INFJ Motivation: How the INFJ Deals with Procrastination Struggles

Just about everyone deals with procrastination and lacking motivation at some point in their lives. While INFJs can be focused and organized people, they still faces times of procrastinating and struggling to really find the right motivation for certain tasks. They have their own methods of getting things done, but this doesn’t mean they are great at avoiding procrastination even in those situations where they finish their tasks and chores. INFJs definitely care about getting things done and doing these tasks the right way, even still they do struggle with procrastination more often than people realize.

Why the INFJ Struggles with Procrastination

INFJs often struggle with procrastination things until the last minute, even though they still get most of these tasks done efficiently. They might be able to motivate themselves at the last minute, but this can leave them stressing about the tasks and chores until the time comes to get them done. They care about getting things done and want to be able to do this perfectly, which is actually a big reason why they procrastinate.

INFJs can often procrastinate because they have a deep fear of failure. They put a lot of pressure on themselves to get things done and be perfect with what they do. This desire to perfect everything make it difficult for the INFJ to find the inspiration to really begin sometimes. All of this pressure to reach perfection is likely to cause them to stall and hold themselves back. INFJs do often fear failure, and these fears cause procrastination more often than anything else for the INFJ. They can really build up the situation and might doubt themselves, fearing if they can really get things done the right way. While they might be fearful and have doubts in themselves, INFJs are often very capable people who have a way of getting things done when they set their minds to it. For the INFJ it simply becomes difficult to really see this clearly, since they want to so desperately to perfect each and every detail. This is why they can hesitate and end up dealing with the tasks at the very last minute, until they really have no choice but to take care of things.

INFJs also procrastinate or lack motivation because they have such rich inner minds. They can become caught up inside of their own thoughts and lives leaves them distracted and mentally somewhere else. They might find their own inner minds and thoughts to be far more interesting than the sometimes boring tasks they are required to complete. When the INFJ just isn’t inspired by their tasks, their sometimes dreamy minds can cause them to go off somewhere else for a while. This rich inner minds definitely causes the INFJ to procrastinate and lack motivation sometimes, especially when they are really caught up in some sort of deep thought or feeling.

How the INFJ Handles Motivation

For the INFJ finding motivation can be an up and down roller coaster. They don’t always know when they will be struggling to really find motivation to complete certain tasks. INFJs do have a way of pushing themselves even when they aren’t feeling inspired or truly motivated, but this can be rather draining for them. They care about others and put a lot of pressure on themselves to succeed because of this. When they are lacking motivation the INFJ does often put even more stress on themselves and can feel rather guilty over this. INFJs are likely to overcome their doubts and find motivation at the very last minute, and so procrastination really is something they are more prone to than people realize.

While INFJs might complete their tasks rather well, that doesn’t mean they are good at doing them ahead of time. When they are under stress from procrastinating, it often comes from a fear of failing and really not being able to get things done the right way. They care so much about doing things right and just find it difficult to find motivation when the pressure is overwhelming them this way.

Ways to Improve Their Skills and Find Inner Motivation

Believing in themselves is often one of the most important elements in finding their inner motivation. INFJs need to be more capable of trusting in their own abilities, rather than constantly doubting themselves from a fear of failing. INFJs can be so hard on themselves because they strive for certain levels of perfection which are unattainable. They can often blame themselves when things don’t go perfectly, and so this creates a lack of motivation. It is important for the INFJ to really start to trust in their own abilities, and follow their strong sense of intuition. The more the INFJ learns to trust this intuition, they more they become confident in their abilities and pull away from this fear of failure. When they trust in themselves it gives them to chance to really find that motivation, since they are no longer constantly afraid that things will turn out wrong if they actually try. For the INFJ not wanting to get started definitely comes from this overwhelming feeling that they cannot accomplish their task, and so they really need to discover this sense of trust in themselves.

For the INFJ sometimes just finding a way to get started is the best way to find motivation. Once they dive into the project they are very capable of figuring out all of the different elements, and might even find it easy to complete it rather quickly. Sometimes the last minute pressure is how INFJs motivate thought, and it isn’t always a bad thing for them. As long as they can avoid the stress during the process, and not allow it to cause them more unease than there are times when a bit of procrastinating is just fine for the INFJ.

The biggest thing for the INFJ is really to stop placing all of the pressure on themselves, or even turning to someone else for help along the way. They put so much on their own shoulders to ensure that things can get done the right way. It is best if the INFJ can let go of some of this pressure and find ways to take on their projects without feeling so alone in the process. They need to trust in themselves, but also trust in the people around them along the way.

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