As an introvert, I realize how I can be frustrating to date. I need and enjoy my alone time, but I also like having people close to me to interact with when I need it.

Dating An Introvert

I can only imagine how frustrating this could be for an extravert. The extravert might want to take the time to tell their partner about their day, and what they are planning to do, and they might feel ignored and hurt if the introvert isn’t in the mood to reciprocate. The extravert may mistake this as a sign of rejection, or that they did something wrong.

This confusion and misunderstanding can seem like a daunting task to sort through, but if you recognize that the introvert needs their alone time to function best, it could take some pressure off you.

But That’s Not Fair. They’re Being Selfish.

You may also feel like their introversion is a reason you aren’t compatible. You need someone more outgoing and talkative. However, you might not realize you take some of the introverts strengths for granted sometimes.

We do have our good sides.

The introvert is steadfast and strong.

Many extraverts report that they feel “relaxed” being around introverts. We are able to help get them to calm down a bit, and realize they don’t need to feel pressure to keep the conversation going.

An introvert can also help an extravert reflect a bit more. If the extravert is in a rut, they might keep their own wheels spinning and never actually take time to reflect.

Before you think you need to call it quits with your introvert, remember that there was more to that spark of initial attraction than just their mysterious allure 😉