The best positive feedback you can give each Myers Briggs type.

INTP Compliment – How’d you think of that?
INFP Compliment – You give me hope in humanity
INTJ Compliment – You turned our business around
INFJ Compliment – You saw the potential in me when no one else did

ISTP Compliment – This guy just knows how to fix things
ISFP Compliment – Your artistic abilities are unrivaled
ISTJ Compliment – He is the most dependable person I know
ISFJ Compliment – No one will ever understand how much work you put in

ENTP Compliment – He is an incredible visionary
ENFP Compliment – You can relate to everybody
ENTJ Compliment – Your impact doesn’t go unnoticed
ENFJ Compliment – You are super human

ESTP Compliment – Your legacy is unmatched
ESFP Compliment – You’re one of the best people to be around
ESTJ Compliment – You’re the reason this place isn’t falling apart
ESFJ Compliment – You’re the best