Here’s How Your Intuition Works, According to Your Personality Type

Here’s How Your Intuition Works, According to Your Personality Type

While some people are much more intuitive than others, we all have our own method of observing and processing information. Here is how the intuition of each personality type actually works.



INFJs have very powerful intuitions, which is difficult for people to comprehend sometimes. They process information that they see over time, collecting data and later sifting it through their own minds. This is something that happens subconsciously, but helps the INFJ really understand future outcomes and probability. This makes their intuition extremely trustworthy, but sometimes their thoughts and ideas seem to come from out of nowhere. It isn’t magic, just an advances way of processing information, which other people can’t quite follow since the INFJ has such an in depth inner mind.


ENFJs definitely have strong intuitive abilities, with people and situations. Their minds process information over time and use this date to come to conclusions about the future. They also use their ability to understand and read people as a way to predict their actions. This combination makes it rather shocking how well the ENFJ can predict the future sometimes. It might seem like magic to others, simply because they don’t fully comprehend it. The ENFJ just has a powerful intuition, which comes from collecting a lot of data subconsciously over time.


INFPs have strong intuitive abilities, which comes from making connections that they see in their surroundings. INFPs will process information and observe the many different possibilities from what they see. They are great at making connections that will often surprise people, but this helps the INFP figure out the most likely outcome. This is something that often happens both consciously and subconsciously, since they have so much information floating around inside of their minds all of the time.


ENFPs are definitely intuitive people, who are capable of coming to surprising conclusions about the information they see. While some people might not be able to follow their rather active thinking process, it works very well for the ENFP. They bounce from one thought to the next, coming up with many different possibilities from the information they absorb. Sifting through all of these possible outcomes, helps the ENFP make connections and come to the most likely conclusions.



INTJs have impressive and powerful intuitive abilities, which often surprise others. People often find themselves amazed by the INTJs ability to predict future outcomes and will often admire them for it. The INTJs abilities aren’t magic though, they come from their ability to process information over time, collecting date and coming to the most reasonable conclusion. INTJs intuitive abilities comes from the fact that they are always observing what they see and hear, and are capable of subconsciously collecting date. This combined with their logical minds makes it rather impressive how the INTJ can predict future outcomes.


ENTJs intuition comes from their ability to collect data over time, and combine that with their strategic planning abilities. ENTJs will subconsciously collect mounds of information, and will process this with their logical inner minds. Ultimately this yields the ENTJs with predictions of what will likely happen in the future. While ENTJs don’t always follow their intuition as strongly as their introverted counterparts, it is still a very active part of their decision making process.


INTPs are very intuitive people, who are excellent at coming to conclusions about the future. While people don’t always understand what the INTP is saying, they are often correct about the information. Their intuition processes information and starts to analyze in order to come up with many different possible outcomes. The INTP will absorb as much date as possible, and will start to make connections between the information they find. Their ability to make these outside connections is what makes their intuition such a capable force.


ENTPs are all about possibilities, which is what makes their intuition so powerful. They process as much date as possible, and are always finding ways to approach things from different angles. ENTPs will come at a challenge from as many different sides as possible, so that they can gain all of the data objectively. They will ultimately use this information to make connections and come to surprising conclusions. ENTPs are great at finding the different potential outcomes, and will combine this with their internal thinking abilities in order to find what the most likely answer is.



ISTJs are much more focused on information from the past in order to come to future conclusions. This is their sensing ability, which is somewhat connecting to their intuition. ISTJs prefer to focus on concrete evidence, and rarely find themselves nurturing their intuitive abilities. Instead ISTJs would rather make their decisions based on facts and data they have collected from the past. They prefer information that they know will yield certain results, and can become uneasy trusting something like intuition.


While ESTJs are more focused on facts and concrete evidence, they do utilize their intuition on occasion. The intuition of the ESTJ comes from observing their surroundings and collecting date from what they see. They process information and try to make connections based on the evidence in front of them. In most cases though, ESTJs are more focused on what they are tangibly prove, and can become uneasy with trusting their intuition. ESTJs want to follow proven methods, and rely on things they know have worked well in the past.


ISFJs are not as focused on their intuition as they are following proven methods. They want to be sure that everything goes smoothly, which makes trusting intuition a bit odd to them. The ISFJ prefers to follow the patterns that have always worked well for them, in order to ensure the well-being of their loved ones. ISFJs care deeply about others, and are more focused on tending to them in a practical and reasonable way.


While ESFJs are much more focused on their sensing ability, they do occasionally follow their intuition. This often comes from collecting data from their surroundings, and finding connections between them. ESFJs who spend time around people who share their extraverted intuition function, will be more capable of developing that within themselves. Ordinarily though, the ESFJ is much more focused on getting things done in a concrete and practical way.



ISTPs are more interested in focusing on getting things done and living in the present moment, which can cause them to neglect their intuition. They are more interested in observing facts and discovering concrete problem solving methods. Their intuition is often neglected, since the ISTP is more interested in what they can prove and fully trust. Their intuition will present itself occasionally by subconsciously recording data over time, and coming to future conclusions.


ESTPs are not very focused on using their intuition, and are much more interested in things that are tangible. They are interested in facts and processing information that they see in front of them. ESTPs rarely nurture their intuitive abilities, since they are perfectly capable of making decisions based on the evidence they see. While ESTPs make choices based on logic, they can sometimes become a bit reckless and just make decisions in the present moment. All of these decision making methods lack a connection to their intuition.


ISFPs are not extremely intuitive people, are much more focused on observing their surroundings. They process information that they see in front of them, and come to conclusions based on those facts. ISFPs are very perceptive people, who can often figure out what is wrong with someone by simply observing them in the present moment. This is not an intuitive ability and comes more from their ability to pay attention to the details they observe.


ESFPs are much more focused on living in the present moment, and process things through their observational skills. They can be excellent at figuring out what is wrong with people, by simply paying attention to their surroundings. They are perceptive people, who are aware of the physical world around them. This helps them figure things out and will result in the ESFP coming to reasonable conclusions. While the ESFP can observe facts and process information, they aren’t very focused on utilizing their intuition to do this.

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