ENTJ Depression & Struggles: How the ENTJ Handles Depressed Feelings

For many people depression can be something they feel a sense of shame for, wanting to be someone who can magically overcome these struggles. This is why it is so important to seek help, and also seek a deeper understanding of what you are going through. Feeling more equipped can be a useful tool in healing and in moving forward when you are struggling with something like depression. For the ENTJ it can be challenging to fully accept when they are feeling depressed, since they want to always be the strong ones who don’t lean on others. It can be useful for them to learn more about why they feel this way, in order to reach that point of acceptance.

Emotions Are Not Natural For Them

For the ENTJ focusing on inner emotions is not something they find all that natural or easy. They prefer to focus on facts and logic, and so anything deeply rooted in feelings can be difficult. ENTJs want to make sense of everything and so things which don’t have logical answers can often seem pointless for them. Instead of focusing on their feelings and trying to understand them, the ENTJ often wants to apply logical explanations to their emotions. The issue is that when the ENTJ cannot find answers, they often try to push aside their feelings and ignore them entirely. After a while this can build up and make it hard for them to really continue neglecting those inner feelings for much longer.

While focusing on emotions can be a struggle for the ENTJ, this can sometimes be the reason why depression creeps up on them. Neglecting those feelings is not really something that can last, and so eventually they find a way to come out and expose themselves in sometimes unpleasant ways. For the ENTJ to really heal they do need to start accepting their emotions, and this is why seeking help can be useful in these situations.

Connect With Their Strengths

Sometimes connecting to their strengths again can actually be a useful tool for the ENTJ. They need to use their logical minds to help them understand what they are going through when it comes to their depression. Spending time researching depression so that they realize what is happening, can help the ENTJ be more accepting. It gives them answers to their many questions, and often there is plenty of factual information to help guide the ENTJ. They really need this type of analytical process in order to reach that level of acceptance which will help them move forward.

Taking the time to use their minds to research their depression helps the ENTJ find tools to healing instead of just focusing on their emotions in a way that can get overwhelming after a while. Finding the balance between these things can really be useful and important for the ENTJ. When they see that there are ways to help make the situation better, it gives them a sense of hope as well as a focus towards their future.

Stop Pushing People Away

ENTJs do sometimes push others away when they are struggling with something. They don’t want anyone to realize that they are having a hard time, since they always like to appear strong and in control. For the ENTJ sometimes pushing people away feels like the safest way to deal with what is going on, since they don’t enjoy feeling a sense of vulnerability. For them distancing and finding their own ways to fix the problem is just how the ENTJ naturally deals with things in their lives. While this is something they find more natural and is within their comfort zone, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best choice to make.

Connecting with people is almost always an important part of healing when it comes to dealing with depression. The ENTJ will benefit from finding friends and loved ones who understand and care for them deeply. When they have people who won’t judge them and who won’t patronize their feelings, the ENTJ will certainly feel themselves opening up more and feeling a sense of relief with what they are going through. Having at least one person they can trust to be open with really is important for the ENTJ, especially when they are dealing with feelings of depression.

Exercise Helps

Exercise can be a helpful tool for the ENTJ who is enduring depression. They can sometimes become so focused on getting tasks done that they forget to tend to their own physical needs. When this happens to the ENTJ, exercise is often a great way for them to get in touch with their bodies in a positive way. There are many benefits to exercise for anyone dealing with depression, but for the ENTJ this is definitely a great tool. When they can start actively taking care of themselves and focusing on things which make them feel a sense of focus and intent, it does help the ENTJ feel hopeful that they can improve their situation and get better. ENTJs often need these types of tasks or else they feel frustrated and unsure of how to truly progress in the right direction.

Disclaimer: It is important to remember that depression can be a clinically serious issue and that you should always seek professional help when you are struggling with it. While it is nothing to be ashamed of, depression is very real and it is important to seek help in a professional sense rather than just doing your own research. These bits of advice are intended for people going through minor depressive feelings, and have likely already sought professional help. They are meant as small tools and ways of helping to improve your mental state.

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