How Each Myers Briggs Type Acts In Love

Everyone acts differently when they are in love. Being in love can awaken parts of ourselves that we never knew existed. Each Myers Briggs type has different reactions to love, here are a few of their behaviors.


Once you have gained their trust, they will devote themselves to you completely. INFJs value their relationships deeply and can be warm and compassionate lovers. They will be sure to adapt to your emotional needs, and be supportive of you. They are accepting of your flaws and even enjoy seeing the darker side of who you are.

Just try not to get on their bad side, because sneaking behind their back definitely will not work.


They will make sure your needs are met, well before their own are met. They will probably become unusually sensitive to what you say, and care very deeply how you see them. They will put forth effort to make sure you feel understood and appreciated. They will be proud to introduce you to their friends and family, and want to show you off.

Don’t be nervous if you wake up to them watching you sleep…


They will want to share everything with you and expect for you to do the same. They value a relationship that is completely open and honest and want to be understood. They will set aside time just for you, with no distractions. They will be completely honest with you about their feelings and want you to do the same.

Welcome to your new reality of living inside of a constant romance novel.


They will be passionate and excited about your relationship. They will approach your love with a child-like enthusiasm, but also require space from time to time. They want love to be stimulating and honest, and will thrive when things are new and exciting. They will make you feel special and wanted, almost like there is no one else in the world like you.

Congratulations, you’ve caught their attention long enough for them to see the value in you. But they have probably already gotten distracted and stopped reading this article…


They will be entirely loyal and learn everything that they can about you. The fact that they are with you, is enough of a sign that they care. To them the simple act of being in a relationship and taking the commitment seriously, should tell you everything you need to know about where they stand.

They may critique every single interaction that you have with them, but that just means they care.


They will take pride in your accomplishments and brag about you to their friends. They will make sure to show protectiveness over you and your well-being. Your accomplishments will bring them just as much joy as their own.

They’ve probably put you through a million tests to make sure you are worthy, hopefully they will stop now that they are in love.


They will correct you when you are wrong, and try and help you with your life problems. They will feel bad when they accidentally offend you, and try to make it right somehow. Being with you, is a sign that they care even if they don’t express it openly. They will be protective of you and refrain from judging you when you make mistakes.

They probably secretly doodle your name in their notebook…but you’ll never ever see that. Even now they are shaking their head and making disgruntled noises.


They boast to you about their accomplishments and try to be impressive in front of you. They will probably be shy about their feelings, but be strangely willing to open up to you. They will be supportive and teasing, but also let you be yourself.

They have probably even stopped talking to all of those other prospects now.


They will show formal signs of appreciation and find a way to schedule every detail of your life. They will be extremely loyal to you and learn all they can about you. You will be able to rely on them when you are in need, and they will make sure you know that.

They’ve probably already planned out your entire future together…


They will boast about your accomplishments and show you off to their friends. You will be able to rely on them when you need them, and they will provide for you. They will protect you aggressively against others and make sure that you feel safe with them.

Ready to be micromanaged in a completely loving way?


They will constantly make sure you have eaten enough and try to provide you with everything that you need. They will tend to you and be supportive of you constantly.  They will continue to check up on you, and make sure that you are happy.

Just make sure you don’t argue too much when they decide you haven’t eaten enough…


They will do whatever they can to make sure you are as happy as possible. They will feel like a failure if your needs are not completely met. They may be sensitive to what you say, and take certain things very personally. They will strive to make you feel good about yourself, and want to make you proud to be with them.

Maybe once they’ve fixed all of your problems, they will actually begin working on their own…maybe.


They will be completely honest with you for the sake of making you better. They will correct your inaccuracies but also try to impress you as well. They will show you new and exciting ways to have fun, and always be supportive of you. They expect that even though they need space, you should understand that they still care for you.

It may seem like they have forgotten about your existence from time to time, but don’t worry they probably haven’t.


They will shower you with gifts in an attempt to express how they feel. They will use excitement and fun to make you happy. They will try to impress you with their knowledge and show you that they are desirable and intelligent. They want you to admire them and look up to them, so they will strive to amaze you.

Don’t worry…they’ve almost definitely stopped talking to all of their old hook-ups.


They will be open with you, and freely share their feelings. They will make time for just the two of you to be together. They will have your back and be there for you even when it is hard.

Be thankful that they came out of their shell long enough to get to know you.


They will feel uneasy when you are unhappy, and try to lighten the mood. They will attempt to learn what you like for gifts and will remember to buy those things for you.

You will always be invited to the party, and they might even let you be center of attention…sometimes.


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