ESTP Love: How the ESTP Falls in Love

While ESTPs aren’t viewed as emotional or sensitive people, there is so much more to them than what is seen on the surface. They don’t necessarily allow emotions to rule them, but ESTPs do feel things deeply, and they do fall in love. When the ESTP falls in love, they want it to be an adventure. They go with what inspires and excites them most in life. When it comes to love, they want to be able to get swept up in this romance and new love and enjoy the intensity of it all. For the ESTP falling in love can actually be a new adventure, something they enjoy diving into even if it seems a bit scary to those around them. This is what causes the ESTP to seem scattered at times like they aren’t capable of committing. When in reality, it is simply because they want to experience the excitement in life and don’t like being bored or stagnant.

They Are Enthusiastic

ESTPs are enthusiastic and passionate when they are in love and truly enjoy allowing themselves to get wrapped up in this. ESTPs really hate being bored and don’t want to feel like they are stuck in their current situation. When they fall in love this is an exciting opportunity to get wrapped up in something new and thrilling. They want to make the most out of this and are naturally very enthusiastic partners. They aren’t only enthusiastic when they are falling in love, but are this way in their relationship as well. They want to be able to take their partner on new adventures and enjoy being with someone who is willing to explore something new. ESTPs enjoy having someone they can experience life with and this is what makes them naturally eager people, especially when they are in love. They don’t want to let things get stagnant and instead want to search for new ways to keep the spice in their relationship. 

Because of this, ESTPs are willing to adapt to the needs of their partner as well. They are more generous than people realize when they are in love and will do what they can to adjust in order to make this person happy. ESTPs give a lot to their significant other and truly care about making their loved ones feel special. They are great at showering them with gifts and surprising them with things that show just how much they care and how often they think of this person. While the younger ESTP might not naturally be great at expressing emotions, they find other ways of showing how they feel. They will go above and beyond to figure out what this person likes and will find ways of getting these things for them.

They Are Compassionate

ESTPs are actually compassionate partners who enjoy being supportive of their loved ones. ESTPs might enjoy space and aren’t always ones to worry about the business of others, but when they care for someone, this changes. They want to do whatever they can to be there for this special someone and can be great at listening to their problems. While the ESTPs extraverted feeling might not be their dominant function, it still comes into play when they are around people they love. This is what helps the ESTP be so compassionate towards the feelings of their partner, and they have this inner desire to help them feel better. Their solution might be to find distractions and ways to get their loved one’s mind off of the bad things, but that doesn’t mean the ESTP does not care. This is simply the best way for them to feel better, and so they are trying to help ease their loved suffering. ESTPs care deeply about making their significant other as happy as possible, and this is where their sense of extraverted feeling really comes into play. They want to be there for them and stand by them when they are struggling. ESTPs will go above and beyond when they are in love, which is something most people don’t realize about this personality type.

They Need Space and Independence

ESTPs are capable of giving a lot to the person they are in love with, but they still need some space and independence. The ESTP will struggle with a partner who is overly needy or demanding, as they need time and space to do their own thing. While ESTPs are extroverts who enjoy connecting with other people, this doesn’t mean they don’t require time for themselves. For the ESTP having space to make their own decisions and experience things on their terms is actually very important. They are independent people, and without some time alone, they can feel overwhelmed. They want to be supportive and can give a lot to the person they are in love with. They just need time to themselves as well. Without this, the ESTP becomes smothered, and this won’t be good for the long-term health of their relationship. They need this time alone, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t thinking of their loved ones during this time.

They Need Someone Grounded

ESTPs can be reckless in love and can become caught up in the excitement rather than the day-to-day requirements. They are willing to put in a lot of work for their partner, but ESTPs don’t necessarily like keeping up with the more mundane tasks which come with sharing your life with someone. Things like taking out the garbage or paying bills can become a bit draining for them. It helps when the ESTP has a partner who inspires them to work on these things rather than forces them to do so. For the ESTP, it is about wanting to improve and find ways to adapt rather than feeling like they are obligated to do this. They are capable of changing and adapting to new things. ESTPs just aren’t naturals when it comes to the more mundane tasks of life.


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