The Enneagram is a model of understanding human personality which suggests there are nine interconnected personality types. Each person is thought to primarily identify with one type but also has connections to a few other types. This complex model of personality allows for the exploration of the depth and dimensionality of human character.

When it comes to the Enneagram Tritype concept, it was developed further to suggest that we each have three primary types, one from each center of intelligence: the Head (types 5-7), the Heart (types 2-4), and the Body (types 8-9-1). Therefore, an individual’s Tritype is a combination of three types, one from each center, which creates a new level of understanding one’s personality.

The Enneagram 853 Tritype is a specific combination consisting of Type 8 from the Body center, Type 5 from the Head center, and Type 3 from the Heart center.

Those with Type 8 (The Challenger) as a part of their Tritype are often self-confident, strong, and assertive, protective, resourceful, and influential individuals who can be decisive and action-oriented. They value justice and fairness and are not afraid to take control when necessary.

Type 5 (The Investigator) brings a more intellectual, perceptive, and innovative side to the 853’s personality. Those with Type 5 in their Tritype may crave knowledge, enjoy intellectual pursuits, and have capability of detachment in order to understand complex systems and principles. This can also make them seem a bit distant or private at times.

Lastly, Type 3 (The Achiever) brings a sense of success, ambition, charm, and adaptability. These individuals seek to achieve great things, are often goal-orientated, and value efficiency. They have fear of worthlessness and will often work hard to maintain an image of success.

Therefore, those with an 853 Tritype combine a driven, powerful personality with a deep intellectual curiosity and a focus on achievement. They are often pragmatic, strategic, and goal-oriented, with the ability to detach and observe when necessary. These individuals usually have a unique ability to adapt, innovate, and work in a knowledge-based scenario, but they may sometimes struggle to balance their resources or become overwhelmed by the urge to maintain their “successful” image. However, their assertiveness, intelligence, and ambition often propel them to high levels of success in whatever they undertake.


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