Extraverted Feeling deals with understanding others emotions and feelings in the present moment. Extraverted Feeling is very attentive to others and can just sense what others are currently feeling. It is able to quickly assess the mood of the environment. It is also very skilled at changing the mood, whether they want to make it more upbeat or sadder.

Extraverted Feeling is the dominant function in ESFJs and ENFJs. It is the secondary function in ISFJs and INFJs.

Extraverted Feelers tend to enjoy helping out others. They like being useful, supportive, and encouraging. However, sometimes they can feel used because of this. Extraverted Feeling has a tendency, whether conscious or not, to keep tabs of who has helped who more. If they have bought their partner a gift, cleaned their room, and wrote them a love letter without any reciprocation, they may start to feel upset and might take it personally.

Extraverted Feeling is also very good at assessing roles in a situation. It can determine what role someone plays in a situation. It also can be used a “feeler” to size something up. For example, If you come into a new job and say “get me a coffee,” and they comply, the Fe user expects that person to play that role. If that person says, “I’m an accountant, not a gopher” Fe determines forms a different opinion of what that person’s role is.

ENFJs and INFJs would be wise to use their Introverted Intuition to help them sort out their feelings when they are upset. They should think of other times this has happened in the past, and how it likely isn’t their fault, and the other person is likely busy or distracted. They can also think about how this feeling of rejection is just a current feeling and one that will quickly pass in the future.

ESFJs and ISFJs that may become stressed with others would do well to use their Introverted Sensing and think that this behavior from others isn’t typical. They can think back to past experiences where someone else was busy or distracted and eventually came back around to treat them well.

Extraverted Feelers are one of the most supportive and nurturing types. They have strong emotions for those they are close to, and will go out of their way to make them feel good. The Fe user is very close to friends and family members. Extraverted Feelers tend to want a clean house and to look presentable to the world. They may feel it is their duty to help others, and go out of their way to find a role to fulfill that desire.

Extraverted Feeling is also found in ESTPs and ENTPs as a tertiary function. These two types can develop this function to become more aware of how their actions affect others. This function is not a natural strength of the ENTP or ESTP, but developed over time from observation and understanding, these two types can become very adept at understanding others emotions and influencing others.

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