Here’s How Detail Oriented Each Personality Type Actually Is

Written By Kirsten Moodie

Here’s How Detail Oriented Each Personality Type Actually Is

Some people are obsessed with focusing on the details, while others are much more future oriented. Here is how detail oriented each personality type actually is.



INFJs are actually not very focused on the small details in life, and are much more interested in the big picture. INFJs often view the miniscule details as less important than how all of those details come together. They can sometimes fail to notice smaller details, since those things are process subconsciously for them. INFJs can often become irritated by too many details around them, and dislike having to focus on them too much. They prefer to process their information and find ways to get a better idea of the larger and more important picture.


ENFJs are very focused on getting things done, but they are big picture people. Sometimes their daily tasks require that they pay attention to certain details in order to get things done. ENFJs do prefer to focus on the larger picture, but this is when it comes to their morals or viewpoints. ENFJs understand that in order to process everything and take care of their loved ones, they do have to pay attention to some of the smaller details. Ultimately though, ENFJs find obsessing over details to be pointless and somewhat exhausting.


INFPs are definitely not hung up on details in most situations, and prefer to focus on the larger picture. INFPs are so caught up in their rich inner minds that they can sometimes fail to notice certain small details. They do not care for pointless precision, and are much more interested in their morals and doing what is right. INFPs can become agitated by people who are focused on the unimportant details, and find looking at the larger picture to be much more important. They know what they believe is right and wrong, and don’t want to get hung up on things that might challenge that.


ENFPs are definitely capable of recognizing small details, especially when it is important to pay attention. They are very observant people who can often remember small details that seem unimportant to others. ENFPs simply do not care to focus on these details, and only draw attention to the ones that truly matter. They do not enjoy obsessing over small things, and prefer to focus on the larger picture. They know how to be precise, but rarely believe that it is important when it comes to living a happy life.



INTJs often pay attention to all of the details, especially since they want to absorb as much information as possible. INTJs often process all of the details, even the smallest ones, and will use those details to come to conclusions. This is often done subconsciously, and helps the INTJs to help predict what will likely happen down the line. INTJs are future oriented people, which makes them believe in focusing on the bigger picture. They do not like obsessing over small things, but they do believe in paying close attention to all of the details in case they become important later.


ENTJs are definitely not the type of people to become hung up on minor details, but they are very observant people. They believe it is important to absorb all of the facts, but do not want to become caught up on meaningless details. ENTJs are efficient people, and desire to only focus on what truly matters in order to get things done to their high standards. They are big picture people, who often look to the future and seek to improve upon it. ENTJs know that certain details are important, but they also realize that become obsessed with them is not helpful at all.


INTPs are very precise people, which often makes them detail oriented. They want to be sure they have all of the facts and information before coming to any conclusions. They might not always use these details or believe they are important, but they want to be aware of them regardless. INTPs believe in having all of the information that they can, and dislike feeling unaware or left in the dark. They want to process this information and combine it with their own understanding of the situation at hand. INTPs often know which details to push aside, and which ones are important to recall.


ENTPs are big picture people, but they also enjoy understanding and processing information. They want to be as precise as possible, especially when it comes to preparing for debates. ENTPs enjoy using any means possible to absorb new information, and dislike feeling held back in any way. They focus on the details as a way to process information and come to logical conclusions. They can be seen as precise people, since this helps them reach a better accuracy with their words and actions. ENTPs simply enjoy being able to learn and grow, but won’t let themselves become too hung up on any pointless details.



ISTJs are definitely detail oriented people, and believe that getting things right is important. They want to understand all of the facts before moving forward with any decisions. ISTJs will often research and process even the smallest details about something, so that they can understand it fully. They dislike feeling as though they have missed something, and want to pay attention to every detail in front of them. ISTJs are much more focused on the details than they are the larger picture, simply because they want to feel prepared and informed.


ESTJs are very detail oriented people, especially since they want to always feel prepared for things. Before taking on a new task the ESTJ wants to be sure that they can get everything right the first time. They dislike feeling as though they have failed in any way, and want to be sure the pay attention to even the smallest details. Missing something small can cause the ESTJ to perform less efficiently, and they certainly do not want that to happen. ESTJs eye for details can sometimes become frustrating for others, since the ESTJ knows exactly how they want things to do be done.


ISFJs can be somewhat detail oriented people, especially when it comes to performing tasks. They want to be sure the follow a step by step plan, and dislike becoming distracted or thrown of course. ISFJs want to be sure that they do things correctly, and do not want to feel as though they have failed their loved ones by making a mistake. This desire to please others often causes the ISFJ to be focused on the details, as a way to ensure that everything is done properly. They do not become obsessed with precision, but simply want to be sure that everything is proper order.


ESFJs can be somewhat focused on details, especially when it comes to getting things done. They want to be sure to plan out their errands properly, so that they can be sure they are tending to the needs of their loved ones. ESFJs do focus on details, but they are not obsessed with being precise in most situations. They want to please their loved ones and those around them, but can become bogged down by too many unimportant details around them. They instead would rather focus on what is truly important in order to take care of others.



ISTPs are definitely focused on the details, and enjoy being away of the facts. They are very observant people, who take notice of the things going on around them. They dislike feeling ignorant in any situation, which makes them focused on knowing the facts and being accurate. ISTPs are not big picture people, as much as they are detail oriented. They prefer to be aware of the here and now, and enjoy living life in the present. Being focused on the present moment is a big reason why ISTPs are detail oriented individuals.


ESTPs are definitely focused on details and can become obsessed with recalling even the smallest things. They are great at remembering a long list of facts, and can bring them to notice rather quickly. ESTPs are very aware of the details, because they believe that facts are extremely important. ESTPs can become obsessed with being precise, simply because they dislike when people are completely ignorant. They want to find the best ways to inform others, and sincerely feel like they are helping them by doing this.


ISFPs do pay attention to the details, but they have a hard time becoming too focused on them. They much prefer to look at the bigger picture, especially when it comes to their morals. ISFPs enjoy living life in the present, but they do not want to become too obsessed with precision. They would rather just take life as it comes at them, without worrying about the possibilities.


ESFPs are definitely capable of focusing on details, and are extremely aware of their surroundings. They are focused on the physical details, and are very capable of noticing even the slightest change. ESFPs do not become obsessed on precision though, they simply are aware of what is going on. They are not big picture people, mostly because they enjoy living life in the present moment. ESFPs do not want to become too bogged down by too many thoughts of the future.



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