Here’s How You Handle Heartbreak, Based on Your Personality Type

Here’s How You Handle Heartbreak, Based on Your Personality Type

While some people can move on from heartbreak fairly quickly, others can struggle to cope with the sorrow. Here is how you handle having a broken heart, based on your personality type.


INFJs definitely struggle when it comes to having a broken heart, since they feel things so deeply. They care about their loved ones and have a hard time moving on once they have let someone in. INFJs can be somewhat closed off and hesitate to trust others, so when they do it can be very harmful when that person disappoints them. INFJs can hold onto their heartbreak for a long time, and might need plenty of time to themselves to work through these feelings. INFJs might not show their feelings to others, unless they have someone close who they can sincerely trust with their emotions and thoughts.


ENFJs definitely find a way to bounce back from heartbreak and can be rather resilient people. They do struggle when they are hurt by someone they love and trust, but they often have others they need to be strong for. ENFJs don’t want to fall apart and leave the people they love abandoned because of this. When they endure heartbreak they often need to become busy and find ways to keep moving forward. ENFJs always strive to be close to perfect, which leaves them trying to bury their feelings when they endure heartbreak. Eventually they need to cope with this though, and will find ways to allow themselves to feel it.


INFPs can have a hard time when it comes to having their heart broken. They feel everything so deeply, love, passion, and even pain- all these emotions can be heightened for the INFP. When they experience heartbreak it is something they need to allow themselves to feel for a while, and they might need to sulk as they dive into these emotions. The INFP is strangely resilient though, since they are accustomed to feeling everything on a deeper level. They will take time to process these feelings, but eventually they need to reconnect with the world and the people who inspire them.


ENFPs can struggle when it comes to experiencing heartbreak, since they feel things so deeply. They don’t do anything halfway, so when the ENFP loves it is something they give their all to. They put their heart into everything they do and because of this they can become hurt rather easily. When the ENFP become heartbroken it is something that can cause them to become cynical for a while. They might find themselves wanting to avoid falling in love again for a while, and will have a more skeptical attitude. Eventually the ENFP will find themselves moving on and wanting to experience those positive emotions once again.


INTJs can definitely cope with difficult experiences such as heartbreak, and will use their reasoning skills to pull through this. That doesn’t mean INTJs don’t experience heartbreak and pain the same as others, they just might not express this openly to others. When they let someone in and love them deeply, the INTJ takes this connection very seriously. Experiencing heartbreak can certainly be challenging for them, but they realize that it is necessary to cope with this and to move on from it. They are often aware that they are capable of finding someone in the future who can connect with them.


ENTJs can have a hard time when they experience heartbreak since they take their commitments seriously. When they have strong feelings for someone it can certainly be challenging for them to overcome being betrayed. Loyalty is something ENTJs value more than anything else, and so having someone they love hurt them can be harmful. While ENTJs might need to take a step back to experience this pain, they will ultimately find a way to move forward. They can logically approach the situation and accept that they need to continue with their lives and that they are better off finding someone who appreciates them.


INTPs often attempt to avoid certain experiences like heartbreak, since this can be challenging for them. INTPs certainly don’t trust people easily and can seem a bit cold at times. The reason INTPs seem this way is because they do feel things very deeply, but processing their emotions can be challenging for them. They don’t always understand their own feelings and it can be difficult for them to dive into these emotions. When they do let someone in and experience heartbreak from this person, it is something the INTP likely needs plenty of time alone to process. They might not want to dive into these emotions but it is important for them in order to move on.


ENTPs can seem a bit impervious to getting hurt, but this is entirely untrue. When the ENTP does care for someone they take this seriously and feel this connection very deeply. They can definitely get their hearts broken, and often have a hard time with this experience. ENTPs want to be strong and move forward from their heartbreak, but it is important for them to process these emotions. Sometimes it can help the ENTP to find a friend or loved ones to connect with and move through their sorrow.


ISTJs are very committed people, which can make experiencing heartbreak difficult for them. Once the ISTJ makes a commitment to someone they care for, they intend to remain with them for a long time. If the person they are with wants to end the relationship the ISTJ will likely take this hard, since it is rarely something they want. They might consider ending the relationship to be giving up, and they dislike being quitters. The ISTJ will eventually move on though, and will try to approach the heartbreak in a practical manner.


ESTJs definitely do take their commitments seriously, which can make experiencing a breakup rather challenging for them. When someone breaks their heart it can be difficult for the ESTJ to move on from this right away. They often take ending a relationship as a failure, since they dislike giving up on anything. Heartbreak is something the ESTJ will struggle with, but they can eventually assess the situation in a practical way and find a way to move forward.


ISFJs definitely do find it challenging to move forward from their heartbreak. They believe in commitment and dislike feeling like they have given up on their relationship. When they ISFJ cares for someone it means a lot to them and they often have a hard time processing their heartbreak. They will likely need to wallow for a while and spend some time with their friends and loved ones in order to move forward.


ESFJs do have a hard time when they feel sincerely heartbroken, but they are often resilient people. They might find themselves keeping busy and spending plenty of time with their friends in order to cope. ESFJs do have a hard time letting go but they can do so when they realize they have done their best to make the relationship work. ESFJs will likely look to self-improvement in order to find a way to build their confidence back up after heartbreak.


ISTPs can certainly cope with heartbreak, and will try to take it as a learning experience. They understand that this is a part of life and can often try to logically assess the situation. ISTPs don’t have a strong connection to their own emotions though, and might attempt to bury their feelings. When they experience this heartbreak the ISTP might want to move forward too quickly and will allow those emotions to fester a bit too much.


ESTPs actually do have a hard time when it comes to experiencing heartbreak. They might appear like emotionless people, but when they have their heartbroken it can be challenging for them. When the ESTP loves someone they feel this very deeply and often dive in headfirst. They live very much in the present moment and don’t want to feel held back by this sadness. They might attempt to distract themselves by going out or being a bit reckless, instead of actually experiencing their emotions.


ISFPs take their relationships seriously, but they don’t want to settle. Even when the ISFP is the one ending a relationship they can find it a bit painful. They will make the decision to move forward and move on, but ISFPs still feel this pain on a deep level. They have big hearts and their feelings run rather deep, but ISFPs believe it is important to actually process their emotions instead of ignore them.


ESFPs can handle heartbreak better than most people realize, and will find a way to move forward. They live so much in the present moment that the ESFP does not want their feelings to keep them stagnant. They will likely want to spend time with their friends and loved ones and enjoy spending time with them. ESFPs will often attempt to find distractions in order to move forward and overcome their emotions.

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