someone they love, is really important. ISFJs often find it easy to commit to one person, and can find it upsetting when they see others who cannot. For the ISFJ making a commitment to someone is extremely important, and should not be taken lightly.


ESFJs definitely believe it is important to remain faithful to someone, especially once they have made a commitment. It comes easily for the ESFJ to remain loyal, especially when they care for someone deeply. They don’t take their commitments lightly and can become extremely hurt if they are cheated on. They often look at people who cannot remain faithful, and find this sort of behavior to be rather upsetting. ESFJs want to remain faithful to the person they are with, but can become upset if this person doesn’t appreciate them. If their needs go unmet for a long time the ESFJ might find themselves wondering if they made the wrong choice, but will likely not want to be unfaithful even still.


ISTPs enjoy being able to keep their options open and might find fidelity to be challenging when they are younger. They simply don’t want to settle down until they have found someone they can truly connect with. For the ISTP it is important to be true to themselves and not simply remain stuck with someone out of convenience. They don’t commit easily and need to find someone who can sincerely keep their interest before they can remain completely faithful to this person.


For ESTPs remaining faithful to one person can actually be rather difficult. They want to feel free to explore new things and enjoy wanting to keep their options open. While the ESTP is young they can find themselves jumping from one person to the next, and losing interest rather quickly. They simply don’t want to settle down until they have found someone who can truly keep their interest. A more mature ESTP will be honest with the people they are dating, and will make their intentions clear.


ISFPs are caring and kind people, but it can be difficult for them to remain with one person. Their eyes can often wander and they might find themselves losing interest rather quickly. ISFPs try to be sincere though and don’t want to do anything that goes against their morals. When they find themselves feeling drawn in another direction the ISFP will simply end the relationship and move onto the next thing in front of them. They simply want to follow their heart and don’t want to settle for someone that isn’t right for them.


ESFPs can struggle when it comes to remaining faithful, especially when they are younger. This is simply because ESFPs follow their emotions and live very much in the present moment. If someone does not keep their interest they might find themselves drawn in another direction. When the ESFP does feel themselves losing interest they will try to make their feelings known before anything happens. They believe in doing the right thing and don’t intend to hurt anyone, it simply isn’t easy for them to settle down until they know it is right.

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