ENTJ Te-Se Loop: What It Means and How to Break Free

ENTJ Te-Se Loop (Extraverted Thinking and Extraverted Sensing)

For the extroverted personality types, going into their loop means they turn to their extraverted functions. This isn’t immediately a bad or negative thing, and sometimes it occurs under stress as a means of helping the person navigate whatever challenges they are facing. At first, it can cause them to turn towards parts of themselves they normally would not, applying pressure to a function that isn’t as natural or strong for them. It can help the individual figure out some things they are struggling with, but if this goes on for too long, it can certainly become unhealthy for them. When they get in this loop for long periods of time, they definitely need a means of breaking free before it applies too much stress to their weaker functions and leaves them feeling emotionally and mentally exhausted.

For the ENTJ, their loop means they are focusing on those extraverted Te and Se functions, and neglecting their introverted functions, especially their Ni. This can occur when the ENTJ has overwhelmed or exhausted the use of their introverted intuition, or during times of extreme stress. Highly stressful moments or serious times of change can cause many people to go into their loop, and for the ENTJ, it is no different. When they go into their loop, this can be something that is helpful at first and gives the ENTJ a different approach and perspective. After a while, focusing on their tertiary function and ignoring their Ni, can leave the ENTJ feeling exhausted and cause them to push things a bit too far in their lives. 

ENTJs Normally Rely on Introverted Intuition

For the ENTJ, their auxiliary or second function is extremely important in the way they process information, and it can change how they behave when they neglect this. Normally the ENTJ utilizes their Ni in order to process the information they have absorbed from the world around them, often using their Te. The combination of these functions is truly important for the ENTJ to function the way they normally do and respond to the world. Their introverted intuition is how the ENTJs inner thoughts are processed. This is how they sift through information and come up with logical conclusions about the future. They might find themselves getting strong “gut” knowledge about a future outcome, and they combine this with the facts and data they have collected and perceived. Combining this with their normal function stack, the ENTJ is very focused on efficiency and being sure of their choices before moving forward. They don’t like wasting time or energy on things that are not useful for them and believe in striving to be as efficient as possible.

The Te-Se Loop in ENTJs

When the ENTJ neglects their introverted functions, they are likely to seem much more aggressive and focused on the end result. While ENTJs are naturally interested in being efficient and getting things done, they are conscious of their choices and don’t jump into things without being prepared or smart about the choice. When caught up in their loop, the ENTJ becomes a bit more reckless in their path of getting things done. They find themselves pushing forward, often believing that the ends justify the means. They might appear to lack a sense of moral judgment, and in the process, they also find themselves feeling insecure about this. They want to focus on the present and on getting things done without allowing anything to compromise those goals. The ENTJ will likely use hard facts and logic, not seeing the other elements that could come into play. This, combined with their in-the-moment thinking, causes the ENTJ to jump headfirst into situations where they normally wouldn’t.

The ENTJ might also become caught up on shallow things, like wanting to impress others and have the most expensive items. They become more interested in this outer image and constructing the perfect one. They focus on building themselves up in a way that is focused on material things and momentary pleasures. This is definitely not like the ENTJ’s normal behaviors, since they are very focused on working toward the future and creating something substantial. Instead, they can become caught up in the present moment and in charging ahead to get the things they want or are excited about at the time. Instead of looking for meaningful or special things, they become more caught up in the superficial things that appear to be nice from the outside. This also causes the ENTJ to be a bit more aggressive and likely to blow up, especially if something doesn’t go as expected or planned.

How to Escape the ENTJ Loop

Like with any loop, the important thing is to draw toward the functions you are most neglecting. For the ENTJ, this is their introverted intuition, which means they often need to spend some time introspecting. Instead of focusing on going out and being around others, the ENTJ must reconnect with their inner world and intuition. They need to take time from themselves and distance themselves from social interactions. This will help them to become more focused inward, and not so caught up in those extraverted functions. When the ENTJ spends time inside of their own thoughts, it can help to bring that Ni function back into play. They can benefit from taking some time to read, write, and ask themselves important questions. They must consider the information and weigh the options and most logical outcomes before jumping into things. Sometimes forcing those questions can jumpstart the process since their Ni is likely being a bit stubborn and not automatically pursuing those important inquiries. Writing things out and considering the best choice for the future can help the ENTJ break out of this loop.


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