INTP Problems

Being an INTP can be tough. We feel ya, man.

1. People often see you as harsh or insensitive…

2. When the truth is you simply value honesty and precision.

3. You probably have stacks of books. Some of them you have read, but a large amount are simply there with the intent to read someday.

4. You have an immense amount of potential from all the knowledge you gain…

5. But you become bored so easily…

6. You’ve been in situations where you become the one teaching the teacher.

7. You have unlimited ideas hatching in your mind on a daily basis.

8. You can find the flaw in every project, and sometimes fail to proceed until it is perfect.

9. You are very skilled at observation…

10. Sometimes you feel like people do not understand or appreciate your sense of humor.

11. You overthink every situation or possible solution…

12. Then you overthink the fact that you are overthinking it.

13. Sometimes you are afraid that making certain choices will limit you too much.

14. You aren’t a fan of repetitive or mundane tasks.

15. You find a way to logically analyze everything…

16. Sometimes you try to make logical explanations for your emotions.

17. And when that doesn’t work you become frustrated.

18. You have a hard time freely expressing your emotions, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have them.

19. Your ability to logically see future possibilities can prevent you from living in the present moment.

20. You can spend vast amounts of time alone, which can alienate you from others.

21. You’re not really a fan of the phone…

22. Your thoughts are perfectly constructed inside your head, but you struggle to express them verbally to others.

23. You go online to look up one thing and end up spending hours scrolling through.

24. You’ve probably over-analyzed every single item on this list.

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