Here’s How Pretentious You Can Be, Based on Your Personality Type

Here’s How Pretentious You Can Be, Based on Your Personality Type

While some people are sincerely pretentious, others can just appear this way by those who misunderstand them. Here is how pretentious you can be, or can seem, based on your personality type.


INFJs are not often pretentious people, and try to be as humble as they can. While they don’t enjoy expressing a great sense of importance, there are times when the INFJ can appear a bit more pretentious. They have a strong desire to serve a great purpose and can often look at things in a bigger picture mentality. This can cause the INFJ to have their head up in the clouds, which might seem a little pretentious to those who do not really understand them. INFJs aren’t always the most grounded people, since they are naturally dreamers with vivid imaginations.


ENFJs can sometimes appear pretentious because they are dreamers and have vivid imaginations. They can be so focused on the future and getting things done that they lose sight of the present moment. This can cause the ENFJ to appear a bit pretentious to others because they sometimes seem a bit caught up in the bigger picture. The fact that ENFJs can become wrapped up in fulfilling a greater purpose can cause them to seem pretentious and a bit more affected.


INFPs are very dreamy people who often have their heads stuck up in the clouds. They can become wrapped up in finding a deeper meaning behind things, and believe in following a strong sense of morals. Because of their strong beliefs and goals, the INFP can definitely appear a bit pretentious. While in truth they are very sincere people, it just appears a bit intense for some who don’t live their lives with quite as much depth as the INFP does.


ENFPs are dreamy people who enjoy imagining different scenarios and situations. Their imaginative inner minds and strong sense of morals can cause the ENFP to appear pretentious to others. ENFPs are very deep and complex people, who can appear larger than life sometimes. Their outgoing and charismatic personalities and their desire to make a difference, can sometimes throw people off a bit. They might appear pretentious because people can’t quite understand them, but in truth ENFPs are very sincere people.


INTJs are intellectual people who believe in focusing on knowledge and reaching a deeper understanding. Their imagination and inner depth can cause the INTJ to appear a bit pretentious to others. INTJs are often very sure of themselves and their knowledge, which can rub certain people the wrong way. It can be difficult to take their confidence and their desire to be precise, but INTJs simply won’t pretend for the sake of others. In truth they are just being themselves and aren’t actually attempting to impress anyone.


ENTJs can be a bit pretentious at times, simply because they realize that expressing a sense of confidence can help maintain control. ENTJs realize that in some cases they need to make themselves appear dominant to others in order keep their strong position. ENTJs aren’t doing this to impress people, they just realize that sometimes you need to make your presence known in order to achieve what you want in any given situation.


INTPs aren’t often seen as pretentious people, since they keep to themselves most of the time. They prefer not to allow others to see too much of who they are, since that just gives them the chance to judge them. INTPs are focused on learning and understanding the truth, but sometimes their imaginations can take them off in different directions. A younger and more immature INTP might be a bit pretentious, since they are attempting to force others to appreciate their intuitive abilities. The INTP who has grown and matured will likely lose this pretentious side to their personality, and becomes less interested in proving themselves.


While ENTPs are somewhat enigmatic and enthusiastic people, these traits can cause them to appear a bit pretentious. In truth ENTPs can appear many different ways, since they enjoy exploring different possibilities. The ENTP will express themselves in a certain manner, simply to see how people will respond to this. They enjoy being able to experience new things and explore different sides of themselves and others. This curiosity can cause the ENTP to appear pretentious sometimes, but in truth they are very sincere people.


ISTJs are extremely grounded and down-to-earth people, which makes them rather unpretentious. They want to be sincere and precise in their actions and words, and don’t enjoy pretending. They desire to remain focused on their goals, and have very sincere priorities. ISTJs simply want to work hard and get things done efficiently, and believe in taking care of the practical needs of their loved ones. They aren’t interested in pretending for the sake of anyone else, and definitely strive to be sincere.


ESTJs aren’t pretentious people, since they prefer to be upfront and sincere. They don’t enjoy having to pretend for others, and would rather remain focused on what is in front of them. They value efficiency and loyalty, which doesn’t require any showy or over the top behavior to achieve this. ESTJs would rather get things done and work hard to accomplish their goals in life. They are grounded people, who focus on practical and realistic things.


ISFJs are somewhat subtle and reserved people, which makes them rather unpretentious. They are focused on being practical and taking care of their loved ones. ISFJs don’t enjoy having to be over the top in order to impress others, and would rather remain more prudent. ISFJs are grounded and realistic people, who don’t appear to have their head in the clouds. This part of their personality makes them appear more sincere and definitely unpretentious.


ESFJs are caring and affectionate people, who want to make their loved ones happy. The ESFJ is often somewhat malleable and will behave a certain way depending on their environment. They want to please their loved ones and are greatly affected by what these people think and feel. If the ESFJ is around people who would respond better to certain behaviors that might appear pretentious, then they can express these qualities. In truth they are sincere people, who would rather be more grounded and upfront.


ISTPs are rarely viewed as pretentious since they have a very down to earth personality. They are comfortable in their own skin and aren’t interested in showboating for the sake of others. The ISTP is likely very laidback and enjoy being able to be themselves without reservation. They aren’t pretentious people and are much more interested in enjoying the moment than getting caught up on how others perceive them.


ESTPs are adventurous people who prefer to remain grounded. While they are often rather precise and sincere people, they have moments where they can be a bit pretentious. They simply want to impress others and work hard to please their loved ones. This behavior can cause the ESTP to seem pretentious, since they do enjoy being impressive to those around them and will work hard to maintain a certain image.


ISFPs definitely aren’t pretentious people, even though they can have their head in the clouds. They enjoy being able to experience the moment and won’t become caught up on what other people think of them. ISFPs don’t enjoy being judged by others and don’t want to pretend for the sake of anyone. This desire to be themselves and be at ease with who they are, makes the ISFP very unpretentious.


ESFPs are fun-loving people who enjoy living in the moment and taking life as it comes at them. This desire to experience the present can cause the ESFP to appear very unpretentious. They enjoy being around loved ones and simply want to make life fun and exciting. They are often very comfortable being themselves, and don’t like to pretend for the sake of others. This openness and sense of adventure causes the ESFP to be much less pretentious than some types.

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