Here’s How You Handle Event Planning, Based on Your Personality Type

Here’s How You Handle Event Planning, Based on Your Personality Type

While some people thrive when it comes to planning events, others can struggle with the organization requires. Here is how you handle event planning, based on your personality type.


INFJs are organized people who can definitely handle a lot of responsibility, at the same time they might not enjoy event planning. For the INFJ having this much to tend to can be draining and a bit frustrating for them. They can often handle coming up with creative ideas and can certainly organize the event in a way that keeps things together nicely. While INFJs might be fairly good at event planning, they can often find themselves feeling bored of this time of task. It might be something they enjoy if they have a close loved one to join them, simply as something to keep them excited about the event at hand.


ENFJs are often great at event planning, and are good at handling a lot of responsibility. They are good at keeping things organized and can often put together a great event, especially if it is for their loved ones. ENFJs are also rather creative people which helps them add a little flair to their events. ENFJs often enjoy being able to plan an event, and will use their intuition to help them navigate potential problems which might arise during the process.


INFPs aren’t really fans of event planning and might find the entire process to be a bit draining. They don’t really enjoy having to organize a bunch of different aspects to the event and will likely find it a bit boring. INFPs can be great at the creative aspects to planning an event and will be good in at working in a team where their partner can help with the organizational parts. For INFPs having to handle all of the more monotonous aspects of event planning can be both boring and a bit exhausting for them.


ENFPs are creative and enthusiastic people which can help them make an event more exciting. While they might not enjoy the organization or detail oriented aspects of event planning, they are great at making the event more exciting for everyone. They might do better having a partner to handle the organizational aspects, since ENFPs can be a bit forgetful when it comes to certain things. They do best having someone by their side that they can work as a team with and help them ensure that the event goes smoothly.


INTJs are definitely skilled at organizing an event but they don’t often find it to be that fulfilling. They are capable of putting together an event and are skilled at figuring out the best ways to keep everything together. INTJs are naturally organized people and they can utilize their intuition to consider the different potential challenges that might arise during the event. Their ability to figure out the possible outcomes can really help the INTJ navigate the event and ensure that everything goes smoothly. While they might be good at event planning, INTJs aren’t really fans of social events and might find it exhausting.


ENTJs are great at using their intuition and strategic skills to plan out an event properly. While they are often capable of planning events they rarely find the process all that enjoyable. ENTJs might have to organize certain events for work or other situations, and will likely be able to keep everything in order. ENTJs are extremely efficient people who often prefer to handle things themselves to ensure that the job runs smoothly and according to plan.


INTPs aren’t really fans of event planning and might find the entire process a bit overwhelming. They find themselves distracted easily and aren’t always great at maintaining a time schedule. INTPs have rather active inner minds and are often very focused on that inner world. Having to organize and entire event and ensure that everything runs smoothly can be a bit exhausting for the INTP. While they might not enjoy event planning they are creative and intuitive people, which are certainly qualities that can help when it comes to planning events.


ENTPs are creative and enthusiastic people which can be qualities that help when it comes to event planning. While ENTPs can often come up with amazing ideas to facilitate and exciting and enjoyable event, they might not be great at the organization aspects. ENTPs are definitely capable of organizing an event if they desire to do so, but the process might become a bit boring for them. They often do best working with someone who can handle the more mundane tasks that come with event planning, leaving the ENTP with the creative and intuitive aspects.


ISTJs are organized and focused people which can help them when it comes to event planning. They are good at putting together an event and taking on the responsibility themselves. ISTJs are natural researchers and can often take time to dive into information so that they can ensure an event goes smoothly. While ISTJs might not love planning events, they can often come up with great ideas to ensure that things are enjoyable for everyone involved.


ESTJs are focused and efficient people, which helps them when it comes to event planning. They might not love planning large events but they are often good at it. ESTJs are skilled at looking at the different aspects to an event and logically organizing everything so that it comes together smoothly. While ESTJs might not enjoy planning events, they would often rather take these tasks on themselves since they don’t trust most people to handle something that requires so much work and efficiency.


ISFJs are often good at event planning and enjoy being able to bring everyone together. They take on so many tasks themselves and are organized people naturally, which helps them ensure that an event can come together seamlessly. ISFJs enjoy being able to put together a fun event and will likely put a lot of effort into ensuring that everything goes smoothly. ISFJs are also good at considering the group that will be at the event and will plan things according to the crowd attending.


ESFJs are often excellent at event planning and enjoy being able to put the whole affair together. They often are great at discovering a theme and will pull everything together seamlessly. ESFJs enjoy something that brings people together and gives an experience that a group can really enjoy. The ESFJs will be sure to plan all of the more mundane aspects accordingly, but will also come up with creative ideas in order to make the event exciting for everyone involved.


ISTPs are often creative people who can figure out how to plan an event, at the same time they likely don’t want to do this. They dislike having to put together an event and spend their energy organizing the entire experience. For the ISTP it is more enjoyable to allow someone else to plan an event, and it becomes a bit draining for them to pull the entire thing together.


ESTPs aren’t really fans of event planning and can find the entire process a bit boring. They dislike having to pull together a large event and might become overwhelmed with the experience. ESTPs enjoy being able to show up to an event without having to be a part of planning it. They live so much in the present moment that having to plan something so large can leave them feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. While the ESTP might be good at planning an event, they rarely find themselves inclined to do so.


ISFPs are creative people who like to have fun, which can help them when it comes to event planning. They simply might find themselves become distracted or bored with the more mundane aspects of planning a larger event. ISFPs do well at event planning when they have someone to tend to the organizational aspects of the get together. ISFPs have a sense of creativity and fun which does help them add something special to an event.


While ESFPs aren’t seen as the most organized people they are surprisingly good at event planning. They are often skilled at this because it something they enjoy, which helps inspire them to keep everything organized properly. ESFPs are creative people who often know how to add different details to an event to ensure that it is exciting for everyone. ESFPs are seen as the life of the party for a reason, and this is often what helps them put together an event that everyone can enjoy and feel excited by.

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