Extraverted Sensing deals primarily with experiencing and perceiving the outside world in the present moment. Extraverted Sensors see, feel, touch, smell, and listen to everything that is going on in the external world. They are constantly taking in new experiences and sizing up the situations of the world around them

The primary users of Extraverted Sensing are the ESTP and ESFP. The ISFP and ISTP also have this as their secondary function.

Extraverted Sensors live in the present. They thrive on new and exciting experiences. They are typically athletic and like to display their talents to the world. They also have a keen eye for aesthetics and have an enjoyment for “the finer things in life.”

They enjoy exotic trips, fine dining, and adrenaline packed experiences. They Se user may find themselves bored with routines and feel the need to do something that makes them feel more free and alive. Extraverted Sensors also tend to be the life of the party. They enjoy fun get togethers and try to make sure everyone is having a good time.

Extraverted Sensing is also good at sizing up a situation. They seem to almost intuitively know what they can get away with in a certain situation and just how far they can push it. This comes from experience of taking risks, being burned, and eventually understanding where the line is that they can’t cross.

Extraverted Sensing users may also agree with the phrase, “It is harder to get permission than it is to ask for forgiveness.” The Se user may just jump into something new at first and want to figure it all out.

However, a couple problems can arise when this Extraverted Sensing goes unchecked. The user may become reckless and unknowingly hurt those around them. Constantly playing into their whims may cause the Se user to make poor financial decisions. They may tend to value the present moment too much, at the expense of jeopardizing their future.

The Extraverted Sensor would be wise to develop their other functions to help balance themselves out. The ESTP and ISTP should use Introverted Thinking to learn from their experiences and exhibit some restraint, instead of just repeating similar mistakes over and over. The ESFP and ISFP should develop their Introverted Feeling to understand what they truly value and to establish boundaries that keep them from going too far and hurting people close to them.

Extraverted Sensing is also found in the tertiary function of the ENTJ and ENFJ. These two types can use Se to better understand the dynamics of the present moment, as well as read other peoples body language and tone. This can help them get a better feel of the current situation and allow them to make more accurate conclusions quickly. Extraverted Sensing will also help the ENTJ and ENFJ to enjoy life more, instead of always thinking about future possibilities and organizing.

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