Here’s How Each Personality Type Feels About Cancelled Plans

Here’s How Each Personality Type Feels About Cancelled Plans

While some people don’t mind cancelled plans, others become extremely anxious when this happens. Here is how you respond to cancelled plans, based on your personality type.


While it is often said that introverts love cancelled plans, it is a little more complex than that. INFJs will certainly relish in cancelled plans, if they themselves already wanted to back out- but it is entirely different with close friends. If the INFJ has plans with someone they truly like and care for, they will become a bit hurt by the last minute cancellation. They do enjoy having some sort of mental plan about what they are going to do, and go through a lot of effort to accommodate those plans. They are understanding people but if the same loved one continues to cancel their plans, it can really start to upset them. They especially dislike when their plans are cancelled last minute, without the other person showing much remorse about it.


ENFJs definitely don’t enjoy having their plans cancelled, especially if it is done last minute. They prefer to plan things out, and often have a lot going on. When the ENFJ sets aside time for someone, they become very frustrated if that person cancels. They can completely understand if the person has a legitimate reason, but become annoyed if they are simply being flighty. They also become more bothered if the plans are cancelled last minute without the person showing much remorse for having to cancel. ENFJs simply take their plans very seriously, and would never just cancel on someone last minute without a serious reason.


INFPs don’t like to get caught up on having a strict plan, and are capable of going with the flow. When someone continues to cancel their plans on the INFP it can upset them though. It isn’t about the cancelled plans, but more about feeling rejected by that person. They really do enjoy being on their own most of the time, and might enjoy the occasional cancellation as an easy out to do their own thing. INFPs can become stressed by social obligations, and while they don’t want to upset people they often want to cancel themselves. They simply want to feel like the person cancelling has a legitimate reason, and that it isn’t about the INFP.


ENFPs don’t mind cancelled plans most of the time, since they are more than capable of going with the flow. They often have a million things on their minds anyways, and will likely just hop into the next activity they were considering. ENFPs do become frustrated when they are trying to make plans with someone who keeps changing their mind back and forth. They won’t mind someone who simply has something else they have to do, but become angry if someone keeps changing the plans back and forth.


INTJs do often become annoyed by cancelled plans, since it feels a bit rude to them. When they set aside time, they expect people to show up and be there. The INTJ does not like flighty people who decide to cancel last minute and act as though this is no big deal. They might feel like this person is being selfish, and after a few times cancelling the INTJ will likely decide not to hang out with that person anymore. They don’t often make social plans, since they prefer to spend time on their own, but when someone cancels these plans it can really mess with their schedule.


ENTJs are certainly capable of handling cancelled plans, especially if the person has a legitimate reason for it. They can be patient with someone, but will definitely become frustrated if this become a reoccurring issue. ENTJs don’t enjoy flighty people, and will not want to spend time with someone who continues to back out last minute. They believe in honesty and responsibility, and dislike someone who cannot seem to keep it together long enough to attend an event they planned on attending. They often have other things they can be doing, so the ENTJ is really only frustrated by the rudeness of someone cancelling.


INTPs don’t mind when plans are cancelled, and occasionally like the excuse to stay in. They enjoy spending most of their time alone, and can easily find something else to occupy their time. They are completely understanding when someone has a legitimate reason, and realize that people have other things to do sometimes. When the INTP will become annoyed is when the same person continues to cancel their plans and is incapable of being where they say. This will cause the INTP to become annoyed, even though they will bottle it up for a while.


ENTPs don’t mind having their plans cancelled, since they often become distracted anyways. ENTPs likely have so many different things going on inside of their minds, and can quickly bounce to the next activity. ENTPs understand someone having to cancel their plans, and won’t usually become upset by this. If the same person continues to cancel plans, the ENTP will likely just not expect that person to ever show up. They might even find ways to mess with their flighty friends, just to push their boundaries a little bit.


ISTJs definitely dislike cancelled plans, and can become frustrated when their schedule is changed. They set things a certain way on purpose, and go through a lot of trouble to make time for others. When people decide to cancel last minute, it can really frustrate the ISTJ. They might try to continue with the plans regardless, since they certainly don’t mind doing things alone. They become irritated with people who are constantly cancelling plans, and find this behavior a bit selfish and rude.


ESTJs certainly don’t enjoy cancelled plans, and will become frustrated if it continues to happen. They do understand when someone has other things happening, and will be patient when that individual has a legitimate reason for cancelling. ESTJs just don’t enjoy feeling disrespected, and will become angry with someone who cancels and does not show any remorse. It is even more obnoxious when someone simply fails to show up, and ends up apologizing later on. ESTJs can find other things to do, and don’t mind having the time to themselves- they simply don’t enjoy people who are rude and flighty.


ISFJs definitely dislike having plans cancelled on them, especially if this is done last minute. They want to be able to follow their schedule and can become frustrated if someone cancels on them. ISFJs do enjoy having time to themselves though, and will likely find another task or chore that they need to take care of. They simply don’t like when people cancel and might find it a bit rude if that person does not give a legitimate reason. They can be patient, but will become aggravated if the same person continues to cancel last minute


ESFJs definitely do not enjoy cancelled plans, and can become extremely frustrated by them. They often have a mental schedule which they want to follow rather closely. The reason ESFJs want to follow through with their plans, is because they bank on them to properly tend to the needs of their loved ones. They work hard to make time for certain plans, and will move other things around in order to make it work. When someone cancels it can really frustrate the ESFJ, and throw them off their course. They don’t mind going with the flow for certain things, but often become anxious when plans are changed or cancelled.


ISTPs rarely mind when plans are cancelled, and can easily find something else to occupy their time. They enjoy being alone most of the time anyways, and will take the cancellation as a free pass to do whatever they want. The only time ISTPs become annoyed by cancelled plans, is when the same person keeps flaking on them. They will eventually write that person off, since they do not enjoy having someone toy with them in that way.


ESTPs are capable of going with the flow, but they often dislike cancelled plans. They often take it offensively when someone cancels on them, since the ESTP made that time for them. They definitely like to always be doing something, and don’t want to remain stagnant. Waiting around for someone can really mess with their plans, and hold them back from doing something else. The ESTP wants plenty of time to be able to find another activity if someone cancels on them. They simply dislike feeling rejected in that way, and this is why the often dislike cancelled plans.


ISFPs often do not mind cancelled plans, and completely understand that people have other things going on. If the same person continues to cancel though, they might take it personally. ISFPs simply don’t mind last minute changes, since they live very much in the present moment. They aren’t always the most punctual people themselves, and will likely take that free time to do their own thing. Being able to spend time by themselves, is actually enjoyable for the ISFP.


ESFPs often do not mind cancelled plans, since they are more than capable of finding something else to do. They might become offended if that person keeps cancelling though, and will take this personally. ESFPs don’t enjoy being rejected and want to feel like their loved ones truly enjoy being around them. Cancelled plans can make the ESFP feel like that person simply does not want to be with them, and that can really hurt their feelings.

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