You may be curious what mythical being your personality most resembles. We decided to compile this list of which mythical creatures best represents each Myers Briggs Type. So enjoy!

INFJ- Mermaid/Merman


The mermaid is a mysterious and sometimes reclusive creature. They manage to keep themselves well hidden, except for when they desire to be seen. Much like the INFJ the mermaid enjoys its space, and does not like that to be intruded on unless they invite you into their world. Kind and warm, but also potentially dangerous if harmed, the mermaids are alluring and fascinating creatures. They have a natural empathy and way of understanding others without even speaking. Much like the INFJ, mermaids are very intense creatures, ones that can draw you in and keep you entranced.

ENFJ- Banshee


The Banshee is essentially a death omen, but the power of knowledge is both a blessing and a curse. The Banshee watches over a family and releases a scream when a member of the home is about the die. This ability to foretell something about to happen is something the ENFJ can possess, and also the desire to warn others of the impeding doom. Caring for others has its pros and cons, and the ENFJ deal with those constantly. Being so devoted to caring for others can sometimes make someone very misunderstood, much like the Banshee.

INFP- Fairy


Fairy’s are fun and lively, but also mischievous. They are very unique and enticing beings, with a love for nature. They can be very whimsical and people enjoy them for their unique abilities and creative personalities, but they also like their time alone. They enjoy spending time in nature and getting lost in their own worlds, much like the INFP.

ENFP- Elf/Elvin


Elvin creatures are very mysterious and beautiful. They love nature and are one with the earth around them. Like the ENFP they are intense and lively, but also very ethereal and enticing. They have the ability to see outside of their own world, and understand many different perspectives, much like the ENFP. They sometimes have a very unique sense of humor and like to play tricks on people, also like the ENFP.

INTJ- Basilisk


The Basilisk are strong and capable of leading, being that they are known as the king of the snakes. They are very powerful and are said to cause death with a single glance. Similar to the INTJ they are intelligent and cunning, and capable of strategically foreseeing events before they happen. They know how to maintain structure and control the outcome that they desire.

ENTJ- Dragon


Much like the ENTJ, dragons are powerful and unstoppable. Once they have a goal in mind there is nothing that can stop them from achieving it. They have very strong and gregarious personalities and are very intelligent. Both dragons and ENTJs have a skill for controlling their surrounding environment.

INTP- Wizard


Both Wizards and the INTP crave knowledge above all else. They are logical and wise beings, and often spend a lot of time inside their minds. They prefer to think before they speak, and choose their words precisely and carefully. People often seek their counsel when in need of a knowledgeable response. Much like INTPs, Wizards often have a quirky and off-beat sense of humor that only a lucky few can appreciate. They keep to themselves most often, and do not require much from others.

ENTP- Hydra


The Hyrdra is a cunning and unstoppable serpent beast.. The Hydra grows two new heads in place of any one that is cut off, metaphorically this is similar to ENTPs who have a way of persevering through failure. ENTPs are very clever and have a way of getting themselves out of whatever trouble that they find themselves in.

ISTJ- Gryphon


Both the Gryphon and the ISTJ are very loyal and dependable creatures. They enjoy traditions and do not like to shy away from what they are accustomed to. They are hard working and strong, and always willing to do the work others will avoid.

ESTJ- Centaur


Strong and intense, Centaurs are often depicted as fighters. They are similar to the ESTJ in their strength and straightforward demeanor. They seek practical means to achieve their goals and can sometimes be seen are harsh or insensitive. They are very loyal to their loved ones, and will do whatever it takes to make sure they are provided for.

ISFJ- Pegasus


Both the Pegasus and ISFJ are introverted and sometimes shy. They are both very affectionate and caring. They seek harmony and peace in their environment and are happiest when everyone around them is well. The ISFJ are kind and dependable, much like the ethereal Pegasus.

ESFJ- Phoenix


The Phoenix is a powerful bird that rises from its own ashes when it dies. This can be compared to the ESFJs ability to overcome obstacles for the people that they care for. They are dependable and caring and naturally aware of how other people are feeling. Much like a bird, ESFJs have a very good memory and can recall many details from the past. The Phoenix is also said to have healing tears that they produce only for those who are special, much like the healing nature of the ESFJ.

ISTP- Werewolf


Much like ISTPs the Werewolf is introverted and likes to keep to themselves. They do not appreciate their space being invaded and enjoy spending time inside their own minds. They are very skilled at physical activities and have a natural ability to navigate the world around them. They are agile and smart, but also very self-sufficient.

ESTP- Vampire


The Vampires, much like ESTPs, are very fast and cunning. They are intelligent beings, who live very much in the physical world. Both Vampires and ESTPs enjoy the physical pleasures that the world has to offer and are very good at getting what they want. Vampires can be very manipulative in their quest to get what they desire and have a way of luring people in.

ISFP- Ghost


Much like ISFPs, ghosts can be very shy and desire to keep to themselves. They are both very focused on understanding their own emotional world. ISFPs have a strong sense of right and wrong, and stick to a strict inner moral code.

ESFP- Sprite

Sprites are cheeky and fun-loving, much like the ESFP. They enjoy entertaining people and are very light-hearted. They are very good at taking in their surroundings and being in the present moment.

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