Why Each Myers Briggs Stereotype is Actually False

Each type has it’s share of annoying stereotypes. Some of these are honest and fairly adapted, while it seems the most common of these stereotypes are entirely false. We have explained why each Myers Briggs types most popular stereotype is actually false.


Stereotype: Psychic and Therefore Impossible to Understand

Why it is false: INFJs do have a powerful intuition which leads them to developing conclusions about the future, but they are not psychic. The INFJs intuition collects facts and subconsciously concludes a prediction from those facts, and the INFJ usually doesn’t even understand where this comes from.

Although they are unique and rare, they are also very in touch with other people’s emotions. Because an INFJ is sensitive to others, this makes them easy to connect with if you actually put forth the effort.


Stereotype: Overbearing and Emotionally Invasive

Why it is false: ENFJs are extremely caring and highly aware of how their actions affect others. If they are pushing too far it is only because they sense that you need to express something that is bothering you. If you try not to be defensive you may understand that you need their probing.


Stereotype: Overly Emotional Cry Babies

Why it is false: INFPs do prefer feelings over logic, but they are not as fragile as they seem. INFPs have a strong sense of internal morals, and are more than capable of standing up for what they believe in. The fact that they are aware of their emotions, makes them extremely capable of handling them. This is unlike some types who favor logic and are often afraid of their own emotions.


Stereotype: Over Excitable Social Butterflies

Why it is false: ENFPs are actually very introspective and intuitive, and often require time alone. Although they are extroverts, they enjoy being able to reflect and ponder new ideas. They are in touch with their own emotions, but more than anything enjoy the ability to learn and explore new possibilities.


Stereotype: Logical Robots

Why it is false: INTJs are logic driven, but they are also capable of connecting with people. They simply want to understand the world, and they feel like by teaching others they are helping them. INTJs are capable of caring about others, and are even able to get in touch with their own emotions. They prefer logic over feelings, but that does not mean they do not have feelings (they just ignore them).


Stereotype: Emotionless Monsters Who Will Squish Anyone in Their Way

Why it is false: ENTJs are often at ease in a power position, and do not have a high capacity for understanding emotions. But the ENTJ are also very concerned with how others perceive them, and do not want to be seen as cold. They are skilled at controlling a group, but are willing to understand other people’s perspectives. They are extremely defensive of those that they care for. If an ENTJ is told that they are being harsh and insensitive they will often try to adjust their behavior to be fair.


Stereotype: Socially Awkward Robots

Why it is false: INTPs are actually very aware of how others perceive them. If an INTP is avoiding social interaction it is usually because they WANT to, not because they do not know how to be social. INTPs often have strong emotional ties, and have a connection to things that make them nostalgic. They are very capable of deep emotion, and can be very warm towards people they care about. They do not easily express emotions, but they do feel them.


Stereotype: Lazy and Arrogant Jerks

Why it is false: ENTPs often do not desire to follow through with their ideas, but are actually very equipped to do so. They are capable of seeing all the different possibilities, and executing the best possible path. Although ENTPs are very confident, it is mostly for the sake of humor and making others feel comfortable. They care to be liked underneath that bravado, and are comfortable being the center of attention. They also have a large capacity for caring, and are very warm towards their loved ones.


Stereotype: Boring Workaholics

Why it is false: ISTJs care very deeply about providing for the ones they love. The reason they can be seen as rigid, is because they are working hard to accomplish their goals. Many ISTJs have unique and offbeat senses of humor, and are very capable of entertaining others.


Stereotype: Bossy Control Freaks

Why it is false: Although the ESTJ can be meticulous and bossy, they do it from a place of caring. The ESTJ very much wants to protect and provide for their loved ones. They often see others making mistakes, and feel that they need the ESTJ to step in and take care of things for them.


Stereotype: Uptight Motherly Type

Why it is false: Above all else ISFJs are interested in keeping the peace while maintaining traditions. They want a warm environment, and are willing to bend to accomplish that. They are not all eager to jump into a family, and many of them find themselves taking their time to get there.


Stereotype: Shallow Gossip Hounds

Why it is false: ESFJs are actually strongly driven by their desire to make others happy. They often mirror those around them and are products of their environment. An environment that values intelligence and deep thought, will cause the ESFJ to adapt those values. They care about people, and are very connected to pleasing others, making them one of the least shallow types.


Stereotype: Adrenaline Junky Bad-asses

Why it is false: Although the ISTP is very in touch with their physical surroundings, they are also extremely introverted. ISTPs enjoy being inside their own inner minds, and also enjoy learning very much.


Stereotype: Cheating and Impulsive Manipulators

Why it is false: Although ESTPs tend to live very much in the present moment, they also care about how others perceive them. They want to be liked, and do not enjoy harming others. They value their friendships deeply, and only take chances that they want to take.


Stereotype: Painfully Shy Airheads

Why it is false: ISFPs are actually extremely introspective and have a deep spirituality. They are very observant of their surroundings and are often very intelligent. They live so much inside their own minds that people often miss the depth that they possess.


Stereotype: Self Absorbed Party Animals

Why it is false: ESFPs are very aware of their own emotions and are extremely observant. They are capable of picking up on things that others may miss because they lack the outside perception. Just because the ESFP enjoys living in the moment and values having fun, does not mean they are not aware of what is going on around them. They often care very deeply for their loved ones, and will go to great lengths to make them happy.

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