Here’s How Prideful You Can Be, Based on Your Personality Type

While having a strong sense of pride in who you are is a good thing, there are times when too much pride can stand in your way. Some people are more prone to a prideful nature, while others prefer to be humble. Here is how prideful you can, based on your personality type.



INFJs can be prideful at times, even though they can also be humble. This is just another part of what makes the INFJ such a paradox, and often leaves others struggling to truly understand them. There are times when the INFJ can be prideful over their morals and who they are. They work hard to care for others, and sometimes they are more than aware of their own capabilities. There are times in the INFJs life where their strong intuition can create a sense of pride within them, since they often know what they can do and realize that they have an ability to achieve greatness.


ENFJs do have moments where they can appear prideful, especially since they work so hard. ENFJs are focused people who go after what they want and don’t let anything stand in their way. They also juggle many tasks in order to take care of their loved ones, and this can cause them to be prideful sometimes. They are well aware of how much effort they put into things and how much they are capable of handling. ENFJs are more likely to appear prideful around someone who challenges their abilities and tries to undermine them.


INFPs don’t like appearing prideful and often try to avoid this. They do however have many sides to their personality, and sometimes their prideful traits can expose themselves with the right atmosphere. INFPs have very strong inner morals, and they know what they believe in. Their morals can actually be what causes them to appear prideful at times, especially if they are around someone who challenges them and behaves immorally. The INFPs might feel superior to this person in some ways, even though they try not to let this take over.


ENFPs try to be as humble as they can, but sometimes they can appear prideful with certain things. They have a strong sense of morals and they know what they want, this can cause the ENFP to feel prideful sometimes. They can show a sense of pride when people challenge them and try to put them down. ENFPs are strong-willed people and they don’t like feeling as though someone is trying to hold them back. ENFPs do want to possess a sense of pride over their accomplishments and their abilities, but they don’t like being prideful in a negative way.



INTJs can definitely be prideful at times, especially since they know what they are educated on. INTJs don’t like feeling inferior, which is why they spend so much time researching and learning. There are times when their attitude can seem prideful, especially when they feel like someone is trying to demean them in any way. INTJs are direct and driven people and this is certainly something that causes them to appear prideful to others.


ENTJs do have prideful moments, especially since they are confident in what they know. Sometimes they struggle to accept when they are wrong about something, since they don’t like to harm their sense of pride. ENTJs strive to always improve and be better at everything they do, but it can make them struggle when they feel like they have failed. Being vulnerable simply is not easy for the ENTJ and this can cause them to appear prideful from time to time.


INTPs don’t like behaving in a way that seems prideful, but sometimes they can appear this way to others. It usually isn’t the case, but it comes from the INTP lack of vulnerability. They are fully aware of what they know and are often completely educated and factual, but they struggle to convey their information in a way that connects with people most of the time. They simply aren’t emotionally driven people and so they don’t always know how to express their true inner feelings, which causes the INTP to be misunderstood.


ENTPs try not to be prideful, but they can appear this way sometimes. ENTPs have larger than life personalities and sometimes they put out a vibe that isn’t exactly how they feel on the inside. They just aren’t naturally good at expressing their feelings and so ENTPs often put up walls in front of most people. These walls, mixed with the ENTP comedic and eager personality, can sometimes cause them to be misunderstood by others. Their intelligence and their desire to push the limits can actually appear a bit prideful during the wrong situations.



ISTJs do have a sense of pride, especially with the things they have done for a long time. When the ISTJ knows their abilities they don’t allow anyone to push them aside or make them feel inferior. Their sense of pride can become a bit arrogant when they are around people who try to challenge them. ISTJs know what they are good at and they aren’t afraid to push themselves even harder in order to prove that they are capable and intelligent.


ESTJs can definitely be prideful, since they are confident in who they are and what they want. ESTJs go after what they want with a sense of confidence and pride. They don’t let others stand in their way and they don’t much care how this might affect others. When the ESTJ knows their own abilities can cause their pride to turn into arrogance, even though they don’t mean it to come across this way. They simply don’t like when people look down on them and will strive to prove them wrong.


ISFJs don’t like behaving in a way that seems prideful, instead they want to convey a more humble demeanor. ISFJs simply want to work hard and do what they can to provide for their loved ones. ISFJs can become frustrated with people who behave in a prideful manner, and honestly prefer a little more modesty. They enjoy being around people who are proud of who they are, but not in a way that seems to hold them back or push others down.


ESFJs don’t like appearing prideful to others, instead they want to be easy to connect with. They strive to be close to those around them and want to be seen as friendly and approachable. ESFJs try not to let pride stand in their way, instead they will often sacrifice their own feelings for the sake of others. They care deeply about their loved ones and want to do whatever it takes to make them happy. While they do have prideful moments, ESFJs try not to let this take over and show in front of others.



ISTPs can sometimes appear a bit prideful to others since they don’t like being vulnerable. Their sense of pride doesn’t usually hold them back when it comes to living their lives, but it might make others see them differently. ISTPs simply like to maintain a sense of independence which can cause them to alienate themselves so that others don’t fully see what is going on inside of them.


ESTPs can be prideful people, especially when it comes to what they know. ESTPs prefer to present facts in a situation and this often comes across as very prideful. They aren’t afraid of educating and speaking the truth even if it can rub others the wrong way. ESTPs are friendly and charming people, but they do have a more prideful side to their personality when they are feeling challenged.


ISFPs don’t like being prideful in a negative way, instead they want to be someone others can connect with. They are kind and approachable people, who simply love being around people who understand and trust them. ISFPs don’t like being around others who are prideful in a more arrogant way, and who seem to push others away with their inability to be vulnerable.


ESFPs aren’t prideful in a negative way, they’re usually friendly and easy to connect with. They love being around others and want to make the most of the present moment. They don’t like appearing prideful, instead they want to be approachable and lovable. ESFPs definitely have a sense of pride when it comes to their abilities, but they prefer to focus on enjoying themselves instead of appearing to be confident and prideful.

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