INFJ Friendships: How the INFJ is as a BFF

When it comes to relationships, your close friendships are truly important. We cherish these connections because without them we often feel a sense of loneliness. While having a romantic partner is certainly nice, that doesn’t mean friendship isn’t just as important or even more important for some people. Having someone you can trust and rely on no matter what, someone who simply wants to spend time with for who you are, that is a valuable thing. Each person has a different idea of what they want from a friend, and what they think is most important in these types of relationships.

When it comes to their friendships the INFJ does take these very seriously. Anyone who is close to the INFJ is someone they will value and do their best to care for. While INFJs don’t necessarily get close and open up to people easily, when they do it means a lot to them. Once a person is a close friend or best friend to the INFJ, this is a bond they intend to keep for life. They don’t believe in tossing aside loved ones, instead they want to work on strengthening these relationships. It can be helpful to understand what a friend means to the INFJ, especially for those closest to them who share a special bond with them.

The Best of the INFJ Best Friend

INFJs are extremely supportive and empathetic people, which are amazing qualities to have in friends. When their best friend is in need of someone to listen and be there, the INFJ is likely to drop everything to help. They prioritize the people they love most, and will push aside their own needs to be there for them. This is something which makes the INFJ an incredible friend and confidant, no matter what is going on in their lives. INFJs want to be there for those they love and will do anything it takes to make them happy. This supportive and compassionate attitude is something which makes INFJ the best friend you could possibly have in your life. They listen without a sense of judgement, and just want to show that they care and will be there for the ones they love. Even when their friend does something they don’t agree with, the INFJ doesn’t want them to feel judged or misunderstood. Instead they empathize with them and work to understand their actions better.

INFJs will be the absolute biggest fan for their friends, especially their closest friends. When they make this connection with someone the INFJ learns to see the absolute best in these people. They can see all of their potential and the wonderful qualities which makes them who they are. The INFJ can see beyond the surface and deep into the heart of their friends and loved ones. This makes them the biggest fan and supporter of those they love, and will be the one urging them to keep going and chasing after their dreams. While others might put this person down or make them feel like they can’t achieve great things, the INFJ is there to show them that there is nothing stopping them from obtaining everything they want in life. This natural ability to believe in their friends and see the best in them, is certainly something which makes the INFJ an incredible best friend.

INFJs are not selfish when it comes to conversation and can talk about their friends for long periods of time. Of course, they want someone who can listen to the INFJ as well, and care about sharing themselves with this special person. Any relationship is about give and take, but INFJs often are willing to give much more than they take. When their friends do care and are willing to show this to the INFJ, they appreciate this immensely. They often go out of their way to show how much it means to them when their friends are willing to be just as giving as the INFJ. It is rare for them to find people who are as caring and giving, and so it means a lot to the INFJ when they make this type of mutual connection with someone. They simply want to do whatever they can to make their friends and loved ones truly happy.

The Worst of the INFJ Best Friend

The worst quality of the INFJ as a best friend, is that they might have moments of being a bit possessive. When they care for someone they can become fearful of losing this love and connection. INFJs don’t want to let go of something or someone they value so deeply, and so there are times when this can cause them to become possessive towards this person. This isn’t something the INFJ does intentionally and they often experience guilt when they realize they are doing it. They simply want to hold on tighter when they find someone who understands and appreciates them in a unique way. When they feel this connection to someone the INFJ struggles with the thoughts of losing them and can become a bit possessive in their efforts to keep that person close.

INFJs can also have manipulative moments, especially the less healthy and mature INFJ. To get what they want they might use guilt manipulation, and this can be something which feels a bit toxic in their friendships. This is certainly more common with the unhealthy INFJ, but it is something which can occur. They find themselves using their natural abilities to understand people in order to coerce them in certain directions. This manipulation can cause a strain on their relationships after a while, especially if their friends start to sense that it is happening.

INFJs really can be incredible best friends, especially the healthy version of this personality type. They are loving and giving people who will do whatever it takes to be there for the ones they love. They have this natural ability to understand others and connect with their souls on a deeper and more meaningful level.

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