Each Myers-Briggs Type On Vacation

What Each Myers Briggs Type Does On Vacation

Vacation is a time of relaxing and rejuvenation for some. For others vacation is a well structured and planned out experience. This is how we think each Myers Briggs type is likely to act on vacation.


Wants to deeply immerse themselves in this experience, and take in everything their new destination has to offer. They will schedule their trip so that they can observe everything that is potentially interesting and enlightening about the area. This is an opportunity to fulfill a bucket list and explore something new and enriching. They don’t want to miss this opportunity to absorb.


Makes sure to figure out what everyone on the trip wants to do. They want to enjoy the sites themselves, but also want to experience seeing their companions’ having a good time. They will be excited about even the tiniest details about the vacation, and enjoy the time to spend with loved ones.


They love the romanticism of enjoying a new culture or environment. They also make sure to enjoy this time to relax, accompanied by a good book or two (or three or four). There is nothing more magical than a beautiful setting, mixed with a good book, or even some personal writing time.


Wants to soak up every little detail of this new culture. They do not want to miss out on any part of their trip and are eager to immerse themselves completely. They probably venture out to meet new people and figure out where the best local spots are. They spend plenty of time in the company of others and combine that with some much needed alone time, spent discovering their surroundings. If they are single there is probably a secret part of them that is hoping to find love in a foreign place.


They probably have read everything about their destination ahead of time. They already know every detail about the culture and where the optimal spots to dine, rest and explore are. They have probably planned this a few months in advance just to make sure everything is strategically thought out, but also are willing to enjoy a few spontaneous events within their vacation. Spending time inside probably means doing a work project, so an INTJ hell-bent on vacation, will be wise enough to avoid too much time cooped up.


Structures every event so that they can create an optimal schedule for vacation enjoyment. They set a time for meals and exciting activities to indulge in. To an ENTJ the planning of events and purchasing of tickets is a chore that they don’t want to have to do during the vacation time itself. Planning this ahead of times allows for a truly relaxed and enjoyable vacation experience.


They enjoy the ability to be spontaneous and pick up randomly for a new destination. They love the opportunity to learn about the culture around them, but also enjoy being able to take a break and let their mind wander. They don’t enjoy being tied down to a strict schedule, but don’t mind a little structure to their vacation. As long as they can enjoy some time alone (or with a close loved one) just taking in their surroundings, they will be happy.


Enjoys the chance to meet new and exciting people on their journey. They want to be able to jump up without a moment’s notice and explore a brand new destination. They want to experience a rich culture, where there is a lot to do and many sites to see. A vacation with variety is best for an ENTP, and they will take in every part of the new experience.


They have scheduled every single minuscule detail of this trip. They demand that everyone is awake early in the morning to begin the day’s activities. Enjoys the chance to visit lots of museums and historical locations, and also fine dining and shopping. They want to feel engaged in the environment, but also dislike if it is not planned and structured.


ESTJs are more willing to avoid over-scheduling than the ISTJ. They want a well-planned vacation, but also enjoy this time to relax and take a break from their usually scheduled lives. For once in their lives an ESTJ might enjoy if someone else planned the activities (but only if they do it exactly the way the ESTJ tells them to).


They want to make sure things are somewhat planned, but mostly just want to relax and enjoy this time. They make sure to bring something back for everyone that couldn’t make it on the trip. The ISFJ is still conscious of everyone in their group, and wants to be sure that they are enjoying themselves.


They make sure that everyone is eating properly and enjoying themselves as much as possible. They also like to take this time to relax a little and enjoy their surroundings. They like to spend some of their time shopping and maybe have a little nightlife mixed in.


They want this time to be completely filled with solitude. They want to be able to do their own thing without someone telling them they can’t. They probably spend most of their time wandering around outdoors, just taking in their surroundings.


They want an exciting and thrilling vacation. They want to constantly be stimulated by the environment, and dislike even a moment of downtime. They are willing to take risks to explore the culture, and probably find the most dangerous local activity to take part in.


They probably take a million artsy photographs of their vacation. They enjoy time spent in an attractive location, where they can dine on some delicious new food.


They probably take a million selfies to post online. They somehow find the most glamorous aspects of the vacation to immerse themselves in. They enjoy experiencing the new foods and exciting activities, mixed with some time for shopping of course.

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