ENFJ Empathy: How Well the ENFJ Empathizes With Others

When it comes to empathy it can be a difficult thing to teach, but not impossible for people to learn over time. Most of the time though, we have a natural sense of empathy or we do not. Empathy simply means having a strong understanding or natural grasp of the emotions and intentions of others. Being able to empathize means being able to fully step into someone else’s shoes and understand what they are going through, without having to experience it firsthand. Some people can be caring and sympathetic, but that does not mean they are good at empathizing, as this isn’t always an easy ability to manage or deal with.

When it comes to empathy ENFJs have a natural ability to connect with others and empathize with them. Their sense of empathy is tied to their extraverted feeling (fe) function, which is their dominant function. This helps the ENFJ to understand the emotions of others, and pick up on those feelings without having to even ask about them. They can read people much easier, and this helps them to put themselves into the shoes of other people, even those they might not really want to empathize with. ENFJs can see the intentions and motives of others, sometimes being able to empathize with someone that most people would find hard to understand.

ENFJ Empathy

When it comes to being able to empathize with others, the ENFJ finds this rather natural and easy. They have a strong sense of the emotions of others, and are easily capable of putting themselves into their shoes. ENFJs want to be able to connect with people and understand them, and they enjoy getting closer to people they care for and like. When it comes to empathy the ENFJ often has this in abundance, sometimes it can actually be overwhelming for them. They get a strong sense of the emotions of others, and when people are upset the ENFJ has a hard time just ignoring this. They know when someone is unhappy and want to do whatever they can to help them. ENFJs don’t like feeling discord or tension and so they spend a lot of time trying to create peace and make others happy. For them it is hard to just ignore when they can tell someone is upset, no matter the circumstances. This sense of empathy can be difficult at times, since not everyone wants the ENFJ to be aware of their feelings and struggles.

ENFJs can be surprisingly good at empathizing with even people they don’t want to feel that connection with. They can often see the different reasons why someone might have made a mistake, sensing where they were coming from. They can put themselves into the shoes of people they don’t agree with, capable of empathizing with experiences they have never had. This helps the ENFJ connect with just about anyone, even those they don’t have a lot in common with. The ENFJ can put themselves into these different roles and situations, without having to experience them firsthand. This type of empathy can be rather confusing for people, since they don’t really expect that love of understanding from the ENFJ without even knowing them. They simply have this natural ability to see themselves in different scenarios and roles, even things they wouldn’t want to experience or understand. This can be stressful when the ENFJ finds themselves capable of empathizing with a person they don’t like or see as bad. Their empathy can stretch to these people, making the ENFJ capable of seeing the good and bad in just about everyone. They might even start to doubt themselves and if they are a good person, since they are so capable of empathizing with those they might see as immoral.

ENFJ Empathy Burnout

Being someone who can connect with others and sense their emotions can actually be draining after a while. The ENFJ finds themselves feeling exhausted sometimes, but they have a tendency to try and push past this. They connect so much with others and want to do whatever they can to help them because of it. Being able to empathize and sense where someone is coming from and what they are struggling with, is something which the ENFJ cannot simply shut off. This makes them strive to always be there for everyone, and this is not an easy thing to accomplish all of the time. Being someone who senses those emotions and connects so easily with people, can lead the ENFJ to feeling a sense of burnout and exhaustion. They can empathize with just about everything, even books or movies which can be more draining than people realize. While others might enjoy watching a horror film or certain emotionally intense stories, the ENFJ can find themselves drained after this is over. Others just watch from an outside view, where the ENFJ can easily empathize and feel like they are connecting to those characters.

This burnout is a very real thing for the ENFJ, which is why it is important for them to learn boundaries. They need to learn when to take a step back and give themselves some time to rest. It isn’t always easy for them to put their own needs first, but in order to properly be there for their loved ones this is important for the ENFJ. It is great that they can empathize with others and help show a sense of support and understanding, but they need time for themselves as well. Their sense of empathy definitely makes the ENFJ a more compassionate and giving person, willing to do whatever they can to help people through their struggles. ENFJs often want to make a difference in the world and can be great mediators because of this ability to empathize with just about anyone. They can tell where people are coming from even if they aren’t always explaining themselves the way they should.


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