ENFP Motivation: How the ENFP Can Overcome Procrastination

ENFPs are outgoing and imaginative people, but motivation can be something they often struggle with. While they are good at coming up with solutions and can be excellent at grasping difficult concepts, they often struggle to find motivation. ENFPs procrastinate a lot of things until the very last minute, or even a few seconds after they should be finished. For the ENFP it can be an ongoing struggle throughout their lives, even when they attempt to change this behavior. They often want to find ways to adjust and adapt, but it can be overwhelming.

Why the ENFP Struggles with Motivation

ENFPs have many reasons why they struggle with finding motivation, mostly it is tied to the fact that they find themselves easily distracted. They are curious people with such active inner minds, and they find themselves pulled in so many different directions. When something excites the ENFP it becomes difficult for them to really remain focused on obligations which might be less thrilling. They don’t want to feel forced to follow a certain path, since their minds can pull them in so many different direction. ENFPs want to follow their hearts and go wherever they feel the most fulfillment. This does sometimes cause them to feel a bit distracted from the things they are required to finished or deal with. Even if this is something the ENFP does want to take care of and have motivation for, it isn’t always the case. These distractions just make it challenging for the ENFP to focus their energies in one direction, and so they may leave a lot of tasks unfinished because of this.

Obligations are also something which can be draining for the ENFP, since they don’t enjoy following rules. When they feel like they are forced to perform certain tasks, it becomes the last thing they want to do. ENFPs don’t like being bossed around or told what they should be doing and so for them obligations can be difficult to really finish or deal with. They are better when they have some sort of freedom and can make their own choices. While this is far more rewarding for the ENFP, there will always be certain tasks which they are obligated to take care of. They will often feel a sense of internal stress over these tasks, which can actually make motivation even more challenging. They find themselves becoming a bit overwhelmed, wanting to push themselves to get it done but only feeling more guilt over the fact that they have hit a wall and can’t seem to proceed.

The inner mind of the ENFP is a rich and imaginative place, but this can cause them to get caught up inside of it. When they are lost in their own thoughts and feelings, they can find themselves struggling to really focus on tasks which aren’t all that thrilling. They will often procrastinate these tasks for a long time after, finding it difficult to really motivate themselves to get it done. When they become caught up in their own thoughts they can often feel like the outside world does not exist. While ENFPs are outgoing and social people, it becomes easy to forget just how in depth their inner worlds and imaginations can truly be. They do enjoy spending a lot of time alone, and when they do this they can become rather caught up in their own thoughts and ideas for a long time. This just makes it challenging to really focus on or care about the outside world, especially the more mundane responsibilities which they just don’t want to deal with. For them their inner world is just more fulfilling and more rewarding than the real world most of the time, making it hard to find motivation.

How They Can Overcome Procrastination

For the ENFP sometimes just forcing themselves to get things done isn’t the right way to go, since it leaves them feeling more stressed about the results. They need to find little hacks or ways to tap into their natural behaviors, instead of trying to fight them with force. For the ENFP sometimes setting deadlines on a smaller scale can be a great way to help them motivate. Their external distractions can make it difficult to get things done, and so they need to learn to shut those off at certain times. Whether this be turning off televisions and their phones, or simply stepping away from a project they are more inspired by in that moment. As long as the ENFP gives themselves time to relax and do what they enjoy, they can set stricter times for the obligations they need to finish. Removing the distractions is often the only way to really maintain focus, since there are so many other things going on which makes it hard for them to look at just one thing.

ENFPs can sometimes get caught up and overwhelmed when a project is a bit too big. Sometimes break this down into steps or smaller aspects of the project, can prevent them from getting distracted so easily. Breaking things down and setting deadlines for these sections can help the ENFP avoid the stress of having to take it all on at once. When they feel like they have this massive undertaking they might find themselves distracted more easily. When they can break this down into smaller projects, it gives them a little more freedom and makes it seem less like a major investment for the ENFP.

ENFPs need balance and so they need to have time where they can just brainstorm and enjoy whatever inspires them in that moment. They don’t need to schedule this time, but limiting it can be helpful. When they want to take time for themselves to ignore these other deadlines, it can be useful to set a time limit on this, especially when they have something they have to get done. They may do better to work with incentives as well, planning this free time for after they have finished a part of their project. Separating these things can be useful for the ENFP, since their minds are constantly going in so many different directions.

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