Here’s How Controversial You Can Be, Based on Your Personality Type

Some people naturally shake things up, while others prefer to keep things to themselves. Not everyone is made for controversy, but some cannot seem to avoid it. Here is how controversial you can be, based on your personality type.



INFJs do try to avoid drama and discord, but they can often have very controversial opinions. INFJs follow a strong set of morals and a belief in making a difference, which can bring out a more controversial side of them. This is all a part of their paradoxical nature, they have an inner battle that goes on most of the time. While part of the INFJ wants to avoid drama and keep the peace, another part feels like they need to serve a greater purpose which often means creating a bit of controversy.


ENFJs try to keep the peace most of the time, but that doesn’t mean they completely avoid controversy. For them it is important to try and please their loved ones and make them happy in whatever way they can. This can make it challenging for them at times, since ENFJs can possess certain beliefs that are a bit controversial to some. They simply believe in making a difference and will feel strongly about things that trigger their compassionate and caring nature.


INFPs have very strong inner morals which they strive to uphold in whatever way they can. This inner sense of morals and ideals, causes the INFP to be a bit controversial at times. They strive to avoid drama as best they can but sometimes they simply cannot avoid stirring things up. INFPs can remain silent for a while and on things that seem trivial, but when something truly important comes up they need to make a stand. They cannot simply hold back when they feel strongly about something, and this comes from a deep desire to make a difference.


ENFPs can definitely be controversial at times, and they aren’t afraid of it. They like stirring things up a bit in order to see how people will respond and what will come of it. ENFPs follow their hearts and their inner morals, always striving to do what they believe is the right thing. They don’t want to let anyone silence them, especially when they are speaking about something important. ENFPs won’t simply stand up and create controversy for no reason, they do this because they cannot keep silent about something they hold valuable.



INTJs aren’t afraid of controversy, especially when they feel it is necessary to get the point across. They do what they must to achieve their goals, as well as rid ignorance where they can. INTJs strive to continue learning and growing throughout their lives, and they don’t plan on allowing others to stand in their way. For them being controversial is just part of life and part of being themselves without reservation. INTJs speak their truth regardless of how controversial or even shocking it can be for some people.


ENTJs definitely aren’t afraid of controversy, especially when it comes to things that matter. ENTJs speak their minds and spread the truth regardless of how others might see it. They are goal-oriented people who go after what they want and they don’t let anything stand in their way. ENTJs will definitely be a bit controversial when they are speaking the truth and trying to inform others, since many people might dislike their bluntness.


INTPs keep to themselves most of the time and might even reserve their inner thoughts for only a special few. While they might not always be outwardly controversial, they do possess many thoughts that would shake things up. They have such deep and rich inner minds, which are constantly running through new ideas and exploring different possibilities. This certainly leads to some controversial beliefs, but INTPs aren’t always prepared to share this outwardly with others.


ENTPs can definitely be controversial, sometimes simply for the fun of it. They enjoy shaking things up in order to see how people will react and what can be gained from it. ENTPs want to constantly be learning and absorbing from the world around them, and sometimes this requires pushing buttons. They enjoy being able to push the boundaries of others in order to truly learn what lies underneath their outward demeanor. ENTPs can be controversial in order to see how others will react and understand themselves and others better.



ISTJs try not to stir up drama and controversy and would often prefer to keep the piece. There might be some times when speaking their truth can seem controversial, but they don’t do it for this reason. The ISTJ does not intend to create trouble or cause people to get into debates. Their intentions are simply to be honest and as efficient as possible. They strive to take care of their own business instead of focusing on what other people want or expect.


ESTJs don’t really care about being controversial, but they aren’t afraid of it. They speak their mind regardless of what others might think, and can even be a bit intense about it. ESTJs don’t do this in order to start drama, but they can definitely be seen as controversial because of it. They have beliefs that they stand by, ones that they have often had for a long time. They will speak out against things they believe are wrong, especially things that frustrate them immensely.


ISFJs try to avoid being controversial, mostly because they want to keep the peace. For them it is more important to make sure everyone is happy and getting alone. ISFJs work very hard to create harmony in their environment, especially since they want to please their loved ones. For the ISFJ being controversial can often cause drama and shake things up in a way that they don’t want. They might even keep some of their own beliefs silent, in order to avoid unnecessary arguments.


ESFJs often try to keep the peace in their environment, and will work to make sure everyone is getting along. They might keep some things to themselves in order to avoid any arguments or discord between themselves and others. ESFJs might have some internal controversial beliefs, but it can be challenging for them to feel comfortable sharing them with others. They would rather get along and create a sense of comfort for those around them.



It can be hard for the ISTP to be seen as controversial, since they keep to themselves most of the time. They might not openly share their controversial opinions to most people, and might feel like it is pointless. If the ISTP feels like expressing their more controversial side is important and could actually change someone’s way of thinking, then they will certainly be amenable to this.


The ESTP is more likely to be charming and trendy than they are controversial. Anything they say and do that might appear controversial, is often the more popular opinion. They do rely on facts for most things though, and try to research anything before really openly expressing their feelings about it. ESTPs don’t really want useless drama, they simply speak about the facts they have learned and try to move on from there.


ISFPs keep their thoughts and feelings internalized most of the time, and might struggle to share them with others. They need to feel safe and comfortable to really open up, especially about something more controversial. ISFPs prefer to share their deepest, darkest parts with one person who they can completely rely on and trust. They don’t like stirring up drama, and most of the time they won’t be viewed as controversial by most.


While most ESFPs aren’t afraid of being a little controversial, they don’t feel a need to constantly stir up drama and arguments. They would rather live their lives seeking out joy and excitement, wanting to always soak up their surroundings. ESFPs live in the present moment, and want to make the most out of life. Instead of focusing on things that can cause discord, they would rather bring everyone together and have a good time.

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