Written By Kirsten Moodie

Here’s What You Bring to a Career in Espionage, Based on Your Personality Type

Let’s be honest here, we have pretty much all thought about this subject. We watch the spy shoes and imagine ourselves in those super covert missions, taking down bad guys and being completely charming while doing it. Of course, reality is entirely different than our fantasy but that does not make it any less fun to think about it. So just for fun, here is what we think you would bring to the table if you were recruited to become the next James Bond.



INFJs are charming people who can adapt to many new situations while often maintaining an outward cool. While they might feel anxiety internally, this isn’t something that usually shows on the outside. INFJs could definitely bring a lot of skills to a career as a spy, especially their ability to read people and navigate different situation. They are highly intuitive people, which would help to gauge different situations and figure out the most likely outcome. INFJs would also be great at coercing others, psychological warfare being something they would be highly skilled in.


There are many skills that the ENFJ would possess which would help them in a career in espionage. ENFJs are often capable of understanding others and reading them in a way that would truly help them navigate different situations. ENFJs ability to intuitively understand what will likely happen next, can help them in many different challenges they would face. They would likely be skilled in the art of psychological warfare, since they know exactly how to coerce people and what they specifically need to hear.


The fact that INFPs lead with emotions could be something that would get in the way in a career in espionage. As spies they would likely not avoid their emotions, but could try to use them in order to navigate a situation their own way. Their skills would likely lie in their ability to observe without having to constantly interfere. INFPs can become the fly on the wall, using their intuition to grasp what the best move would be. The INFP is often someone that others trust, which is likely their strongest skill in a situation like this.


The ENFPs charm and intelligence would likely be their greatest asset as a spy. While they might use their emotions a bit more than would be desired, they also know how to navigate people fairly well. They are good at connecting with others and can often find a way to get just about anything they want from people. ENFPs also possess a confidence when they have decided to go after something, and this is something that would help them keep their cool in some more difficult situations.



INTJs can often keep their emotions out of things and simply pay attention to the facts, as well as what their intuition is telling them. While INTJs are logical people they are led by their intuition, and this is something that many people can forget because of their very factual demeanor. Their ability to intuitively grasp concepts and the most likely future outcomes, is something that would greatly benefit them in a career in espionage. INTJs can also remain clear-headed even when things seem a bit stressful, and so they would be capable of putting aside their emotions in order to get the job done.


ENTJs are very direct and focused people, who can often figure out the most efficient way to get things done. They have certain skills that would most definitely help them as a spy, most of which would be their ability to remain clear-headed and remove their emotions from the equation. ENTJs don’t allow their emotions to rule their decisions and instead they want to focus on facts, as well as their intuition. They are also rather charming people who can connect with others and also intimidate them if need be.


INTPs can often bring a sense of logic and intuition to a career as a spy. Their ability to read a situation and figure out potential outcomes can be truly beneficial. They also have a knack for problem solving which would certainly help them uncover important details. INTPs can also be great at blending into the background and know how to avoid attention being drawn to them. They are often viewed more as the behind the scenes people, but that doesn’t mean they don’t bring plenty to the table.


ENTPs can often use their charm and intuition as great skills in an espionage career. They can often navigate different situations without needing to constantly prepare, ready to adapt to whatever might occur. ENTPs use their intuition and enjoy learning from the present, as well as constantly observing in order to absorb information. ENTPs can often be skilled at things like psychological warfare, especially if they have just a little bit of time to learn about someone and how to navigate their behaviors.



ISTJs can often remove emotions from the equation, which is something that can benefit them in a career in espionage. They follow things in a very factual manner and are good at approaching things with a certain level of common sense. ISTJs might not be fans of having to navigate things in the moment though, since they prefer to walk into a situation knowing the facts. They believe in always being prepared and do best when they have plenty of time to learn about their tasks.


ESTJs are somewhat aggressive people who will do their best to get any job done. Their ability to focus and problem solve would certainly benefit them in this situation. ESTJs do whatever it takes in order to take care of business and so they would push themselves in order to be the best at their job. While they might not be great at navigating the emotions of others, they can remove their own emotions from the equation in a way that helps them remain calm.


ISFJs would certainly bring their understanding of people and their ability to calm a situation. They can read others fairly well, often capable of observing and figuring out how to navigate others. This skill is something that would certainly be helpful, especially since most individuals would see the ISFJ as trustworthy. They could observe the situation and find the best way to gather information without causing any suspicion.


The greatest asset for the ESFJ wanting a career in espionage, would be their ability to understand and navigate people. They are great at reading people which would certainly help them when it comes to psychological warfare. They also have a knack for adapting to new situations if they have to, and will find a way to overcome whatever challenge might arise. Their compassion for others is something that might appear as a weakness, but can certainly be utilized in a different manner.



ISTPs are commonly seen as the personality types in various spy movies, since their personal style simply fits it so well. They live in the moment and are often very aware of the physical world around them. This skill could benefit the ISTP as a spy, since they would be great at recognize any change or things they need to be completely aware of in their surroundings. They are also rather charming people, with a knack for mystery which makes them extremely likable.


ESTPs are also a personality type which is seen commonly used in spy novels and movies. They are charming people who are very much connected to the physical world around them. Their ability to pay attention to what is happening around them and respond rather quickly, can truly be beneficial in this type of career. They are often physical driven people who are drawn to anything that gives them an intense thrill. They also are rather charismatic and know how to manipulate people into believing what they please.


ISFPs might struggle with removing their emotions from a career in espionage, but they do enjoy things that give them a sense of adventure. They would bring a certain level of bravery to the job, as well as a strong awareness of the physical world around them. The biggest asset for the ISFP would be their ability to observe their surroundings and pay attention to any potential changes and things that simply don’t feel right.


ESFPs are extremely connected to the physical world, which is a skill that would benefit them as a spy. They are great at recognizing even the slightest changes around them and are often very connected to their physical presence. ESFPs are also very outgoing and charming people who can manipulate with great ease if they want to. They often approach things with immense bravery, and enjoy anything that is exciting and intense.

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