Each Myers-Briggs Type In High School

High school is a different experience for everyone. Some thrive in the social setting, while others can’t wait to get out. Here is how you probably handled high school according to your Myers Briggs type.


The one who is bookish and keeps to themselves. They are shy and feel like they are unpopular, but later find out that everyone actually liked them a lot. They get good grades and probably doodle in their notebook a lot or spend time listening to music.


The studious and extremely popular one. Everyone knows who they are, and they probably are the head of a handful of social committees. They are all over the yearbook, and probably planned every event you attended in high school.


The one who daydreams constantly. They probably hang out with the emo or edgy kids. High school isn’t the place where an INFP thrives, because it feels devoid of meaning to them. They have a decent amount of friends, and no real enemies to speak of. Something inside them is waiting for high school to end so their real life can begin. Although they spend most of their time reading, they just can’t seem to find motivation to participate in classes.


The enthusiastic and extremely social one. They have a knack for being friends with every social group and nobody really dislikes them. They still enjoy spending a lot of time reading or daydreaming, but also enjoy sporadic social events.


The one who gets straight A’s and it seems like they don’t even have to try. They probably are forced to tutor the students who are having trouble, and attend as many advanced placement classes as possible. High school seems like a means to an end for them.


The one who seems to keep their nose in all the social events, while at the same time keeping their grades up. They know most of the teachers and have a respectable standing with them.


The completely apathetic one, who doesn’t really see the point of high school. If they put forth even the slightest amount of effort they could be extremely popular, but they just don’t care. Although they are extremely smart, they just don’t want to attend class. They skate by and somehow pass their classes, even though they rarely attended. Teachers are constantly telling them how much potential they have, if they would just put forth the effort.


The one who always seems to turn every class into a debate. They have a headstrong attitude towards authority, and are constantly trying to prove the teachers wrong. They are probably the ones to be voted “class flirt”.


The one who follows all of the rules and gets straight A’s. They know how to handle social situations and are fairly good at making friends, when they put forth the effort. They probably are friends with most of the upperclassmen, or even the adults.


The one who doesn’t take crap from anyone. They have a desire to be well liked by everyone, and do whatever it takes to be popular. They may not date much because they scare the opposite sex away with their aggressiveness.


The one who everyone likes, but no one really knows. They get good grades and try to take care of all of their friends. They may even be seen as the class mom, always making sure everyone is doing their homework before they attend social events.


The popular one, who is probably a cheerleader or captain of the football team. They thrive in the high school setting, and enjoy navigating the social scene with ease. They refuse to be the bully, and try to be friends with everyone. Everyone knows who they are and although they do just fine in their classes, they are mostly focused on socializing.


The one who is completely done with high school before it even begins. They really don’t care about attending class, and would much rather spend time working on their car or at the skate park. They are well liked, and have a sort of James Dean cool about them, but they are too cool to care.


The jock or party animal of the high school setting. They have a way of acting like high school doesn’t matter to them, but somehow are friends with everyone. They are very popular and it seems to come effortlessly.


The shy and artistic one, who always knows what’s cool before you do. They don’t flaunt their ability to be insanely hip, but somehow it makes everyone like them. They are too introverted to be considered popular, but somehow they always get invited everywhere.


They one who knows how to dominate high school with ease. They are the life of the party, and always seem to be throwing the best ones. They probably spend too much time making friends, and don’t really get the best of grades. But it doesn’t really matter because they will hold onto the memory of high school forever.

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